Saturday 30 May 2009

The Peace has been shattered.

Today is officially the first day of the TT Festival. The peace of our little island is gone, over the last week more and more motor cycles have been arriving here on the island as well as countless camper vans and touring vans. Huge vans carrying mobile workshops and little vans held together with bodge it tape and a prayer. The participants of the races ride machines in similar states, from those with official sponsors and flashy paint jobs to the little privateer outfits, sponsored by a mate and ridden with love. Any one who knows anything about motor cycle racing has heard of the Isle of Man TT. If you want to know more......Look Here.
The other kind of Peace, is complete. I am now up to date on Gail Pans BOM Christmas Wishes. I've put all the parts away in a box for now and will get back to them later this year. In the mean time I'll continue to collect the parts as Gail publishes them.
So, that done I pulled out another project box. Cheryl's Verandah Views. I had already completed the first part, 'Under the Willow' .
I had 'Bath time' all prepped ready to go and once I had completed that this morning, I traced and prepped the next three parts. 'The Buffet, Bed and Breakfast and Fowl Play'. Like Christmas Wishes, the next part is due to be released very soon, but I'll save it and just complete these three for now.
If you hadn't guessed I'm really enjoying stitching these little projects.
Today, like yesterday we have scorching sun shine here on the island, good for motor cycle racing! Good for me too. I've been walking instead of rowing around my sitting room, but as usual I forgot to take my camera. Maybe I'll remember to take it with me later.
1) Sun shine.
2) Hunney and I have days off together.
3) All the chores are done.

Friday 29 May 2009


Yesterday was a wild day at work, I was in just before 8.00 as always and things plodded along much as they usually do, until 08.30 and then it started, I barely saw my colleague for the rest of my shift, we didn't even get a chance for a break. Phew, what a day, I was so glad it was my short shift and I was supposed to finish at 2pm, note I say supposed, I was still there at 2.30, but was sat in the office in an impromptu meeting, which turned out quite beneficial. Did I mention we didn't even get a lunch break? I finally got a sandwich at 3pm.
I'm working a late shift today, so I don't start until 3pm, which means I'll hopefully get time in the office to do some much needed paperwork. It tends to be much quieter on the late shifts.
So yesterday I did very little on the needles front, I did allow myself a little time after I had done some of my homework. Peace is on the way, I should be finished with this one just in time for Gail to release the next block.
Homework? Remember that course I went on last week? It was part one of 6? Well I think I mentioned that I brought home half a tree to read. I spent what was left of my afternoon and the evening reading through all that paper and completing the exercises. Now I have to write a short essay. Some of the folks on the course were a little alarmed at that, but a 300 - 500 word essay is no problem. I used to write thousands of words for university, so 300- 500 is nothing. Though I may have problems squeezing it all in! LOL I'll be on that red eye flight again in two and a half weeks! I'll hand in my home work, discuss my findings, do the next tutor module and receive another tree and more homework! All this is going to make me a better manager. So they say.
The knitting is coming along, I've completed the back panel, doesn't it look long and thin? It's curled under at the edges a little but still looks long. The front is in two panels and that's the first of them there just getting going. There is a pretty cable loop in the front panels, that will be nice to knit up after the fairly straight and boring back.

I may snatch a few moments later to do something with the needles, but as usual there is stuff I must do first, like a trip to the post office. The laundry is already going around and around! It's not walking weather so I'll be paddling around the sitting room on the rowing machine. I hope I can find a good documentary to watch. I find it helps if I can loose myself in something good on the TV, a documentary or a movie, if I get engrossed in that I'm less likely to get fed up and bored with the rowing and I stay on longer and do more. Exciting movies with fast paced action and music make me row faster, quiet gentler movies keep me plodding along at a slower more sustainable pace, but always so long as it engages me, I'm there working away, burning calories and toning up.


Time then to finish my cup of tea and get on with my day.


1) Automatic washing machines.

2) A hot Cuppa

3) A morning off.

Wednesday 27 May 2009

Well Hopefully.......

Fingers and toes and legs and everything crossed, I just went private!
If I did it right, you got an email from me inviting you to read my blog. I sent invites to everyone on my reading list and a few people who are followers. I have to admit, there are one or two people who I just couldn't get an address for, hopefully in time if they wish to be included Ill find a way to reach them.
Some of you may wonder why you received an invite, well, if I read your blog, it's only fair you should be able to see me. I may not comment very often, or at all in some cases, but I'm there, lurking.....
Please enjoy my blog and thank you for visiting.
Continuing with the theme of HOPE, here's more Hope. I completed the next part of the Christmas Wishes BOM. Peace is now in the hoop and on the way.
I had forgotten that I have a Doctors appointment today, so I have the morning off from my office job and because its a girly appointment, I may take the afternoon off too, it depends on how I feel afterwards.
Because neither of us had to be at work early today I actually got to say hello to my Hunney this morning. That was nice. We had tea together before he went off to start work at 10am. I've had a peaceful morning finishing Hope and now I'm off for a soak in the tub.
1) Morning tea with Hunney.
2) Time to relax.
3) Another small finish.

Tuesday 26 May 2009

In Case You're Wondering.

I haven't forgotten about going private, I plan to do it maybe tomorrow or the day after, I'll see what time I have. Thank you for all your requests to be included. There is only one person who I don't have an address for. Sew Wilde, you are a no reply blogger and I have no way to contact you.
I noticed a few bloggers are sharing their work spaces at the moment and decided that as I don't have much to show stitchy wise I would join in. My cross stitch corner has been removed from the study, I really can't settle up there and, well I haven't done any cross stitch for a while, I need to find a way to include it again. Here is my chair and table squished into a corner of the dining room. Right by the window though, so lots of natural light. Perfect.
Do an about face and you see my chest, this houses all of my fabrics and there are any manner of bits and pieces in the top drawer, threads, buttons, ribbons and trims. The top as you see has my tool mug, with pens, pencils and cutters etc, there is also the home network router and the phones. The plastic jars are money boxes, the green one holds over £100 when filled up with change.

Like my sewing table, the chest gets used as a dumping ground, by pretty much everyone. Today my table is not too bad, but I will have to tidy it up a bit, that grey fabric is a pair of trousers belonging to someone at work, I said I would shorten them this morning. Under them is my collection of denim, for the circle quilt. My lovely silver machine. The red box is a tool box, it has threads, needles, scissors all kinds of stuff inside, same as the top drawer really! Hidden by the pile of denim is a pile of work stuff which needs to go to the office, Joes ear phones and the book I keep for my regular flights to attend meetings and training at regional office.

On the floor under the table you see the red box which holds all of my scraps. It's nearly full and the little brown basket beside it holds my collection of batiks. And of course I have the best seat in the house, right in a bay window, shame the only thing I can see is rooftops.
I have managed to get a little stitching done. Here's Joy from the Christmas Wishes BOM. I just got started on Hope, well it's in the hoop, that's a start.
I've got quite a lot to do today, the first load of laundry is done, another one is going around and around as I type. I need to fix those trousers, get everything ready for the office tomorrow. I may give the rowing machine a miss as I actually did two walks yesterday, one with a service user at work and another later on with Hunney.
I'd better whizz around with a duster and tidy the sitting room too. I really like my late shifts, I get loads done.
1) Quick little stitchery projects.
2) Warm sunny days.
3) A late shift.

Monday 25 May 2009

Must dash.

It's been a busy weekend, I feel like I didn't get much done on the needles front, but when I got the camera out this morning, I realised I was wrong.
I finished Merry and started Joy yesterday morning. I can still remember how to do French knots, but I really need to practice my Lazy Daisy's.

It was my weekend to work, so very little was done on Saturday, but I managed to get all of this done yesterday morning, before Hunney suggested going out for a while.
We took a drive out to Peel. Where we had lunch and a stroll along the prom with an ice cream before only just getting me to work on time, we cut it so close Hunney had to come home after he had dropped me off to collect my hairbrush and a bobble and bring them back to work!
On Friday I went out to get the grocery shopping and as I went in through the door of the Co-op I caught a waft of a wonderful scent and just had to buy the flowers which go with it. I love Stocks and just couldn't resist.

I had a wonderful phone call last night, Janice is here on the island and we're going to meet up next week. Unfortunately my crazy work schedule means we can't get together before then. I'm glad she will be here for 3 weeks. We have agreed to meet on my office day, so I can show her where the Craft shop is in Onchan and that day gives me more flexibility so we may get lunch in too.
Speaking of work, that's where I'm off to in just a few moments. I just had to grab time to post this morning, I'm so excited about meeting Janice.
1) New Friends.
2) Sunny Days with Hunney
3) Quick Stitches.

Friday 22 May 2009

Making Plans.

For a while now I've been looking for a way to use up my collection of Batik scraps. Many of which were sent to me by some of my readers. I also have a collection of fat quarters and end of bolt pieces. I have finally decided that I'm going to combine two dreams. For a long time I've wanted to make a denim circle quilt, I also looked at using the batiks to make a Cathedral Window quilt. Why don't I combine the two? Perfect! A Cathedral Window style quilt, with batik windows. I may call it Cathedral to denim.
So, now I'm collecting old denim. I have friends, colleagues and family on the lookout. I also have to find time to make a start.
My 'Merry' Stitching has moved on a little, but not so much that it warrants a picture.
The knitting has grown a bit, I'm over half way up the back of the jacket and still have a little more of that 2x2 rib to go. Problem is I was chatting to the intended recipient the other day and she admitted that she would never put brown onto her boy. Hmm, what now? Do any of you have a little one who would appreciate a cosy knitted jacket? I may do a little give away once this is finished.
Two people have said they would use the stabiliser, I'm not going to cut it in half so I'll get Hunney to pick one, she'll get the stabiliser and the other one will get a fat quarter. Watch out for an email girls.
My day on Wednesday was very long, up at 04.45 and not home again until after 9pm. It was good though, the course is interesting, and the lady who runs it is very good. I met some new people and also reconnected with faces I had met before. I came home with a whole trees worth of paper and a pile of homework. I have just under four weeks to get through everything before I go back for the second session. There are supposed to be seven sessions in all, but because of peoples holidays and other prior commitments we agreed that we would do only six sessions and make the last two slightly longer. Fine, no problem. There are 5-6 lots of assessment homework, rather than an exam at the end, but right at the end I have to do a five minute presentation explaining how I have changed some process in my work place for the better.
I have another day off today, with nothing much planned, I may hop on the bus and go to Douglas, the capital town of the island. The only problem with all of this exercise, is that I am constantly changing shape and two members of my anatomy object when the clothes don't fit any more. So it's off to M&S for a fitting and hopefully two new smaller bras!
1) New challenges
2) A day off.
3) Sunshine.

Wednesday 20 May 2009

The Red Eye Flight.

Just a quick post today. I'm up early as I have to catch the early flight. I'm off to our regional office for some training. It's going to be a long day as I don't fly home again until almost 8pm.
I had my lazy day yesterday, I spent more time and money than intended while I was out, the weather was nice so I walked around for a while and did a little shopping, the nice kind, not the grocery kind. Once I was home I did hop onto the rowing machine, then I relaxed on the sofa with my Christmas Wishes and my knitting, choosing to do a little of both. Knowing I was up at 5am today I had an early night.
I've had a couple of requests for invites from people with No Reply accounts. I'd send an invite if I could. Please check your details and send me an alternative if you can.
Here's my Hunney Taxi driver, time to go. Have a good day.
No Gratitude's, it's too early.

Tuesday 19 May 2009

A day off.

Apart from the ever present laundry basket and a trip to the post office I have nothing planned for today. I really need to get onto the rowing machine and put in some serious effort, I've been lazy this last week and need to get back into the swing of things.
I did some knitting last night, not much, just a few rows. I was exhausted and fell asleep after just that little bit so Hunney chased me off to bed.
Something at work (I think the willow trees, there are loads of them and they are showering everything with seeds at the moment.) is giving me hay fever, my face gets all blotchy and my eyes and ears itch like mad, if I don't shower as soon as I get home I itch all over!! I think it's contributing to the tiredness too. I'll add a visit to the pharmacy to my list of things to do today.
Christmas wishes didn't grow much either. I got two more letters stitched this morning while I was catching up with the rest of blog land. and in fact I finished the Y while I was waiting for this picture to up load. I'm still not the tidiest stitcher in the world, but I'm getting better so long as I don't rush.
I may just keep on going with these today and have a slowish day.
Did I tell you I'd found some new BOMs? I'm not going to commit to stitching them in the very near future, I am saving them, they are so pretty.
Jenny at Elefantz is giving away Shabby Roses. Which are not shabby at all, but quite beautiful in fact.
Vicky at Tozz's Corner is giving away On My Heart. Another beautiful set of designs.
I hope to stitch both some time in the future.
I think it's wonderful that there are so many people in the world who are generous enough to give away their designs and share their wonderful talents with us. Thank you ladies.
To everyone who asked to be included on the mailing list mentioned previously, you were there any way, but thank you. ((Hugs))
1) A day off
2) Generous designers.
3) 158 days to NZ

Going Private.

I've been meaning to mention this stuff for a while now. Does anybody use this stuff? Do you want it? Leave me a comment and it's yours. Well subject to numbers! If more than one person wants it I'll have to get Hunney to pick a number or something.
I bought it to use with all the BOM projects, they are mostly stitchery and I like to use a backing, but I really don't like this stuff and after stitching just one piece I went back to using good old interfacing. Yep, light weight dress makers interfacing. I find it much nicer. So there you have it, a ten meter roll which was hardly touched, I'll mail world wide.
Phew! Now I got that off my chest at last, it's on with the good stuff.
I did this little bit of the Christmas Wishes BOM this morning before work, I sat reading blogs and sipping my morning tea, while I stitched away. I have read on other blogs how the blogger gets up extra early so she can sew before the rest of the day starts, I'm not sure I want to go that far, but as I had time today and my fingers were itching, that's what I did. I could be all caught up in no time.


For personal reasons, in the very near future I'll be making my blog readable by invitation only. Those of you who have given your names as followers of my blog will all receive and invite, as will those listed in my reading lists. Any one who doesn't comment very often may get missed off the list, as would any lurkers. If you really want an invitation, please let me know either by commenting or by email ASAP and I will allow contact. Because I know that some people only look in once or twice a week I won't close the blog for at least 10 days. That should give people chance to let me know if they especially want an invite.


Back to some good stuff. I've been knitting away at the little sweater and I'm rather pleased with progress, the back as you see has a giant rib. This Merino wool is lovely to knit with, it's sooooo soft.

It came to me as I said in a bag of failed knitting projects and along with two complete balls there were and still are several partial balls of yarn. What you see here has used three of those partial balls. I see lots of yarn tails to secure when it comes to finishing this one!
There's nothing happening at the sewing machine this week.Though I do have a day off tomorrow, apart from a quick scoot to the post office I have nothing planned, so just maybe, I'll have the urge to play there.
1) Lots of friendly comments.
2) The heavens opened AFTER I was home!
3) A quick and easy dinner tonight.

Saturday 16 May 2009

I made a start.

I got stuck in yesterday and made great progress, (As is usual, my pictures are backwards) After my paddle around the sitting room and a bite to eat I sat down to cast on and make a start on the little knitted jacket, I think I did quiet well before having to down needles to go to work.
Here is the back with the rib completed and the beginnings of the pattern set in. I wasn't really looking forward to doing this one, I thought it would take an age, the 3 1/4 mm needles feel so tiny after working on 6 mm for Joes sweater and 9 mm for my own cardigan! It knitted up quickly though and the pattern on the back is an easy one, so maybe I'll have another quick finish.
Before my paddle around the sitting room I played about with the Christmas Wishes BOM. I already had the current patterns printed and ready to go, I dug out my Christmas fabrics and got cutting.
Now I have parts 2, 3, 4 and 5 all ready to stitch. I also have all the fabric ready for the remaining parts, I won't sew them together until after I have traced the designs though as I like to use interfacing on the back of my stitcheries.
So I have plenty to do, and may just have a lazy time of it today rather than rowing around the sitting room, to be honest I'm shattered, we didn't stop at work today, I was so sure I could see myself just ahead and around the corners! It's my girls night in tonight, but I'm really not feeling up to it at the moment, maybe if I just sit and knit for a while I'll be ready for it later.
1) Girl friends.
2) Got my shoes off!!
3) Time to rest.

Thursday 14 May 2009

And for my next trick.

The weather today has turned to yuck! Gone is the beautiful sunshine of the weekend.
It was nice to ease back into work with a day at the office yesterday followed by a late shift today. That means of course that I have time to play this morning, though after the few days I just had I also need to spend a lot of time with the rowing machine!
So whats in store? A colleague of mine was having a turf out and thought I might like some of her knitting failures. There were one or two items which went straight into the charity shop, complete with needles, pattern the lot! Others no longer had a pattern and, well I just unravelled them and put the yarn into the charity bag. There is still a bag full to sort out, I'll do that another day.
This one caught my eye though. I'll make this one up, I happen to know of a young man who just might like this, his mum will too!
The pattern was in the bag along with the Merino, and yesterday I popped up to the crafty shop in my lunch hour and grabbed that ball of Funky Fur for a collar.
That ball there, bottom right hand side!
I've also pulled one of the BOM projects back out. I choose Christmas Wishes because, well just because.
I plan today to make up all the published blocks, then I can stitch then at my leisure. I'll need to dig out some green Christmas fabric though. I'm sure I have some.
Thanks to Chookyblue and her post asking if we use a quarter inch foot, I finally got around to buying one, I've been eyeballing my seams up to now! So I'll have a play with that while I put my blocks together this morning. Do you have a quarter inch foot? Do you use it?
I'm blogging my way through valuable sewing time, besides the washing machine has finished, til next time......
1) Time to play.
2) Generous friends.
3) Time spent with Hunney.

Wednesday 13 May 2009

Back to work.

The boys sweater is done. I have to say, it looks a little small. I thought that already and re measured him, got the same results.
He'll have to try it on. But that will have to wait a day or two, he is with his dad at the moment.
Back to work for me today. Sigh.
1) My sweet Hunney
2) Beautiful weather.
3) 164 Days to NZ

Tuesday 12 May 2009

A Really Good Day.

Yesterday was a great day. Hunney and I had a lazy start before the short drive through to Douglas, the capital town of the island. My court time was 11.40. My Ex did his best to disrupt proceedings, but the judge was having none of that. It took the judge less than 5 minutes to declare the final order. I'm officially divorced and my ex stormed out!
After that Hunney and I headed into town. I had some things to get rid of. A few weeks ago when digging about looking for something else, I found some jewellery which my ex had bought me, I really didn't know what to do with it. Then a couple of days ago I had a bright idea. So yesterday we took it to a jeweller who confirmed my suspicions and didn't purchase all of it. He suggested that the left overs go to a charity shop, which they did. The few items he did buy, paid for a celebratory lunch for Hunney and I. We had a delicious meal at an Italian restaurant.
Then we sauntered along the street in the sunshine. I treated myself to some new blouses and enjoyed the sun. Neither of us wanted any dinner last night, but we continued the celebration with a glass of wine.
Today it seems that the celebration will continue. I have an appointment this morning, but I also have a lunch date with a girl friend and a coffee date with another girl friend this afternoon. LOL So no time for sewing today. The celebrations look set to continue, as I have a girls night in on Friday, though knowing our gang, as I do, it will probably turn into a girls night out!
So, there you have it, after over nine years I'm finally divorced. How does it feel? Well no different to be honest, in my mind I haven't been married to my ex since the day I left him, though I must admit it's a relief to finally make it official.
No pictures today, but I'm sure you could paint your own after reading that!
2) A free lunch
3) The Good days.

Monday 11 May 2009

A life post.

Well I did precisely no sewing yesterday! I had forgotten that the F1GP was on, and when I realised, I parked myself in front of the TV to watch. I finished the first sleeve of Joes sweater and made great in roads on the second! And it was a fantastic race. Way to go Jensen!!
I've had this photo in store to show you for some time, but he keeps getting over looked. My DD bought me this grass hopper last year, I think he is meant to be a door stop, he's pretty heavy. Is it just me or does he look drunk? LOL
What ever, he's cute, thanks Kay.
Hunney and I had a night out last night. I was adamant I wasn't going to cook, nor was I going to settle for take a way. We went to a Chinese banquet and then off down the quay side to a couple of pubs. To start with I had to practically drag the man, but as the evening went on he relaxed and enjoyed himself. He was especially pleased to bump into a friend and made a new one in the shape of another ex naval man.
Today is the day I said I had plans for. Hunney has the day off work so we're off out, after I have been to court that is! Finally after nine years and countless starts and stops I hope to be fully rid of my ex! Not some weird Manx law, just a long drawn out process. Seven years ago, when we first got together I assured Hunney that because I had been separated for two years, my divorce was just a formality! My ex had other ideas!
I remember hearing phrases such as Life begins at forty, or it's been a good year, and wondering what they could mean, surely a year is just a year, it has it's ups and downs? Forty is just a number, an age we reach and pass. Surely it's the middle of life, not the beginning? Now as I approach forty, I finally understand. These last few years my life has gotten better and better, I'm in a good place just now, yeah, I had to go through some s**t to get here, but this is a good year, yes it's had it's downs and there may be more, but the ups are huge, and there will be more of them. For me life is beginning, my children are growing up, my youngest will be fourteen and is becoming a confident and independent young man. I have a social life, a career and plans for the way ahead and a good man beside me every step of the way.
1) Early morning peace and quiet.
2) A good time with my Hunney
3) Good days.

Sunday 10 May 2009

Another good day.

Yesterday was a success. I not only did the grocery shopping and a pile of laundry, where does it all come from? I also made and completed the binding for the Winter Whirls quilt. DS Joe likes it so much he claimed it for his bed.
Which is fine of course. It looks good. Well we think so anyway. I just need to make a label for it. Don't hold your breath.
Any sewing time today will be devoted to my Shabby French Roses.
Which did get a bit further than this, but I don't seem to have a photo for some reason.
I sat last night and knitted my way a little farther up the sleeve of Joes jumper and that is calling to me today, so I may do some of that rather than sewing, I'll see where the day takes me.
At some point I'll have to think about ironing some shirts for Hunney too.
I've already been on the rowing machine and done todays quota, so the day is mine.
1) A sunny day.
2) A finish.
3) Which Joe loves.

Saturday 9 May 2009

I quilted, AGAIN!!

Although I didn't achieve everything I mentioned in my list yesterday, I did get most of it done, and I quilted, again. Do you remember Joes Dragon Flames?
Well, they have been reborn as icicles. Totally unimpressed with my efforts at whirling snowflakes I was wondering what to do when I remembered Joes flames.
As I was sewing merrily away, altogether much happier, I thought perhaps I should be using an icy cold blue thread, but never mind, I have icicles. Today I plan to make a pieced binding from the left over Navy blues and get that on. Then this evening I get to do a coziness test on the pop bottles as I close it up.
This is the first of my four days off work, because I did chores yesterday and Thursday, I don't have lots left to do. Today is the ever present laundry, scoot to the post office and grab the groceries, and a quick paddle on the rowing machine. Once that is done my time is my own.
I'm sure Joe will want to bake a cake or some cookies or something, so I'll keep an ear on him while I play at the sewing table.
OK, so I'm off to read some blogs while I wait for the washing machine.
1) Days off.
2) Nobody else is up yet.
3) 168 days.

Friday 8 May 2009

Slowing down a bit today.

Well I ran around like a fly in a bottle yesterday and got loads done,
I dusted and vacuumed the whole lower floor, upstairs can wait!!
I Stripped off and remade my bed. I did two loads of laundry, the ironing can wait!
I rowed around the sitting room and ran down the street.
I even had time to do a little knitting before going to work. I finished the back of Joes sweater and cast on a sleeve. Phew!
While I was knitting I was plotting todays course of action.
Read blogs and leave comments!! All too often lately I've not had time to read more than a couple of your blogs, and no time to comment, especially if I want to read more!
I also want to get a binding made and possibly onto the Winter Pinwheels Quilt, after the addition of some simple snow flake quilting.
Thanks to Rose Marie, I've decided that I'll leave that wide white border alone, no applique.
It struck me while I was thinking about that quilt, you haven't seen the back, I mentioned that it is pieced from some left overs. Here's DD Kay modelling it for me.
Cute isn't she? LOL I also forgot to tell you, I used the Dream Green wadding in this. The one made from recycled pop bottles. It is wonderfully soft and very easy to quilt, even in my little machine, it scrunched up beautifully and popped out the other side no bother. Like warm and natural, it has plenty of 'grab' I used loads of pins, but didn't bother basting. I would definitely use it again. Well you know me, I love to reuse and recycle.
After all my humming and hawing, the fan quilt made it onto the bed yesterday! I'm going to sleep under it, not sit and look at it all night! I decided to stop being such a wuss and get on with it. I still didn't make a label though, do I change the name or leave it as 'I'm No Fan of This One'? Or words of that effect. As I took this picture this morning I had to admit to myself that, it looks good and I am proud of it.

This is what came off the bed. Hunney bought this for me about 5-6 years ago. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and had to have it.

It's not really showing it's true colours in this photo, it is darker and much richer in real life. It's quite a heavy quilt, the fabrics are velvet and brocades, upholstery weight rather than light cottons. It is a lovely quilt for winter though and I love it.
So, whats in store for me today? Lots of reading and commenting.
A little practice at quilting snowflakes, and if I'm happy with them, some real quilting of snowflakes.
More laundry, but no ironing.
Piecing of some navy blue binding, and if there is still time, I'll attach it too.
A paddle around the sitting room, though I may shorten that today.
A few rows of knitting before going to work.
Thank you to everyone who sent me soup recipes and suggestions, I have them all safely saved and will try them out, though some will have to wait for the right season if I'm going to use local produce.
1) Yummy recipes.
2) Inspiration.
3) Automatic Washing Machines.