Monday, 22 June 2015

A finish!

I finished making the pink blanket.
Baby blankets are so quick.
Love it.
You can't really see it in this image, but Belle the inspector was right, a pretty edge finishes it off beautifully.
 Of course a finish means a start!
A second baby blanket for the same colleague.
I found the pattern here, via pintrest.
Once I'm done with this one, I'll be switching to blue.
For another colleague.
Of course Debs and I spent time together over the weekend.
She came here and I went there, we chatted about our crafts and inspired one another.
Debs loved my table cover and had a few great ideas of her own, and her ideas led to more from me!!
You know how it is when like minds get together.
So I predict more table covers in our futures.
Possibly with a hint of crochet.
Of course seeing my pretty squares for the current project got Debbie all inspired there too.
She has been making lovely bright and colourful granny squares, rather like my chop suey, but said that she would like to try something else. Although, like most of us after a very busy day, she loves to be able to hook away mindlessly without having to think about a pattern or colour choices.
When I arrived at her place yesterday she was working on her Christmas Story quilt top and hopefully she will be all caught up very soon and we can get on with the next part. 
Today I have ironing to do, then I get to play all day, until it's time to cook dinner.


Jewells said...

Love the way you hung the crochet rug to take a photo, must keep that in mind. All your crocheting is looking great.

Cath said...

How lovely, having someone so like minded to discuss your craft with. None of my really close friends are into anything like crochet or quilting. One of the reasons I like making bloggy friends. Love the baby blankets......very pretty!

Janice said...

You have a very lucky work colleague. They are lovely.

Diane-crewe said...

it is so much fun to spend time with someone who ... "gets" ....what you are talking about with out having to explain xx