Sunday, 4 January 2015

The week that was!

Phew! Time to sit and rest!
I intended to get back to my blog before now, I have so much to show and tell, but we have had such a busy week!
As you know I scooped up a bunch of extra shifts over the holidays, (There are plenty more of those in the next couple of weeks too) and we have had more gatherings and get togethers with special people. It's been wonderful.
I think Joe is enjoying the new lifestyle too!
 As well as all the working and partying we have been busy in the garden. Remember how overgrown it is? 

Especially around the sewing room window?

 I didn't ask him to start here, he just decided.
 An hour made a huge difference.
I went off to work shortly after taking these photos.
But the Mr kept on going.
 By the time I got home after an early shift the following day there were more huge changes.
 Look, you can see my window!
You can see all the way down the drive!
Tonys Dad came along with his truck to cart everything away to the green tip, where it will be mulched and composted. There were two loads, and that is just one small area of the garden partially tidied!
 There is still a lot of work to do, we have more to dig out on the other side of the tree and several big stumps and roots to remove, before we lay a new path, install a flag staff and replant.
A job I couldn't help with was the cleaning of the gutters and soffits. Bruce came to help with that one. The two of them took seven hours taking turns, scooting up and down the ladder to clean everything. They said it hadn't been done for a long time. Lots of things were growing up there.
 We are so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful, loving and helpful people.
Speaking of lovely people. Debbie and I have gotten together and planned a sew along. 
We both want to do 'My favourite things' by Anni Downs, but Debs particularly asked if we could do the Christmas Story quilt first. 
No problem. 
She went online and sourced the fabrics, we ordered a lovely fat quarter bundle which we plan to share, then we will stitch a block a month.
Hopefully by the time we finish it, we will both have had a chance to get in plenty of practice on my new quilting frame and feel ready to tackle something special!
So, while I'm on the subject of quilts and quilting.
Do you remember this one? I have posted it before, it was in a similar state at the time. Spread out all over a floor back on the Isle of Man! Well I spread it out here about a week ago.
I let it soak for a day or two here then a plan formed.
Instead of making a quilt that is too big to go in the frame, I thought I might make it in two halves then join them. But then had another think and decided on a smaller quilt for now. At first it was to be double sided, with both sides the same, then that plan changed too. So now only half of the blocks are currently on the floor, the other half went back into the box. Hopefully some time soon I will get a chance to finish squaring these up and get them put together, then I just have to make up a back.
All of which of course will lead to having to watch the instructional video and read the manual that came with the quilting frame, and actually getting on with it!!
I must admit to being a little nervous about using it! 


Diane-crewe said...

it sounds as if you are settling in x NEW home with lots of plans x NEW friends and lots of plans .. and family to help and support you x 2015 IS going to be a good one xx

Cardygirl said...

Your home is looking great! I am glad it has been such a happy move for you!

Janice said...

The boys have been busy outside. You might even find a house in behind there. Have fun playing with your quilt. It sounds like a great plan you and Deb have come up with for your stitch along.

Deb said...

Wow you have cleared out the garden, it looks so empty now. It sounds as if you have been having a lovely time and are starting to feel more settled and at home here which is fabulous.