Wednesday 26 June 2019

Stitching on.....

Well, my wrist is all strapped up and my thumb is pretty much immobilised.
Hopefully this is just a repetitive strain!   
Sew time for a change of craft...
 Stitching is difficult, but doable!
I'm taking it slow, I have a whole month before I have to have this finished for gifting. 

Monday 24 June 2019

No news...

Well, after a week off my wrist and forearm were feeling a little better.
So on Saturday I worked a couple of rows on my blanket. On Sunday I was very sore again. 😥
So I spent some time on Sunday pottering and tidying in my room.  No projects were started, continued or finished. Instead I sorted my yarn cupboard and set aside some that I know I'll never use, and put a few things together for possible future projects.
I also looked at a few ideas for a birthday gift for a friend, maybe on my days off work.  And because there has to be a picture...
I think someone was cold. 
I hope you're crafting more than me. 

Monday 17 June 2019

I think I need a rest now!!

I finished a third poncho the other day. Here it is all pinned out on the ironing board ready for a little steam to block it. The garter stitch edge always comes out a little shorter than the stocking stitch body, so blocking is necessary.
And a close up peep at the colour changes.
I have really enjoyed working with these pretty yarns.
So much so in fact that when I noticed a local store was having a buy one get one free deal, I couldn't resist. These yarns are from a different manufacturer and I have no idea what I'll do with them, but had to have them anyway! LOL
But as the heading says, I think I need a rest now. When I picked up my crochet yesterday I noticed a pain in my left fore arm. It's still there this morning.
So maybe no knitting or crochet for a while.
Maybe this is what it takes to get me back at my sewing machine?
Time to get ready for work.

Wednesday 5 June 2019

Still busy, but still knitting.

Life is still pretty busy, with lots of goings on. But I am still finding down time and still knitting away.
I finished the tiny little baby poncho on Friday and went out yesterday to buy buttons for it as I didn't have any that were just right in my big jar!
 While I was in the store I also found just the right buttons for the next project. Poncho number 3 in Neapolitan ice cream colours.  Doesn't it look good enough to eat?
This one is for a special little girl who has come into our lives. I'll tell you more about her another day. The store was busy while I was there and I had to wait my turn! While I was waiting I spied this pattern on the shelf and just had to have it. LOL
Sadly there wasn't any of that black and charcoal wool available, so I opted for blue instead. Floki will be getting another wee Nanny knit!
Debbie happend to be nearby and spied me going into the store, all the time I was in there my phone was plinging away as she asked me what I was up to and what I was buying. LOL
We're getting together for lunch today, so I can confess! LOL
Time to go and be domestic, before I go meet the girls.