Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Something different.

Today you get a peep at my cross stitch.
Mirabilias Sleeping Beauty.
I've barely touched it since we got Belle. And to be honest, I wasn't rushing along with it before that either. The first picture below was taken on 16th Feb.
 And this picture was taken today. The progress made hasn't all been in the last week, 
I have had a wee go here and there, but it is fair to say that most of the progress was made in the last week! Some time ago I put it away in the hall cupboard, still on the frame, as Belle was paying too much attention to it. 
On a spur of the moment thing I took her off the frame one day and popped her into the drawer by my chair, with a hoop. That seemed to be the right thing to do. Belle can't get at her when she is tucked away and seems less interested when I work on her, 
I've been enjoying stitching away in the afternoons. Belle watches from her tower rather than chasing my needle and threads!
Sew, I'm off to stitch some more. 


Raewyn said...

Woohoo - I see progress! Looking good, happy stitching :-) [Well done Bella for staying out of the way!]

Janice said...

Score: 1 to Lou. It's good to see this being worked on again. Enjoy the process.