Monday, 15 June 2015

Thank goodness it's Monday!

I love it when Monday comes around. For me it's a quiet day. A day on which I can do pretty much as I please. A welcome respite from work and a busy weekend.
Today I have already had the washing machine on, so aside from dealing with that, and cooking dinner later, I have nothing that must be done. My time is my own.
Before I set too with what ever it is, I didn't decide to do yet....
Here is a look at what I have already achieved!
Two weeks of evening stitchings on Sleeping Beauty.
 I don't get to her every day, but it's nice to relax and work on this one in the afternoons and evenings.
It's also nice for me to see before and after shots as it really does show how much progress I'm making.
 Of course we spent time with Debbie and her family over the weekend.
We went to their place yesterday, so Tony could do some work on their PC and ended up being invited for dinner. (I guess I'll roast my huge lump of beef today then). We had a lovely roast pork dinner with roasted veggies and a super vanilla slice for dessert. 
And Debbie had been having a sort out in her craft cupboard. She had gathered together a few bits that she felt she no longer wanted. I was invited to have a look.
It was mostly cross stitch items, some afghan fabric a piece of even-weave,
 And I found this beauty. Debbie has already started to stitch it, but that's ok, I can finish it.
 Thank you Debbie.
As I know that PC things can sometimes take a while I had taken along a portable project.
While Debbie sat at her sewing machine and later on her sofa and put the binding onto a pretty Kiwiana table runner, very similar to this one, I was sitting nearby with my crochet.
A big super chunky granny ripple. 
 I may have to put it away for a while though, until I get done with these pretty girly colours.
One of my colleagues is having a baby girl soon.
Best get busy.

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Jewells said...

It is always nice to sit with a fellow crafter and while away the hours, chatting & sewing/knitting... you seem to get a lot more done that way.