Saturday 29 May 2010

Life, the universe and falling down the stairs.

All of the above have contrived to get in the way of any pleasure I might get out of lifting a needle or sitting at my machine this week.
I fell last Sunday, not the dramatic cartwheeling cartoon style tumble down the stairs. More of a slither really, you know when you step out just a little too far and there is not enough foot on the lower step and off you go, bump, bump, slither, bump! I came to rest about seven steps later. Thank goodness the flights are short in this house. I've spent the whole week nursing my aches and watching my technicolour bruises change almost daily. Add to that, I've had early shifts all week, what did I do to deserve that? I've been too tired and sore to do much more than put the final stitches into the pot holders I showed in my last post and do a little crochet. Maybe now the worst of the aches are gone I can get some time in on DDs quilt over my weekend off.
I have distractions though, all this reading material is vying for my attention too.
I've had the crochet book for a few days and it's been calling to me, you know how it is, I've had a go at the basics and now I want to try something else, though I'm not sure the world is ready to see me in a crocheted bikini! Maybe I'll have a bash at a hat. LOL
After a couple of weeks of beautiful sunny and warm days the weather, true to form, has turned cold and wet again, just in time for the first day of the biggest event on the Isle of Man sporting calender. The World Famous TT Races. For more info, look here and here.
I'm off to play.
Take care.

Friday 28 May 2010

I got Mail

I finally got my third round of potholders made. I didn't think I would actually get them in the mail until Saturday, the closing day, but my Hunney came to my rescue and mailed them today.
Thank you Sweetheart. I'm rather pleased with them and just couldn't resist the addition of the gold tassels. A bit flash for a kitchen, but you know, I just had to do it.
I've also received some mail. My share of the booty arrived yesterday. As well as a pretty note pad, this lovely wall linen was also enclosed. Isn't it pretty.
My partner Peg has been lurking on my blog and knows I'm a sucker for a pretty blue, so she came up with these beauties.
My photography does them very little justice, they really do have a much nicer colour than you see here. Thank you so much Peg, for all my gifts and the lovely letter.
P.S. You can comment on my blog now! ;-)
Must be off, Hunney wants to do something to my laptop!
Take care.

Friday 21 May 2010

Home Again.

Well, I'm home from my few days in London.
We did the tourist thing, took the bus ride,
and visited all the sights.
We saw lots of these guys. They drew huge crowds. The Elephant Parade is a charitable effort, the plaster elephants are decorated by the rich and famous, some artists and some not. They are then sold to raise funds for charities. What a cute idea.
We didn't limit ourselves to London, on our last full day we took a coach tour which visited Roman Bath,
and Stonehenge. It was a Private tour and we were granted access to the stone circle, something which only a limited number of people are allowed to do each day.
Of course we have dozens more pictures, but I won't bore you with them.
Now that I'm home I have the weekend off, good thing too as I didn't even start on my third round of the pot holder pass yet!

Thursday 13 May 2010

There has been a distinct lack of quiltiness

in my house lately. What with an attack of the Blahs and getting myself hooked on hooks. I'll be away in London next week so there won't be much quilty goodness happening for a while. I do have something to show though. As I said the other day, with Shirleys encouragement I have done a little. I finished sewing my blocks together and added a colourful border.

I do have some off white borders cut, but I haven't attached them yet, I'm too busy with my crochet!
So to make up for the lack of my own quilty progress, here's a peep at what my sister has been up to. Moya is working two jobs at the moment, so she's going very slowly and I get very few progress reports. Here is the latest. Just a photo, no explanation, and no response to questions! LOL
There are some blue toes though.
I'm off to hook another round on my square, before a trip to the post office and the yarn shop to see if I can find some cotton to hook a dish cloth with.

Wednesday 12 May 2010

I learned something new.

Yesterday was a good day. Shirley and I stayed home. I did a little sewing, Shirley was knitting and we chatted the morning away. I mentioned that I would love to learn to crochet, Shirley offered to teach me.
Look! I did it, I learned how to crochet. Sadly, for me, Shirley is on her way today. She is going to Dublin to stay with another friend for a few days. I do hope she enjoys it. I loved having her here, the perfect house guest. :-)
Before my crochet lessons I cut some plain borders for 'Kaiy's Roses', maybe I'll get them sewn on this afternoon when I get back from the office. I'll wait until I get back from London to layer and pin the quilt, I'm hoping to get quite adventurous with the quilting on this one. LOL We've all heard that before. LOL
Time to get my bum into gear and get ready for work.

Tuesday 11 May 2010

A new Toy and a visitor.

Well it's not been all work, work, work. I have had a visitor over the weekend. Shirley Goodwin is on a European tour and is staying here on the island for a couple of days. It's really nice to have her here and lovely to talk quilty talk with her.
Yesterday we were out doing the touristy thing and also had a look at the shops, look what I found.....

A baby iron, just the right size for pressing little patches. And oh so cute.
The latest version of French Roses, now named Kaiy's Roses is progressing slowly. I was feeling pretty blah about it, but with a little encouragement I made some progress and now all the blocks are joined and the first border is on. All thanks to Shirleys gentle encouragement.

I had to try out my new iron, so of course it's a pieced border. Now I'm off to hunt out some more off white for a second border. Maybe, just maybe I'll have a completed top before Tony and I head off to London for a few days.