Wednesday 31 October 2012

Missing, but still in action.

Sorry I've not been around. Life is a bitch and got in the way. This may continue for some time...
I'm fine, I promise, just lots and lots on my plate right now. 
I am finding time to crochet though.  ;-)

Thursday 18 October 2012

We're off.

Tony and I are off on our travels again. Just a long weekend this time. I can't go empty handed though, you know me, I have to take something crafty along. I know I dragged the blue monster all over Europe earlier this year, but I decided that this beauty is too big to go with me. With so many different colours I'd have half a case of yarn.
So I've  prepared a new smaller project to take along. I had a poke about in my stash of yarn leftovers and came up with these neutrals, quite different to my other project.
I've even made a start.... :-)
 And it all fits very nicely into a much smaller bag. Which I can't resist showing off. Isn't it great? I brought this home from NZ last time we were there.
Tony raised an eyebrow. He pointed out that I don't really do small and wondered if I was going to be satisfied with such a small project?
See you in a few days. 

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Still busy......

I'm still here, but also still terribly busy. I'm doing lots of this....
 But making time for this
Some SSCS stuff

 And some more of this.
Must dash. xx