Monday, 29 January 2018

Still in the garden.

Tony and I spent just a short time out in the garden yesterday. The flower beds are a mess and desperately need our attention, but it is just too hot to work out there at the moment. NZ is experiencing some very warm weather, which I am enjoying, but it is still too hot to work out of doors. Our veg beds are very tidy, we lavish attention on them and of course we are well rewarded.
We managed to spend just ten minutes in our green house and came away with all of these beautiful tomatoes.
Once I saw how many there were I made the decision to pick some capsicum and chilli too.
Once we got back out into the relatively cool air! (Well it was cool compared to the 40++ we had experienced in the green house.) We turned out attention to the veg beds. I found three courgettes on their way to marrowdom and a handful of beans. 
We also cleaned out the last of the beetroots and I pulled some red onions, but somehow, we don't have a picture of those. And because we have eaten them, there isn't going to be a picture. LOL
So yesterday, once we had retreated indoors we set about making courgette relish. One of those marrow wannabees became eight jars of relish along with a capsicum and some onions.
After leaving the tomatoes and some onions in brine overnight, my job today is to make Possum's Pickles. A delightfully moreish chutney recipe given to me by a friends mum.
It takes two hours to cook, so I'm tied to the house for a while.
Maybe I'll finish a second wee baby sweater. It only needs the rib adding to the neck edge, then I can sew it up. 


Chookyblue...... said...

Great produce..... I get my gardening done very early or late in the day....... Can't put it off till it cools as it does not happen......

Raewyn said...

Good explosion in the garden Lou and great use of your veges. Possum's Pickles is an interesting name!

Janice said...

You’re making my mouth water with the thought of fresh chutneys. Fresh veges are always the best.