Monday, 25 June 2018

A busy weekend.

As I mentioned in my last post, Tony and I had a full on weekend.
On Saturday we set off with other family members for the long dive to Dunedin, stopping on the way at Moeraki to check into our hotel and to drop bags and boots. We then carried on South and grabbed dinner in Dunedin before watching the All Blacks play France. We were pretty much first into the stadium and took photos before it filled up, later we were too busy watching to think about pictures.
It was a bitterly cold evening, even under the covered stadium. But worth the cold to see a great game. We won, of course!
After the game it was back into the car for another hour back to Moeraki. There were a few celebratory drinks, but not too many as we had to get up early the next morning to be at the wharf by just after 7am. The sun rose as we steamed out to sea.
There was a pretty dense cloud cover which made for a greyish day.
But that was ok, as we had plenty to keep us busy.
 Here you see a species of Perch, also known a Jock Stewart to local Kiwis.
There were twelve of us aboard and between us we caught four big boxes of Jocks, a whole box of blue cod and assorted other species.
 If you turn your head sideways for the next photo, you will see that Tony caught a parrot fish or scarlet wrasse, it went straight back in as they are too bony to keep. Pretty fish though.
 That wasn't the only fish he caught. LOL I did contribute to all those boxes.
His brother Stephen, also seen sideways here, their dad and I all caught our share too.
As the morning drew on things brightened up and by the time we returned to the wharf at 1.30 pm the sun was shining.
 We were followed throughout the morning by numerous seabirds, all waiting for their share of the catch.
 I couldn't count the number of albatross who followed us home.
There were dozens. It was wonderful to see them.
 After the long drive home there was only one thing to have for supper!
We brought home between two us almost 10 kilos of fish fillets. Which is all bagged and tucked into the freezer.
I did take my crochet with me, thinking I would maybe do a little as we were driving, but alas, not a stitch was made. I was too busy looking at the scenery and joining in with the conversation.
So instead, I'll show you another small finish. I made this wee hat on my day off last week.
For some reason blogger insists on turning pictures from my phone onto their sides!
Anyway, Grandson Floki, (him with the viking name) needs a viking hat doesn't he?
I know his mum and dad will love it.
Modelled beautifully by teddy of course.
In spite of an early night last night, I was exhausted at work today, so I think another early night is in store again tonight.
Edited to add....
Whats with blogger? It used to forward your comments to me, but that's not happening any more...


Karen S said...

It looks like you both had a wonderful time. And a bonus to bring so much fish home.
Your little bear is very sweet.

Chookyblue...... said...

a big haul of fish.............

Jenny said...

Great you got to see the All Blacks game live, Robin is so jealous, making do with the TV version. Lots of great fish in your haul, that will keep you fed for a while.

Janice said...

What a fun weekend. I’m glad you had a successful fishing trip. The little Viking hat is just too cute for words.

Maria said...

Do you follow Shez's Blog called I Am ? She explains how to fix the comment problem a few posts ago.
Great weekend ...
Cute Viking hat for Floki..

loulee said...

testing the above fix.

Anonymous said...

Hi Loulee what a fantastic weekend,great haul of fish xx