Friday, 7 March 2008

Another Finish.

No not me!! My sister has finally finished her Sunbonnet Sue quilt.

It's taken a while because when she tried to quilt it things went a bit wrong and she had to do a lot of unpicking, which resulted in one or two holes in the fabric. Needeless to say, Sue sat in the cupboard for a while.

Eventually rather than being quilted this one was tied with little silver butterflies at the corners of the preprinted Sue blocks. On the second block down on the right there are two tiny Sues and a butterfly, they are patches over the holes. Moya may not love it any more, but her daughters do and the pair are arguing over who gets it.

We also had a day out yesterday, we visited a fairly new sewing shop here on the island. It was like an Aladdins cave, all kinds of goodies hidden away, but very expensive! I'll stick to shopping on the WWW I think.

I've decided the colours on my stitchery are all wrong, so I've abandoned that for the time being, I'm off now to have a dig in my thread box and see if I can make some better choices.

Have a great day.


Mogul said...
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Janet said...

So pretty Loulee, tell your sister she really did do a wonderful job on it. It may not be perfect..but hey, I can't make one at all! (LOL)

Rebel said...

Oh I love Sunbonnet Sue... and I love butterflies...very cute quilt. Those girls are going to have to learn to share I think. LOL