Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Moving up!

So, you know in my last blog post, how I mentioned that if I wanted to have a try at a pantograph I would have to move my quilting frame away from the wall and that it might create certain issues?
Well, I happened to make the same or a very similar comment to my lovely husband over lunch.
And he said....
"Why don't we give it a try now love? No time like the present"
My wee frame was duly pulled away from the wall and my wee desk was also moved.
Then he said....
"Why don't we extend it out to the full length now? You've had a practice, time to go up."
So out came the bits!
 And by dinner time, it was a full length (120 inch) quilting frame!
I must say we did have a 2 hour visit from his folks in the afternoon, which meant we had to down tools!
 I thought it was BIG before!
Now it is HUGE!
It takes up a great amount of space, and as I thought we had to have a good shuffle around of other furniture.
 The stash drawers are all the way around on the other side of the frame now. 
 And my poor wee desk is out in the hall. :-(
Of course the cloth leaders I made for the 60 inch version are no good on a 120 inch frame.So out I went yesterday and bought ticking to make new ones.
My laptop now shares a table with my sewing machine, fine while I'm building blocks, not sure how that will work out once I start putting blocks together and I need more room.
I also shoved the work tables along the wall and popped my chair around the corner, so I sit with my back to the lovely warm sun. (That was bliss yesterday, while I was making the leaders, my poor back was so sore after all the maneuverings, the warmth was lovely.)
So, now sewing on Sunday.
Functional sewing on Monday.
Work on Tuesday!
I WILL play tomorrow!

P.S. This is post number 1000!
What a chatterbox!


Anonymous said...

Hi Loulee of this will be wonderful for you,enjoy your playing today xx

Cath said...

Oh, they do take up so much room.....my quilt frame is sitting in the shed at the moment and its machine still packed away.....I don't think I will do anything about that until we build our new house....it is killing me!

QuiltSue said...

That was a lot of re-shuffling, but I'm sure you'll be glad in the end. Out of interest, how do you attach your leaders to the poles?

Gari in AL said...

Looks like you are becoming a BIG TIME quilter now.