Monday, 18 January 2016

A wet weekend.

Means a whole weekend in my PJs.
We decided to have a quiet weekend at home, just the two of us.
Tony played war games on play station with my brother back in Britain, while they were both awake, and while my brother slept, Tony and I watched movies, while it rained outside.
Throughout all of that, I stitched.
And stitched.
And stitched.
Sleepy is very near to completion.
 Just one corner left to go.
 I have no work today, and it's raining again!!
I see some stitching happening this afternoon, once I have done my chores.
And finally.
One of my postal gifts must have gotten lost on the way.
It finally arrived at it's destination last week.
Janice, I'm sorry you had to wait sooooooo long.
Now that it has arrived I can show the picture I took of all the ornaments I made to swap this year.
The black one is for a lady who doesn't really do Christmas trees and pretty ornaments.
But she loved that I made one especially for her.


Janice said...

I was wondering what the top do Sleepy would be like. I can't wait to see her finished .... Mind you, you are probably looking forward to it even more..... Thanks for the little stocking. It is super cute, and I seem to be getting quite a bit of red and white for our new tree so it fits right in.

Anonymous said...

Hi Loulee,wow i love sleepy,she is looking fantastic and how cute are those beautiful stockings,hope you have a lovely day xx

AnnieO said...

Really pretty stitchery! So nice to be safe at home and stitch!