Friday 30 April 2010

It feels like an age.

Since I managed to make a post or just sit and read blogs. You know how it is though, life, work and all manner of other things getting in the way, not to mention that when I do get a few moments to myself, I get to feeling blah!
I was all geared up to go today, got all that you see here planned and laid out, and now it doesn't look right.
I feel that it is too bland and needs more colour, more flower blocks. I am planning to use a coloured thread to add some quilted flowers to some of the plain blocks, but I still think I need more colour first. What do you think? Help!
I'm off to make some bags while I think about this and hopefully get some ideas from you ladies.
Take care...

Wednesday 21 April 2010

Feeling Blah!

I really do have a case of the Blahs today. I just can't seem to settle to anything. I tried fiddling with these for a while, but that was boring.
That was after I had moved these......
From here to there.
I have a whole day off and I've wasted half of it trying to decide what to do with myself!
Maybe if I put a movie on and curl up here............
Just maybe the afternoon will be more settled.
I'm off to look for a movie.
I hope your day is more productive than mine.

Monday 19 April 2010

This and That.

I've got an easy week ahead. With days off on Tuesday and Friday, two late shifts and my office day. That means lots of time at home, for sewing. :-)
Today I haven't done a great deal I must admit. I surfed around the news websits looking for updates on the ash cloud. You don't need me to point them out for you, there are reports everywhere. I was wondering how long a special birthday card would take to reach NZ and how long it would take my pin wheel block to reach Amy in USA. The only planes leaving or arriving on the island are low flying planes with props rather than jet engines, so no mail plane!! I got to wondering how others were getting on, 1000's of people are stranded as British and European airspace is affected. There are reports of the ash falling to earth, infact we have had a very light dusting, I noticed it on the sky/roof lights on Saturday morning. Of course everyone in Iceland must be wondering whats going on under their feet and how long it's going to last. Already here we have started to notice the effects, as well as a lack of mail, there is also a shortage of imported fruit and veg, I'm sure there are other effects too.
So while I was surfing looking for news, up popped outlook with the reminder I set for myself. It's that time of the month when I tasked myself with working for an hour or two on the denim quilt. I'm really not in the mood for sewing circles together, so I cut some scraps of batting and found a charm pack of batiks.....
Here's where I'm up to. Some of the corners are not playing as nicely as I would like, I'm hoping that fiddling as I sew will help out there. Unless any of you have suggestions?
That's all my news and thoughts for today, I'm off to get some lunch, then to pin a few more squares before I head into work.

Thursday 15 April 2010

I sewed!!

Look evidence of sewing. As you know I've been a part of the first two rounds of the Pot Holder Pass. One of our number had a loss recently and as a way of showing our support, Amy, our wonderful leader organised some of us to make pinwheel blocks, which she will make into a quilt and gift to our friend. Here's my offering.
I just need to sign it and get it into the mail.
I really enjoyed the hour I spent fiddling about in my scraps box and putting this together. So now I'm off to sew roses for my DD. I think I'll do that until it's time to go to work. AGAIN!
Take care.

Wednesday 14 April 2010

Still no rest!

I think I must have been very bad at some time in a previous life! I was called into work again on Monday! I wasn't there all day, but it totally threw me and spoiled my day. I couldn't settle to my sewing once I got home, I even tried to cross stitch, but ended up vegging on the sofa.
Yesterday no sewing was done either, but that was for totally different reasons. DD Kay and her boyfriend Richard are moving into their first home together, I went to see the place and help out a little. Between them they have most of the things they'll need, but I did buy them a new kettle and a vase for the flowers I'd bought!
I may get to sit at the sewing machine for an hour this morning before I head for the bus. I'm working from Onchan today, and it will be a short day, I'm owed a few hours of Time Off In Lieu!
Almost as if to make up for the non existent break, I received a new toy on Monday. A very shiny new laptop. So shiny in fact I had to be careful where I stood to take this photo! (I'm still in my PJ's) With a 19 inch monitor, this thing is huge.
There are red bits, and shiny bits and LEDs. LOL for the technically minded, here's the spec......
My old laptop, was 5 years old and had been reformatted a few times, and even though we put windows 7 onto it, was starting to drag it's heels a bit. This one is super fast and I'm still exploring to see what exactly it can do.......
I'm off to play until it's time to catch the bus.

Monday 12 April 2010

A very busy week.

There hasn't been a great amount of sewing happening here this week. Too much of the other stuff got in the way. Work was horrendous, with two managers off. That left me in charge, and people dropping like flies with all manner of illness. Thank goodness for the administrator and the Head of operations, those two ladies were great support. Of course as well as doing some managerial tasks, I also had to carry out my own work, and throw a toothache into the mix, well I had a horrible week. The tooth ache is just about gone. I had a broken tooth pulled out on Wednesday, there is some bruising and the gum still feels a little tender, but Oh, so much better than it was.
I did get a little sewing done, before all that kicked off though. Here we have my latest rendition of French Roses with round four all pinned and ready to sew.
With a bunch of out cuts ready to become round five, I think they will be the final round of petals.
I'm on my long weekend off work, it's supposed to be four days of uninterrupted rest, but my colleague who was on call yesterday was kicked by a horse, so I ended up on call and trying to cover her on call shifts this week. I wish I could switch my phone off. Today I would like to sew, keep your fingers crossed for me.
Have a great day.

Wednesday 7 April 2010


You know I have an obsession for all things Figgy right?
Fig Tree Quilts, Fresh Cottons fat quarter collection.
Yummy! Too nice to open, I don't want to take them out of the packaging yet, the colours might spoil.

Thursday 1 April 2010

New Start, on an Old Favourite.

I do hope my DD realises how lucky she is! I'm parting with some of my favourite Figgy Fabrics all in the interests of keeping her warm! This is a beautiful Mill House Inn layer cake preparing to become yet another version of French Roses.
Here's round one all ready to be sewn. I'm varying the pattern a little this time and making a bigger quilt. The two I have done already are throw size, just nice for snuggling under on the sofa, this one will be much bigger and not all the blocks will have roses. I've separated out the darker fabrics for the lower rounds of petals. I'm hoping to get a bunch of them sewn today before going to work.
These pictures really don't do the fabrics the justice they deserve. The problem with living up where I do is that the sunlight reflects off the white buildings across the road and causes an awful glare in the room where I sew. The back room is no better as the sun just shines right in there so often my pictures look very washed out.
My eye was caught by this bundle of off cuts from the first round of roses, so pretty, it seemed a shame to throw it away, but the pieces are so tiny, I really wouldn't use them.
I've been having a think about the butterfly Fling blocks. I have another Jelly Roll of the same fabric and think I may make up a second, different set of blocks, then mix and match the two to make a pair of quilts. Any suggestions about what would look nice with the current blocks? (Last post, more poor quality photography.)
Did I tell you I ordered more Figgy goodness? The Fresh Cottons Fat Quarter Collection is on it's way to me. :-)
Winter returned with a vengeance yesterday. The north of Britain was warned to expect more of the white stuff, but we thought we would be safe from it here on our island. WRONG! My bus got snowed in on my way to the office yesterday! An RTA ahead and people trying to turn around blocked the road and blizzards caused the whole east of the island to stop for a few hours! Fortunately there were only a few of us on the bus and we were rescued by 4WD vehicles behind us as they were able to move about. Our bus was going nowhere and we were freezing. Today as my wishy washy photography suggests, we are back to blue skies, beaming sunshine and some very sorry and battered looking spring flowers.
I'm off to sew. Take care.