Monday, 30 April 2018

A wet Weekend.

Means a stitchy weekend.
There are jobs that Tony and I need to do in the garden, but they had to wait, as it was a very wet weekend, with over 4 inches of rain on Saturday alone.
So aside from a few domestic chores, there really wasn't much else to distract me from my stitching. 
I have tried over the last week to find a solution to my thread issue with the elephants, and eventually I put an appeal on a cross stitch page on facebook. Several people have offered to send me their old grey brown thread. Many assured me it was the old thread as it was their mothers or even grand mothers collection. What a wonderful caring sharing community we crafters are. Hopefully it will be here soon and \I can complete the picture for Debbie.
Meanwhile, I have spent the weekend working on my own project Spring Queen.
This first photo is the last progress shot I took before putting her away just before Christmas.
On Friday and Saturday I made quite a bit of progress on the right side of her dress.
It is difficult to see as the yellow is so pale and the need for camera flash washed it out.
And on Sunday I concentrated on the left side.
 The inspector/ supervisor takes her job very seriously, she sat up there behind me for most of the weekend and is in fact sat there right now, she knows I'll be in that seat soon.
But not just yet, although not as bad as it has been, the weather is still cool and wet, it is most definitely comfort food weather, so I have a pan of veg soup on the stove, and I made a start on a pie for tonight's dinner just a few dishes to wash before I settle to my stitching.
 And a testament to the cooler weather, our cherry trees are changing colour.
Next dry day we get I'll have to go out and rake up the leaves. They make a great mulch for the veg gardens.


Janice said...

I quite like a bleak day every now and then. You certainly made the most of yours.

Maria said...

Yes crafters are a very caring / sharing mob...
Great progress with your stitching..nice to have the inspector keep an eye on your work...

Chookyblue...... said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend.......

Karen S said...

Perfect way to spend a wet weekend.
Hope the threads turn out to be what you are after.

Diane-crewe said...

Love the colour in that bush x Hope you are soon able to finish the project x Crafters .. from all crafts are great people to have around x