Tuesday 30 June 2009

The lid off the tea caddy!

Is just the right size for denim circles.
One pair of jeans makes approximately 36 circles.
I still have a lot of cutting to do.
At least I've made a start. I have a feeling this quilt may be with me for quite some time. That's a good thing, Hunney keeps on asking me to slow down. I thought all the BOMs would slow me a little, but I still manage to finish other projects in between blocks. My next big project has lots of stitchery and applique, so maybe that will slow me down a little too. We'll see.
This morning, before work, while it was still cool, I attached the three finished labels to some previous quilts. The French Roses label is in the basket along with the binding and backing fabrics, just waiting for that to be done. I ordered the wadding for it and on the website it said about 5 - 7 days for delivery, but this morning I received an email saying it would be up to 7 days before they even mail it. I know from experience that these people take their time and it could be the end of next week before I see any Dream Green.
I'm off to cut more denim.
1) Salad for tea again.
2) A lazy morning at work.
3) My little fan.

Monday 29 June 2009

Top Complete.

I've finished the top for French Roses, I can't go on to complete the quilt today as I don't have batting for it. I do have enough, but it's a mixture of Dream Green and Warm and Natural. Best not to mix those two!! I'll be getting a piece of Dream Green for this one I think, I do like that stuff.
Janice asked for a closer look at the raw edges of the applique. I know there are a couple of ways to do raw edge work, I just followed the instructions provided with the kit. A simple cut shape stitched on with a slightly smaller stitch.
The back is cut away to reduce bulk, (especially where there are a few layers) and the next layer is then added. The idea is that once this has been washed and loved the edges will soften and become fluffy. That process has already started in places.
It's hard to see in the pictures I took but I substituted some of the back ground squares just for a bit of variety. I didn't quite get the look I was hoping for, but never mind. I plan to quilt this very simply, well I like simple. I'll criss cross through the roses and possibly get adventurous and zig zag the borders!
This evening I plan to sit and stitch the label, yes it's prepped and sat in my sewing basket with a few others which I prepped last night. I'll get this bundle done, then get on with another quilt, time I think to toss that coin and get on with the denim. I bought more denim yesterday while I was out. I also found this in the same charity shop.
It was on a cord with a rusty old clasp, I cut the cord off and plan to get a new one sometime next week. It's not real Ivory, I think it would have cost more than £0.50 if it were, but very pretty all the same.
Right, I'm off to shop for batting, then I'll curl up and stitch a couple of labels before dinner.
1) A cool breeze through the window.
2) Labels are quick and easy.
3) Salad for dinner.

Sunday 28 June 2009

I have a new neighbour.

I was up before the lark today! I woke at 03.30 all hot and bothered and I couldn't get back to sleep, even after I had sat up to throw off the covers and cool off. I gave up and got up at 04.30. So I've had a very long and productive day. I stitched and attached the label for the 'Penny Lemonade' quilt I finished recently. I'll be prepping a few more labels this evening. I think I'll get a sense of achievement if I crack on a do a few more at least.
I spent the bulk of the day sat at my sewing table and got loads done, so a real sense of achievement there too. I tied off the threads for the leaves on my French Roses, then completed the first round of petals. I have the second round of petals sewn on, I just need to tie off the threads and cut the backs out.
They are raw edge applique and have two more petal layers to go before I sew the blocks together.
While I was sat at my table in the window I glanced up when I heard a birdie commotion outside. Across the street a gull was defending this youngster from a big crow. It would seem that i have a new neighbour.
There was a gull chick on my roof last year, but this year we seem to have escaped, that was awful, they are very noisy, but are not considered to be a pest so we couldn't do anything about it.
I'm off to sew, take care.
1) Hunney took me out for tea.
2) Making labels.
3) A little fan by my sewing machine.

Friday 26 June 2009

Yay! A late shift.

I finally have a late shift. I don't think I'll be doing much sewing though as I have not touched my homework. I plan to at least complete the reading which was set, maybe once I do that I'll let myself play.
I'm kind of in between projects at the moment anyway, I finished closing the binding on penny Lemonade last night, look, here is all that is left of a jelly roll after two quilts and two grocery bags, pretty good huh?
Actually, I've used the check and the stripe fabric pieces to make a label, I didn't attach the label yet, but I did make it.
As soon as I was finished with the binding I washed the quilt and hung it to dry, this morning it is done and on my sewing chair. (No this is not my sewing chair.) Although it's not huge, it will be lovely to wrap up in while I do my cross stitch. That's if I ever get back to my cross stitch.
I was thinking last night about making another smaller quilt or two, something to hang on the wall, perhaps something autumnal to swap out the butterflies later in the year. I was also shopping! I've been to Fat Quarter Shop, where I spent a LOT of money, a fat quarter each of the entire Patisserie collection as well as some yards. A sale item fell into my basket too! Ooops! I have plans for all of it. I'll show and tell more when the fabrics arrive, about three weeks according to Kimberly's estimate. My pile of denim is still begging to be cut, but I really am struggling to find the right size template. As for the Shabby French Roses, well, maybe if I get my homework done, they will get a turn today, before I go into work.
Right, enough dreaming, I had better get on and do some reading. That will be easier while it is cooler. Take care.
1) Another finish.
2) Beautiful fabrics and designs.
3) Ice trays in the freezer!

Thursday 25 June 2009

These Summer Evenings.......

are very conducive to getting quilts made. I'm enjoying being able to sit at my table in the window and have lots of natural light, I was still working away with no house lights at gone 11pm last night, though I admit it was a bit dim when I was digging a new scrap of thread out of the drawer. I've been getting up a half hour earlier in the mornings too. I got loads done today before I had to leave for work.
I've polished off two shades of blue, some pink and some green so far. I decided that it would be ok to use up bits and pieces of thread in this latest little creation. For the quilting I have selected threads that will blend, a shade of pink for the back and blue for the front. I like the way Marit quilted her 'Wonky Owls' and plan to do something similar, it looks effective but easy.

I believe there may be enough of the Jelly slices left to make a small label. I must admit, I'm usually very lax about labels and have only ever put about three on, something I must try to remedy. So, 'Penny Lemonade' is all layered up with a filling of Dream Green and is pinned awaiting a go in the sewing machine, maybe this evening, after I have given it a good clean, it's been a while since I took the bottom off and defluffed! Could I go from start to finish in 3 evenings and one morning?
I was given yet more denim today for my planned quilt and the colleague who passed it to me asked for a look see, I really need to stop procrastinating and get on with it. I'm fiddling about with various round items at the moment trying to decide which one to use as a template for the denim. Do I want large apertures or small? Will that make it heavier, lighter, easier? Do I want to use batting? Maybe I should just toss a coin a few times, let chance make the decisions and get on with it.
I'm off to clean then play with my sewing machine.
1) Almost finished already!
2) Light summer evenings.
3) Light summer mornings too.

Wednesday 24 June 2009

What did I say I was going to do?

Well last night I surfed my way into the Moda Bake Shop, I'd heard of it, seen it mentioned, but I had never actually been there. Well it just got my creative juices flowing and before I knew what was happening I was starting a scrappy quilt and Hunney is saying ''What now?It's bedtime''. So, here's the result of last nights impatience. I want to add more blue at top and bottom, then a pieced coloured border and a final blue border, before binding it with leftovers.
Technically this one is made from left overs, remember this? There may even be enough of the jelly slices left to add a splash of colour to the back. It should end up at a crib size, but I think I'll just throw it over the back of my sewing chair to brighten that up a little. It's worth mentioning here that I didn't actually use a pattern provided by the bake shop, but I was inspired by them.
I'm off to find somewhere cool to sit.
1) It will cool off soon.
2) A quick and easy tea.
3) Inspiration.

Tuesday 23 June 2009

When you're only short.......

If you're anything like me your foot struggles to reach the pedal on your sewing machine. I've been on the lookout for a while for something, anything that would mean I didn't have to sit right on the edge of my seat. This is a riser, an aide we used to use at work, but is now defunct, we are no longer allowed to use it.
When I spied it on the way to the bin I claimed it, the boss man looked at me like I was mad when I said what I wanted it for, but hey, it was going to the bin so why not? This little rise makes my life so much easier. :-)
There has to be a pretty picture too. I just completed this little wall hanging for one of my nieces, the stitched area is a Pat Sloan freebie which I linked to previously. (Last week I think)
I did the stitches in two variegated threads and I even dated it, well Pat had dated her design!
That's it for these little pretties for a while. Though I do still have to make up the needle case with the Cinderberry freebie design. (Link in last post) I have promised to make up some more shopping bags for a colleague, she has an old cross stitched birthday card which she would like me to incorporate somewhere, she did suggest on a pocket. I also want to get on with my denim quilt and French Roses has a go at making me feel guilty now and again.
Did I mention that my first issue of my subscription to Australian Patchwork and Quilting has arrived, I love it, I've read it about six times! I got back on to the supplier and asked her if she would be good enough to add Homespun to my subscription too, which she has done. Neither one has a time limit, I can quit or swap to a different magazine when ever I like. Cool. Lots and lots of new inspiration.
Work is a mess of early shifts all week so I'll be back when I can. Take care.
1) The temp and humidity have dropped. Today was a melter.
2) Chinese take away for tea, it was too hot to cook.
3) Reusable rubbish!

Sunday 21 June 2009

It's a bit pink.

I'll get to the pink in a moment, first here's a peep at the little stitchery I'm going to make into a needle case. It's a freebie from Cinderberry, which includes instructions for making a pretty little needle / stitching case.
I stitched this same design for Janice using dark blue thread and blue fabrics. Here it is stitched using a variegated thread called 'New Arrival', it's a hand dye and it's produced here.
So, onto the pink stuff.
I had hinted that I may or may not use the bunch of pink 1.5 inch squares I had cut, and last night I decided on the simple option, by adding a very quick and easy border to this little image for my niece Lauren. You'll notice, I stuck with the PINK theme though.
I've made a pieced back for it! LOL Two pieces of pink scrap I had in my box. All I need now is the hardware and I have a gift for her birthday. Typical though, today the hangers arrived for my butterfly quilt, but not the hangers I need for the girls gifties. Huff! I'm sure she won't mind a little wait, just so long as she gets the important bit. And I can't hang my quilt yet as I have yet to find time to go out and hunt down a suitable dowel/pole for the butterflies.
I can get on a finish her sisters late birthday gift though as the thread I need for that arrived today, hopefully I'll get it stitched tonight and finished tomorrow before going in to work. That would be cool, but with a house full this evening it may be asking a little too much.
That's all, I'm off to play.
1) A Full House.
2) The kids washed up the dishes.
3) After Hunney helped to cook the dinner.
4) I'm spoiled rotten!

Saturday 20 June 2009

Did I ever show you where I work?

I think by now you know I work for a charitable organisation called Leonard Cheshire Disability. I have two roles within the company and work in two different places.
My office role is based in Onchan and here you see the new computer drop in centre. We're looking to get some new desks which are more accessible for wheel chair users, but so far so good, all that you see here was donated by local businesses.
I won't show you the area where I actually work, it's grotty! LOL
My other role, that of support worker, takes place here in Ramsey, I don't have many photos and they were all taken out side, but you can see what a beautiful area the building is in.
This beautiful patio area runs the whole length of the building and the service users all have access to it through their back doors.
In the spring months all those willows are what causes my hay fever, they are beautiful though, in the summer we sometimes have BBQs and often sit out in the sun, it is a very sheltered garden and even a breezy day is nice.
Although we are close to town you really wouldn't know it as we rarely hear traffic and are often visited by wildlife. This guy is a regular.
I've had very little time for sewing these last couple of days, but I plan to remedy that this evening. I had a day out with DS1 Johnny yesterday, I made the most of him, he'll be going back to join the fishing boat in Scotland soon. It's my weekend at work, and it looks like work is going to continue to get in the way for a while, so I'll have to snatch family and sewing time where ever I can for at least a week.
Janice and her husband are home and I had a lovely email from her today, perfect timing, I was just thinking about her this morning and wondering if they had recovered from their long flight. It was good to hear from her and I know I keep on saying it, but I'll say it again, I loved meeting with them and enjoyed our time together.
My sewing machine is calling to me, I'm off to play a little with the 'Butterfly on my Heart' block I started the other day.
1) The kids washed up after dinner.
2) A day out with Johnny.
3) PS2.

Friday 19 June 2009

Another butterfly and a spot of knitting

I put this little applique together on Tuesday, and also managed to cut a bunch of 1.5 inch squares to border it all from scraps. I got stuck at that point, I may change my plans a little, I'll give it a day or two to talk to me. I think though it will be a lovely PINK gift for my niece.I had so much fun in my scraps box, I started to dream of making scrappy quilts. A very appealing idea, which I managed to resist, but look out for something soon.
Today I've done a little knitting, here you see the first full repeat of the cable for the lil jacket I'm making.

It's an interesting cable, but I'm struggling to find it interesting enough to keep this one going. Maybe if I try to concentrate on it for a while I'll get it finished soon and get back to knitting for Joe or Kay.
Yesterday I had another of those long days, up at 5am to be off to the airport and away to my training day in Warrington. I've come home with another half a tree of paper to read and more homework. So I made a small start today.
1) Sunny Days.
2) Pretty fabrics.
3) Scrap boxes.

Tuesday 16 June 2009

Planning Ahead.

I finished them. I looked for buttons to pop onto the corner stones in the local shop, but saw nothing that would work, so the quilting in the ditch will suffice. To be honest, looking at it today I feel that it doesn't need them anyway, the red corner stones are only 1 inch square and I would lose them behind buttons.Here you see it blue tacked to the door, this is not it's final resting place, once I get a real hanger it will go on the stairs. Have a close up look at those yummy little cherries. Those threads are from the quilting, they are all gone now.*
I have a day off work today, great huh? Only just back to work after 5 days of annual leave and I have a day off already, I told you I was easing back gently! I plan to read through my homework for my course and print it off ready for my monthly trip to Warrington tomorrow, then my time is my own.


I think I'll print out any outstanding BOM pages and prep those for printing, I also plan to find something to stitch for two of my nieces. One has her bedroom decorated with Kokeshi doll fabrics and wall paper, the other is mad about pink. Hmm, maybe I can use one of the On My Heart blocks. They would lend themselves very nicely to being Pinked! I also have Pat Sloans China Delight all prepped and ready to stitch for their mum.



1) More days off.

2) Sunshine.

3) Lots of pretty patterns to choose from.

Monday 15 June 2009

They're flying.

I'm still working away on my butterflies, and boy is this project flying. I settled on a quilt near the ditch and I'm about half way done with that, just a few more butterflies to do then it's on to the border.
I'm not following the shape of the butterflies, just going around the squares. I still like the idea of the buttons in the corner stones so I'll pop out later and see whats on offer in the local shop. I have red fabric for the binding, which I hope to get on today.
I really would like to revisit this pattern someday and do it in a different colourway.
I had a little time to spare yesterday before going to work, so I prepped another little stitchery project, this one is for a pressie. I couldn't start yet though as I couldn't find an embroidery thread in just the colour I want, so it was a look about on the WWW and hopefully some will arrive tomorrow. I should be able to show a picture of it soon. Since I went private, I know who is looking in and who isn't! LOL
Is it just me, or is blogger playing silly beggars? I've been reading blogs this morning and actually have time to comment, but I can't. Well, I can write the comment, type in the silly word thingy and then I get a message from blogger saying, ''Not available''. Did I leave a comment and I just can't see it, or did I not leave a comment?
Well if I can't leave comments, I'm of to fly some more.
1) Green thread in my stash.
2) Hunneys home today.
3) No chores to do.

Sunday 14 June 2009


You know, when I realised I already had a copy of the pattern for this quilt, (See previous posts) I had this dream that Janice and I would make it up at the same time, she on her side of the world, and me on mine. Janice making it in her colours and me in mine. I got so carried away with my plans that my fingers itched to get started and here I am, almost finished before Janice has even left the island! LOL Some stitching buddy I am!
The rate I'm going I'll have it done before she gets home.
The butterfly bodies are fused on and secured with blanket stitch, and this morning I've added the sashing and cornerstones leaving only a cream border to be added. I think I'll back this with more of that green fabric, it has tiny red cherries all over it and I thought it went well with all the red fabrics. I'm not sure how to quilt it, I may just buy a bunch of buttons and tie it with those at the corner stones. What do you think?
This one will hang on my wall, but I thought it would also make a beautiful crib quilt.
That's it for today, I'm off to add that border before I go to work.
1) Sometimes being dizzy is a good thing.
2) A quick stitch.
3) Easing back to work gently with late shifts.

Friday 12 June 2009

One Final Wonderful Day.

Janice and her husband arranged to collect Joe and I from home and take us out yesterday, before they arrived I had time to get my little basket of red bits looking like this. Now can you tell what it is?
I mentioned that I had bought two copies of the Butterfly pattern I gave to Janice, well, I just had to get mine out and have a play. It's a fairly small project and I'm enjoying working on it, in fact I plan to do another in different colours, or maybe just blue. You know I love blue. (A word of warning, I bought one pattern from an on line store and another off ebay, I'm fairly sure the ebay copy is a rip off, although beautifully packaged in plastic wrap, it was entirely different to the one I found in the on line store and inside the pages have been poorly copied with the ends of words missing from the edge of the page. Grumble, grumble, ebay rip off, grumble grumble, honest traders bad name, grumble, grumble.) Hopefully today I'll get to sit and applique the bodies onto the blocks then it's on with cutting the sashing.
Our day out with Janice and Mick was lovely, we went through to Douglas and visited the Manx Museum. I've been several times and even Janice and Mick had been in before, but wanted to look some more. I set Joe loose with the camera.
Here's just a taste of what impressed him.
After the museum we had a very nice lunch in a local pub. Every where we looked there were TV screens showing TT images, there were bikers all around us and the sound of bikes out on the prom. I wish I had taken a picture of Joe with his BBQ Ribs. They were gone in no time. For dessert we wandered along the prom to get locally made ice cream. Yummy.
After lunch I guided Mick to Maughold where we stopped to look at carved stone crosses. They were carved here on the island from the 6th century onward. (Look Here) The crosses have been gathered together and put into a shelter in the church yard.

I had to get a picture of this pretty window at the end of the shelter.Joe and I had a wonderful day, I hope Janice and Mick did too. That was our last meeting, we said our goodbyes and swapped snail mail addresses and agreed to meet again in a couple of years. It was a nice experience to meet someone through blogging and I don't think I could have asked to meet a nicer couple. When I booked the week off work I really didn't envisage spending so much time with them, but I'm glad I did.


Well that's all my news, time I got on with some laundry and some sewing.



1) Friendly Bloggers.

2) Sunny days out.

3) A holiday at home.

Thursday 11 June 2009

A Lazy Day

Yesterday Joe and I had a lazy, lazy day. Except for a quick trip out to the shop to get more milk, we stayed home all day. He played games on the PS2 and I did a little of my homework for my course and a little sewing.
My basket of red bits has changed a little.

This is how it looks this morning. Can you tell what it is yet?
Hunney and I got two letters from the bank yesterday, one confirming that we have an overdraft and will incur no charges following what that %&*%&$£ did to us. The second confirms that they are investigating a possible fraud incident and we should know the outcome sometime next week. If it is confirmed as fraud, our bank account will be restored to it's previous state, next week!
Today we are off out with Janice and Mike again. We'll have lunch and a few hours in Douglas. I'm looking forward to it, I've really enjoyed their company and it's been nice to meet the real person who writes the blog.
That's all she wrote!
1) Another Sunny Day
2) New Friends.
3) A Lazy Day.