Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Patchy progress

Very slow progress I have to say. It took two sessions to get just 16 blocks made into two thirds of a top!
I seem to remember thinking as I made the blocks that the jelly roll wasn't a very good one and I needed to slow down and pay more attention to what was going on. I wish now I had listened to myself. I might have less tweaking and tidying up to do now!
I got fed up wrestling with the batiks yesterday and spent the afternoon cross stitching with sleepy. 
No such frustrations there, she was a dream to spend time with.
Sadly no sewing time today, I spent the morning doing chores and writing a letter. There are still one or two quick jobs to do, then off to work.


AnnieO said...

The blocks look great, hope you can bear persevering! I've also noticed that sometimes jelly rolls are not Evenly cut--a hassle to find out mid project:)

Janice said...

You're getting there. It is worth the effort. Looking great.

Maria said...

The quilt top does look fabulous sew just keep going even though it can be frustrating....

Jewells said...

WOW! this quilt is going to be very striking when it is finished!