Saturday 24 September 2022

Churn Dash Flimsy Finish.

I've been busy with my studies again and happy to say I've made some great progress. So I awarded myself some time off to play.
I've been sewing a little here and there since I last showed my Churn Dash blocks, all pinned to my cat proof design wall. So when I started yesterday I had only the top right half to sew together.
Which really did not take very long. So I had time to add borders before Tony came home from work.
I'm very happy with the result. Now to decide how to quilt it and what thread to use. I'm leaning toward in the ditch, but that could change. LOL
As you can see, It's been inspected.
This is why I need a cat proof design wall.
Chooky, thank you for the inspirational suggestion, it was fun to sew along and see what everyone else has been doing with their Churn Dash blocks. 
I'm not sure what I'll be playing with next, I really need to use up some scraps so maybe another scrappy quilt. 


Saturday 17 September 2022

Timaru Patchwork and Quilters Exhibition.

My local Quilters club joined forces with the local pottery club and we're having an exhibition in one of the local galleries.  
The Aigantighe gallery is only small and a part of it is closed due to the need for earthquake proofing, so the display area is only quite small. There are currently a total of 34 quilts on display. And one of them is mine!
Tony and I went along for a quick look today and I took a few photos. Not many as I'm sure I have to go back and look again.
But here are todays high lights.
Autumn Leaves by club member Jeanette Hawker.
You can't really see it here but those leaves are 3D and very delicate looking.
Bright Sparks is also by Jeanette.
Here is my quilt, it is my version of Gail Pans 
Wish You Well.
Is a Maori word meaning block or cube. 
Paula interpreted it beautifully with these Maori fabrics. 
Villas at Dawn 
Was designed and created by Annette Davers.
Winter Sunset.
This lovely pioece was designed and made by the club president and the reason I'm a member of the club. My pal Angela Simpson. She showed me the photo that inspired the piece, a lovely image of the sun setting beyond the trees at the bottom of her garden. 
And speaking of gardens, here is Raelene McLean's 
Round the garden.
I love the Light Houses.
That was all the quilty photos I took. We also had a look at the pottery exhibition, there were some interesting pieces and this one in particular caught my eye.
I'm sure I'll be going back. As there are things I didn't see, being towed along behind Tony. LOL
And I have to head off to work soon.
I hope you're enjoying your weekend. 

Tuesday 13 September 2022

Cat Proofing....

Yesterday I decided I was going to have a couple more days off from studies. I have two observational assessments all ready and waiting to be completed, but the people who need to do them for me have no time at the moment.. So I'll rest rather than forging on with the next unit.
Out came my Churn Dash blocks. I played shuffle on the floor and went off to find the setting triangles.
I came back to this.....
Apparently the mouse did it!
It was as I was laying the setting triangles in to place I remembered that I had to be at work early yesterday and even if I didn't, there was no way I was going to get this into one piece before heading off to work. What to do?
Clearly I couldn't leave it on the sitting room floor, goodness knows what Belle would have done to it and Tony would be home later too.
Inspiration struck and I pulled a flat sheet out of the cupboard, used a load of pegs to secure it to my quilt hanger in the hall way and ....
A design wall was born.
I spent ages transferring everything on to it, pinning everything in place.
But the bottom of it was resting on the floor, and Miss Belle thought that it was a great game to scamper over it and behind it.
More pegs to the rescue
Oh and one more pin to hold the middle up. LOL
Much easier than having to collect everything up then lay it out again when I'm ready to play.
Which I plan to do again today.
My supervisor at work last night.
He was very affectionate and demanded lots of attention. He kept walking over the keyboard as I was trying to type my notes. Isn't he a handsome boy?
Well that is all of my news, I'm off to get on with my day, the sooner I do my chores, the sooner I can play.
Happy Tuesday everyone. 

Sunday 11 September 2022

A weekend off.

I marked myself as not available on the roster and planned a relaxing weekend.
Friday was busy with chores and study, and even though Tony had hoped we would spend some of Saturday busy in the garden, that didn't happen. (Thanks Chooky. LOL).
Saturday was spent doing a few small chores and zooming along with the Chookshed Stitchers.
I did not attend for the whole day as I have previously, I was in and out doing a few chores as well as stitching on my Lucy quilt top.
I added a few border blocks and even managed to get around a corner!
Here is a closer look at the corner. There are still three more pieces to add to said corner before it is complete, but that meant preparing some more paper pieces, in different shapes.
So I got on and did some of that too, but forgot to get pictures.
The reason for all of the chores between stitches was a planned BBQ. We had arranged it last week, before I knew of the zoom session.  My pal Debbie was the first to arrive, so I hopped back in to zoom just long enough to say Hi and let her see how friendly we are and listen to a little of the chat. She didn't get the full show n' tell and enabling/influencing experience, but she could see how it would be nice to sew along while chatting away and putting the world to rights. 
The weather did not play as nicely as we had hoped. It didn't rain, but the fog rolled in and out all day and it was pretty over cast as people arrived. No matter we girls looked after the salads in the kitchen and it took all 5 boys to take care of the BBQ. LOL
Today we do have some light rain, so no garden work today.
Leftovers for lunch and time to play.
I may keep going with Lucy, or I may start the shuffle game with my Churn Dash blocks....
Happy Sunday.

R.I.P. Ma'am. 

Long Live The King. 


Thursday 8 September 2022

I found time to play.

Tuesday and Wednesday were play days. As a part of my latest study unit I have to get written feedback from two colleagues. Then add my own thoughts to theirs before submitting the whole lot to an observer. Long story short, one colleague is slowing things down a bit.
So On Tuesday I had play time and put together the first four of this months Churn dash blocks.
On Wednesday, I made four more.
Then I cut the setting triangles.
And I couldn't resist a photo of all of my completed blocks.
I'm hoping to have a day soon when I can spread them all out on the floor, play the switcher game and begin to put them all together.
I other news, spring is in the air and the garden is coming to life, so I'll have to find time to do some outdoor work. 
I have marked myself as not available to work over the weekend, so hopefully I won't be getting any phone calls. I did however agree to work another extra shift next week. 
Time now to go grocery shopping and get on with my day. 
I hope you are finding plenty of time to do the things you enjoy.  

Thursday 1 September 2022

August Churn Dash Update.

 I'm only one day late.
Just a very quick post to let you know that my August blocks were completed and Septembers are cut and ready to sew.
Work and study are getting in the way of pretty much everything else at the moment, but I'm hoping to have a day off soon. Tonight will be shift number five of nine. Then I get one day off before the next run begins. I've promised myself I will have some days off soon. (Note that is a plural, as in more than one). 
Today I need to get domestic, then I might sew for a while.