Thursday, 13 July 2017

Remember this one?

She was stitched back in 2013 when I tucked her into my portfolio, where her slumbers began.
She travelled across the world in a container, still slumbering. Last year I pulled her out of the portfolio along with several other completed cross stitch pieces.
They all got hung in the cupboard in my sewing room, waiting for that 'one day' when they would be framed and put on display.
Well a while ago I got to thinking and yesterday I wound into action and took my self to the shop for black fabric and grey quilt batting.
Now she is slumbering on my bedroom wall.
I still have several of my WIP pictures 
Here is a slightly closer look as she just came off the roller frame I worked on.
It should be clicky for a better look.
I wonder how many other cross stitch pieces could be finished in a similar way?
There are only about a dozen of them in the cupboard. LOL
But first, I'll make some quilt blocks.

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