Wednesday 27 April 2011

Taking a break.

I'm going to take a bit of a break from blogging. No problems, nothing to worry about, I just don't seem to have much to say at the moment.
I'm sure I'll be back soon though.

Monday 18 April 2011

Quick Finishes.

I forgot to pack a book to read while we were away in Harrogate. My Hunney had his Kindle, and while he was reading on the train one day I remembered that there is a Kindle app for i-pad! Which we just happened to have with us. :-) OMG! But that thing is heavy when you hold it for an hour or two. My own Kindle is on it's way! Which means I needed to make another kindle cover. This one is a little more feminine. I followed the swirly water effect on the fabric for some quilting guidelines.
I'm rather pleased with it, of course. While I was up in my play.... er sewing room, I also put together another i-phone cover, for one of my Hunneys friends. Maybe I should start charging for these things!!

Friday 15 April 2011

Squishy Mail

Remember this cross stitch? I was struggling with it, then Jewells came to my rescue, she loved it. (she loves all things teddy bear) You have no idea how much that helped me out. When I read how much she likes bears and that she really did like the piece, my very first instinct was to give it to her, she was welcome to it. Realising how easy it would be to give it away sealed it's fate. I made the decision to stop working on it and gift it to Jewells. It felt like a load had been lifted.
Now Jewells is a sweetheart and wanted to repay me, so I got a squishy in the mail yesterday. I had let on that I'm collecting dark /navy blue for a 'don't hold your breath waiting' project. And yesterday I got a squishy package in the mail. Did I run for the camera, so that you would see the grand opening? Did I let the anticipation build? Did I heck as like, I ripped open the packaging and threw it all over the floor, eager to see what was inside. :-)

Jewells had included three pretty blue fabrics, a wash cloth and two of her special spoons. Thank you Jewells, what a lovely gift to welcome me home from my travels.
 Thank you again to everyone for your congratulations for Tony. I keep catching him with a little smile on his face, an excited little 'I did it' moment. It's so cool to see that.
 There has been a bit of an accident with my work rota, and somehow I've been given a third week off! What a shame..... My boss did offer to undo it, but I think I'll take the time anyway, I'm sure I'll find something to do. ;-p

Thursday 14 April 2011

Where we went and what we did.

Hmm, blogger is behaving oddly! I can't add words above my first image for some reason! I uploaded ie9 when we got home, is it that, or is blogger being weird?
Anyhow, enough of that. I promise not to bore you with dozens of pictures, just a select few. Look at the beautiful four poster bed we got to sleep in. I couldn't resist a picture of that.
Although we were based in Harrogate we didn't spend all our time there. We did have a look around, every time we went near Betty's tea rooms there were huge queues, or we didn't have time to visit. LOL I was amazed at how many crafty shops there were in town, sewing shops, stitchy shops, haberdashery, knitting....... Would you believe, I didn't visit a single one. I did stand outside and drool over a couple of them though. LOL
We visited Skipton castle and had a look around the town. Very pretty.
My Hunney the history buff loved the castle.
We had a total of three days out in York! Yep Three.
On the first of them we met up with Quilt Sue. (Can't add links in the usual way either! Look here to meet Sue... ) We were supposed to meet on the steps of York Minster. Well of course, dimwit here thought the first set of steps she came across was the front steps. LOL With the assistance of our cell phones Sue did manage to find me. We had a walk around the shops and stopped for lunch before Tony and I escorted her back to the station.
It was lovely to meet her. Later we took the bus tour, it was a relaxing way to see the city. My Hunney took dozens of pictures of the old buildings and higgledy piggledy streets.
Of course you know what we did on Saturday. :-)
Monday and Tuesday were taken up with our return trips to York. We visited the Jorvic museum, the quilt museum, the Railway museum, the York museum and spent more time shopping and exploring the town and park.
I may not have done any crafty shopping, but I did treat myself to a Cath Kidston bag ( ) and some new clothes. The moment I smelled the Lush shop ( ) I knew I had to spend time and money in there too.
Thank you to everyone who congratulated Tony. He's a very happy boy. :-)
Edited to say........
I think it's an ie9 issue, everything works perfectly when I use chrome on the 'big pc',
I couldn't even publish from my laptop.
Has anyone else done the update? Did you have issues?

We're back.

We took a short break in Yorkshire over the weekend. So that my Hunney could attend his Degree ceremony. Just before Christmas Tony gained a BSc (Hons) in IT and Computing. Congratulations sweetheart, I'm very proud of you. xx A very proud and happy Man. His Grandfather was right to call him 'The Proff' all those years ago when he was an inquisitive little boy pulling things to bits to see how they worked. More news from me soon.

Friday 1 April 2011

Meet Freya

She called into the office yesterday to see her Daddy, who just happens to work with my Hunney. It was a very bright day and her mum thought the shades would be fun. This little lady is the owner of the Butterfly Fling Quilt and all of the knit wear and blankets I have made in recent months. Her Daddy is the new owner of the i-pad cover etc mentioned in the last post. * Although I've had late shifts, meaning plenty of time for fun, I really haven't had the urge to sew at all. I did have a play with my new Dresden wedge ruler, but it's not happening for me, the fabrics are not playing nicely together, so I'll leave that alone for now and look for something else to do. I'm not sure when that will be though! Today is my day off, but I'm off to work. We're due an H&S audit soon, myself and one of my colleagues are making sure all the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed. Maybe I'll get something done when I get home, though I doubt it, risk assessing tends to numb the brain. LOL * * * Why is blogger ignoring my line breaks?