Monday, 12 February 2018

A finish and a start.

Thats how it works isn't it? If you finish something, you get to start something.
So the other day I finished the 30s cot quilt. Here it is all bound and ready to go off to its new home. When I pulled out the camera to take this shot, I spotted the rogue block!
One block has turned around.
 When I looked back through wip images of this quilt, it was always like that.
Even when it was in pieces doing the swapsy shuffle on the floor.
Too late to do anything about it now, so on with the next project.
I loaded it's friend on to the frame yesterday and got busy. See those lights in the background?
That is the cooker hood, I had pans on the stove. And was running from the frame to the stove.
Here's some of what was cooking.
Pear and walnut chutney.
Before I gifted this jar, I even found just the right lid for it.
Also on the stove was a huge pan of tomato soup, for the freezer and some pickled veggies.
 So, with frequent stops to stir the pot and seal jars, eventually I was finished quilting.
Once I was finished in the kitchen I headed to my other room at the front of the house, and put on the binding. I was going to close the binding last night, but Debbie and Bruce called round, so we sat and chatted instead. But before dinner and before they arrived, this happened.
I made another start.
 When I was out with Claire and Debbie the other day I bought a wee bundle of Kiwiana fabrics.
I spy a new quilt in the making. There are no preserves to be made today, so once the domestics are done, it will be time to put all of these blocks together.
After I fix the naughty blue one at the bottom!!
One of the things Debbie and I chatted about last night was the moon glow quilt, that big kit I got in the mail last week. We had a quick look through the book, Debbie was blown away and amazed at what I'm taking on. So am I. One block at a time.....
But before I get to that, I have at least one more quilt to make.
Time to go and do, then I get to play.


pollyanna said...

Busy busy busy! I love the two bright happy sister quilts and one rogue block is a creative change, right? The HST didn't get it's way, though. Since I now have a LA machine, I no longer make start-to-finish quilts. I make tops...more tops...then go quilt. It's a different process, isn't it?

AnnieO said...

Congratulations on your finish!! Isn’t amazing when rogue blocks slip through—so maddening. Sweet little quilt. Enjoy your stitching time!

Maria said...

Well done with the finish and it's still a sweet baby quilt even with the rogue block.
You were keep busy quilting and cooking.
enjoy your new project when you are ready to start.

Janice said...

You're certainly on a roll now. The Kiwiana will be quite a contrast to the two pretty quilts. Have fun.

Chookyblue...... said...

always great to start a new project.........

Chookyblue...... said...

looks great......good finish.........good start..........