Monday, 14 September 2015

New Zealands No 1 Quilt and Craft Fair.

On Friday, Debs and I set out for Christchurch.
We had tickets to attend the Craft and Quilt fair at Wigram Air Force museum.
I had been led to believe that it would be something akin to the exhibition I used to attend in Birmingham England.
Hmm, I was misled. :-(
We got chatting with some other ladies who told us that last year, it was much, much BIGGER!! and better.
Never mind, Debbie and I enjoyed our day and having less to see and fewer shops meant that there was time for us to take in a couple of demonstrations.
That was fun and we were both inspired by them.
Debbie especially so by a quilt as you go technique.
There was a small exhibition and I took a few photos.
Sorry, I forgot to get details of sewers. 

 I loved seeing the ANZAC/Poppy quilts. 
 They were all minis at about 10 - 12 inches square.

 Debs and I spent some time looking at the healthy Kiwi. We saw many of the fabrics which I recently used in a charm quilt.
 Debbie is now collecting those same fabrics to make herself a foody table cloth.
 Look at the amazing quilting on this bee quilt. I wonder if I will ever be that clever?

 And I loved this quilt. I believe the quilter has used the fancy stitches in her sewing machine to make this circle pattern.
 There were a few vendors, some better than others. Sadly not as many quilty vendors as I would have liked, but it was billed as a craft and quilt fair. 
 Of course we shopped.
I ordered a book from the same lady who did the QAYG demo that Debs was so taken with.
Hopefully that will be here soon.
I also bought patterns, pens and buttons
We stopped on the way home at Annies Country Quilt store, well you have to don't you? Since we were passing....
I bought a wee kit, some quilting threads and a new cutting mat as mine is incredibly tatty!
I had hoped to spend time sewing yesterday, but alas the sun was shining and Mr Heron was making noises about working outside.
We worked out there for quite some time. I weeded my vege patch and planted silver beets. And also had a tidy up of my wee collection of herbs. Then we set to and had a go along the back fence, where it was so over planted, over grown and neglected.
Last summer I had started cutting back many of the shrubs and had left some stumps in the ground. Tony pulled loads of those yesterday and we made some decisions about what else had to go and what would stay.
We have planned a second vege patch and Tony talked with his brother about ripping out the weed patch that passes for a lawn and starting again.
The green house is looking good. My garlic, spring onions and baby beets are growing well.
Several little surprises have appeared around the garden as spring makes the days even warmer.
Snow drops, Daffodils and Narcissus have appeared. Along with some hyacinth and muscari. I also see some Iris just starting to show green again. I had seen pansy and viola leaves amid the weeds and carefully worked around them, they are now flowering. Two beautiful Helebores have appeared. in a beautiful deep burgundy colour.
The trees that shed their leaves are also starting to show signs of life again. Our two cherry trees are covered in buds, some are starting to turn pink. 
I really should get out there with the camera.
But not today.
Today I sew.

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Cath said...

Thank you for the show and tell....I just love that first quilt photo. Maybe next year will be the ticket! Still it seemed like a lovely day out.