Saturday 23 February 2013

One for baby

Not the best of images, I'm sorry. I tried several times to get a good picture of this one, but they all seem to end up wishy washy. This pretty blanket is for my Grandbaby, who is due in June.
I've already started a colourful ripple, it's in another post here somewhere.
DSCF4063 by TonysMRs
I haven't done any sewing, except to sew in the woolly ends of rows! I've been enjoying my crochet too much. 
Mums doing ok, bumbling along. She is looking tired and has had some time off work. I'm really not sure if she should or will be going back in next week. She plans to, but we'll see about that! 
Break time over, I'm off to make her a little lunch then I'm sure I can find something to do later.

Lou xx
DSCF4063, a photo by TonysMRs on Flickr.

Whats with Blogger?

I really don't need this!  I pop in to make a quick post, only to find that Blogger won't upload my images from the puter. I have to send them somewhere else first. Huff Puff! Then, I find I've managed to send two images to two blog posts! I don't have time to figure out what I did wrong, so will just manage with what I have. What you see here is my latest creation. A lovely super multi coloured ripple blanket. I t has quite a long way to go. I plan to keep this one for me. A great snuggle blanket for on the sofa.
DSCF4065 by TonysMRs
The other frustrating thing about posting via Flickr is that I can't use my signature either!! Think I may have to set my husband on this and see if he can figure it out for me. Right I'm off to the second image, to blather about that for a while. 

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Still can't upload images?

 Whats going on with Blogger? I am still unable to upload images directly from my lap top. I had to send this one to Flickr in order to share it here. Anyway, that aside, this is what I did on Monday while I was at the hospital with mum. Doesn't look like much at the moment I know, but it will be a baby cardigan.
DSCF4062 by TonysMRs
This Monday was much easier for me.  Going to the hospital with mum seems to be the answer. As well as my crochet, I also took along a pile of foody magazines and we looked at the recipes, making the other patients drool and marking any we thought I might try out. We'll be taking a cake with us next week! I decided.
Time for work.