Tuesday 16 February 2021

Still Alive

Hi All, yes I'm still here, sadly my sewjo isn't!
 Tony and I have been busy with out garden and green house, I've had lots and lots of work and in my down time I've been reading.
Tony has a new job, back to working Monday - Friday, with a communications company. All heavy duty business level IT and communications stuff. And he is loving it. It is very similar to where he started out, all those years ago when he joined the Royal New Zealand Navy.
Happy Man.
Oh! And he gets to come home for lunch.
Happy Wife.
My work has seen me covering lots of late shifts, so I'm home nearly all day, not starting until 3pm. As many of you will remember I used to do shifts like that when I lived on the Isle of Man, and I used to achieve lots before going in to work. I am still achieving lots, it's just not craft related at this time..
The bounty from our garden and green house is keeping me busy.
I haven't tried any new preserving recipes this year. This very bright jar is Bread and Butter pickles, made with a yellow courgette and red onion.
In the pan below is good old tomato relish.
There has been more that one batch!
And while I type, there is a huge pan of possums pickles bubbling away on the stove.
I had an early shift on Valentines day. To make it fun for our residents we all went to work in our PJs and served up a cooked breakfast. That was fun. When I got home at 2pm I found these lovelies waiting for me.
After encouraging everyone to join me in making something for Christmas each month this year, I'm ashamed to say that I didn't even start Januarys piece yet!!
I hope you are all doing better than me.
Hopefully the sew jo will return soon.
I'm off to stir my cauldron of pickles.