Saturday, 15 April 2017

A Finish.

Oh My Goodness! It was so good to be patching away and creating.
I loved it, even all those triangles!
This is the largest quilt top I have ever created. 
The batting on my frame will just about peep out either side of it!
It's so huge I had nowhere at home where I could capture the whole thing.
I had to take it to work and spread it on the floor before opening, and catch a photo from the mezzanine. Then put it away quickly before opening.
I used these patterns for the square pennants
But the triangular ones I made up myself. Only one was consigned to the scrap bin and remade!
It was the very first and it needed to be bigger!
I tried it out on my bed and it fits rather nicely.
I still need to get on and quilt it, but I promised a friend she could pop a quilt onto the frame this week, so I can wait.
Meanwhile I have other things I could get on with.
Including making a label for this one. But to do that I need to come up with a name for it.
I'm tempted to call it ............

'Somfing Boaty'

Which is what Joe asked for! LOL
Or do I go a little more serious?
Any suggestions?
Right toward the end of the last seam my poor silver sewing machine had issues again.
I had to stop and start several times to overcome them.
She is currently in bits on his office floor. 😞
The bobbin holder keeps catching the thread, which then pulls said holder out of position!
Tony took it to see the local sewing machine service man who gave him a few hints to help overcome that for a while, but he said we would need to find a new bobbin holder and install it.
He said he had not seen a silver machine before and didn't stock parts for it. None of the parts he does have would fit. 
Hopefully the temporary fix will work until a new one is found. 


julieQ said...

I just love your nautical quilt! So crisp and clean looking!!

Jenny said...

Wow - that's a beauty, all right. Great work.

Janice said...

Joe will definitely be thrilled. Your poor machine. My Janome had a similar problem after a needle broke and damaged the bobbin housing. We tried to fix it, but no good. Once we replace the bobbin housing it hasn't missed a beat. Let's hope yours can be fixed.