Tuesday, 6 February 2018

And another one.

After Saturdays efforts, which you can see in the previous post, I was able to sew again on Sunday.
Another new start, to use up that charm pack.
At last
 Don't precuts make life so simple?
In no time at all I had cut the white fabric and had all the blocks made.
 I played a little game of shuffle the blocks on the bedroom floor, then I was off again!
 And had this wee cot sized quilt finished in just a few hours.
 Now all three of my recent finishes are folded and waiting their turn on the frame.
 I had thought I might get a start on that yesterday, but the garden had other ideas.
Another dozen jars of preserves were produced instead.
I hope to get back into my room today, where hopefully I'll find just the right fabric pieces to back those lovely quilts and maybe tomorrow, I'll get time to make a start with the frame.
Though tomorrow afternoon we three musketeers are off on a short road trip to Geraldine, where we will be visiting The Pin Tin. A lovely friendly quilt shop. There is something special that I need, Claire and Debbie are just coming along for the ride. they say they don't have shopping lists. HA! I bet you they end up spending money too! LOL
See you soon.


Ali Honey said...

Well done. WE have the same problem....picking and processing crops takes time. Can't get fresher than that though.

AnnieO said...

I happen to be using that same quilt design for larger blocks I picked up at guild for a charity quilt! I love the cascade/staircase look. Congrats on speedy finish! Your garden has been very busy producing food!

Anonymous said...

Wow Loulee your quilt looks awesome and love your fresh produce from your garden,enjoy my friend xx

Jenny said...

Looks like you are on a roll!

Janice said...

What a cute little quilt it will be. Maximum effect for minimum effort. Just how I like it. Have fun with your preserves. The fellow looking after our garden rang Mick yesterday and asked when to pick the zucchinis. Apparently one is nearly 2 foot long!! It looks like we are having stuffed marrow when we get home. I’m sure there will be loads of eggplants and tomatoes too, so moussaka will be on the menu as well.