Monday, 16 February 2015

Another week!

Here we go again! Another whole week between posts! I do have an excuse though, my back took a backward step and hasn't been so good, and I had me an upset tummy, which meant there was no way I wasn't going anywhere near my Chiropractor. 
So, here I am, late again.
I promised pictures of our recent guests.
Janice and Mick are touring New Zealand and stopped in to see us.
We took them on a day trip around the interior of the South island.
We visited Tekapo, Twizel and all of the hydro electric dam system which provides power to a huge area of the country.
 Although it wasn't the best or warmest of days, the lakes put on a colourful show.
The clay cliffs were a stark contrast. Dry and barren.
 The obligatory photo!
Tony and Mick were trying to catch a less posed, more relaxed picture.
It was great to catch up with both of them, I did wonder how long it would be, before we got a chance to get together again. If you remember, they used to visit me regularly on the Isle of Man, when they visited for the Motorbike races.
Janice and I exchanged gifts, I'll share photos of those next time.
It was after our guests had left that things went downhill for me.
I wasn't so sore that I couldn't stitch though.
 Page one is now complete and I made a start on page two.
I was even able to stitch using some different colours.
You can't really see it this photo, but there is a pretty flower garland down on the bottom corner.
I have a play date with Debs this evening, we'll be working on our Christmas story quilts.
I'd better go tidy up this mess!
I'll try not to leave it so long.


Diane-crewe said...

thank goodness you were OK while your friends were visiting x

Deb said...

That's not good news about your back. Also having a tummy bug certainly doesn't help a sore back with all of its spasming. Hopefully you are feeling brighter again soon. How lovely having your friends come and visit you here. Hope you have a great night crafting with Debs.

AnnieO said...

How lovely to have friends traveling so far--wonderful photos. Sorry about your back and tummy. Hope you're returned to normal soon. Pretty stitchery!

pollyanna said...

What a delight to have friends come visit. I am sorry you have a little tummy thing and the back pain. But your needle point is gorgeous!

Janice said...

It was wonderful to catch up with you again. Thanks for being such great hosts and showing us around. Blast your back! It really is giving you grief. Here's hoping it sorts itself out soon. At least you have been able to stitch.