Tuesday 31 March 2015

Slow progress

Sorry I'm still so quiet, but between work and kitten I really don't have a huge amount to show.
The few moments I do spend in my sewing room are only productive is Belle is not with me.
I seem to spend more time telling her NO! and lifting her down off the frame than I do sewing. I often end up either shutting her out or giving up and finding something else to do.
I do hope she learns soon!
That said......
Block two of a Christmas Story is all ready for the hand stitching. Block one is also still waiting for it's hand work to be completed! I think I may have to shut myself in for that bit, I have visions of her helping with that too!
Maybe over the Easter weekend when other people are around to distract her.
 I'm also making slow progress on my latest scrappy crochet project.
Still no real plan, still making it up as I go!
With help from kitten of course.

Monday 23 March 2015

A finish!

Well almost!
I did have this lap blanket all laid out flat!
But by the time I turned the camera on and came to take the photo, the inspector had been busy!
 I just have ends to bury and this one is complete.
Now to get on with another colourful scrappy blanket.
No real plan, just making it up as I go along.
 I have a huge basket of colourful scraps.
I fear what the inspector will do to this lot if I leave it by my chair. I may have to be more careful in future.
 Yep! These pins are ok to use mum!

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Behind closed doors!

It's surprising what you can get done, when the kitten isn't helping!
 I shut her out of my sewing room yesterday. She did have a little cry at the door, but only for a few minutes, then I heard her playing with her paper bag. No, she didn't rip it to bits, she likes to dive into it and then uses her rear paws to scoot herself around floor with her head inside! Sometimes she does a quick U turn in the bag and pops her head out, before rolling over and over! 
Bonkers kitten!
So, while the cat was away, this mouse played.
I managed to get the appliqué for the next Christmas story block all cut and fused.
Belle is shut out again today, so hopefully I'll be able to make a start on the blanket stitch before I have to go in to work.
 I also need to make two friendship stars for this block, so maybe I'll make those, also/instead?
We will see.
Also yesterday I started to play about with the yarns I bought at the Sally shop. I was supposed to be putting it away, 
you know how it is!
My current crochet project is almost finished, just one or two rounds to go, then bury the ends and it will be complete.
A girl has to be prepared for the next project.
Speaking of my current project, Belle did her usual inspection when I picked it up last night, then consented to fall asleep underneath it rather than on Tonys lap.
Though she did complain very loudly each time I moved it.
And how can such a tiny kitty take up so much sofa???
I'm off to play for an hour or so!

Tuesday 17 March 2015


Sorry I'm not posting much at the moment.
But you see, everything I try to do....
 Comes under some very close scrutiny!
I need to change practice quilts on the frame and would love to get on with some other sewing today, my only day off this week! So, I think Belle will be banished from the room today.
That said, I have obviously filled a whole practice quilt on the quilting frame. :-)
Though there still seems to be tension issues. :-(
My crochet is growing slowly, I get to do a few rounds in the evenings, when Belle sleeps on Tonys lap.
My poor Christmas Story quilt has ground to a halt!
I'm hoping to get the next block all cut out today and maybe even get a little appliqué done.
My lovely silver sewing machine was serviced last week and purrs along beautifully again. She has needed that for a long time.
Of course I'm still stashing too!
I visited the Sally shop last week and scored big time. I came away with two huge bags of yarn. Much of it was reclaimed, but there were also some jumbo balls of unused yarns.
I have the beginnings of three or even four half planned projects stashed away in the cupboard now.
Right, time to boot madam out and get on.

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Not much to report.

We had more visitors over the last few days, which has kept me busy and away from my playroom.
But I was able to sit and crochet in the evenings. My latest project is growing nicely.
This blanket is made from natural yarns all purchased from the reclaimed basket at the Sally army store.
 Belle takes her duties as inspector very seriously.
 Checking each and every stitch.
 And of course, the snuggle factor is also checked out!
 Today with our guests safely home again I got back into the room and got on with a project for work. I offered to adapt a fly screen for the door.
The inspector gave it the once over.
She says it's fine, so I'm off to work to hang it. 
Then I get to do ME things this afternoon!
Or maybe I'll get to do Belle things!

Monday 2 March 2015

Meet Belle

She moved in yesterday and has already proven to be a wonderful time waster..... er.....helper!
 I gave up trying to crochet last night, she was having way to much fun with my yarn!
 Such a little sweetie though.
I wonder what she will make of the sewing and quilting machines?