Monday 22 September 2014

Holiday weekend.

Here in NZ we have a public holiday today. (Monday), well some of us do.
It is South Canterbury day, and as we live in South Canterbury, today is a holiday.
Which means just another day for me, but my Hunney gets to have a day off work.
Good thing really, he has flu.
He is not one to moan and complain, he really doesn't do the whole getting ill thing.
So when he says he doesn't feel well and thinks he has a temperature, I sit up and listen.
Get well soon my love.
So while he had a lazy day on the sofa yesterday, I got on and sewed!
It's all secret stuff, so I can't show you much, but I can let you have little peeps.
I used these fabrics.
 Do you like my light box? There are three different yellow flowers out there.
The only one I recognise is Forsythia!
There is also another Rhododendron, a white one this time.
 What ever I'm sewing, will have this sewn on somwhere.
 A quick selfie, to prove I really was in my play room.
And to show of my new specs.
What do you think?
 By the time I served up roast beef dinner all the piecing and hand stitching was completed.
Now I just have to layer and quilt it.
Then it's on to the next secret project.
And onto something that is not so secret.
Sleepy has grown somewhat.
I have reached the farthest right side of the pattern.
She really is a joy to stitch and I found it a difficult choice yesterday, knowing I have to get on with secret Christmas stuff, but itching to stitch on Sleepy.
Maybe if I do a small Christmas item today, I'll have time to stitch on sleepy later.
Sounds like a good plan.
I'm meeting a friend for my walk today, that will be nice. Occasionally Tony joins me, but usually I walk alone.
I also have laundry and baking to do.
Have you heard of 'Nut Roll Tins'?
I never had, until two weeks ago.
I'll take pictures. :-)

Sunday 14 September 2014

Secret stuff.

I applied to join in with a certain Christmas swap again this year, after 2 years off. Part of the application process was to let the organisers know who I have previously swapped with.
That was fun, going back through my old blog posts and finding them.
Of course the ornaments I have received are pulled out of their protective wrapping and added to the tree every Christmas! Pincushions are in constant use as are bags and beautifully covered folders. Many items in my sewing room, kitchen and around my home are the result of swaps. There are so many I have forgotten which swap! So it was good to go back and see where much loved items have come from.
It was also a good exercise to look back and see what I have gifted in previous swaps.
Sometimes I feel that my efforts are perhaps not quite as good as I would like them to be, but they are always gratefully received.
I love being a part of this worldwide crafting community, it has made a huge world, a much smaller and very friendly place.
So, all of that said, I spent a couple of hours this morning sewing away at secret stuff. I don't know who my partner will be, but I do know that there are certain items I must include in my package, so making a start on those is a good idea.
As I can't show secret stuff here, I'll post and updated picture of Sleepy instead. 
It was terribly exciting the other day to be finished with those blues and be able to change colour groups. :-)
All of the dots/holes will be filled later with beads. 
Did I mention that there are lots of beads in this design?
I think I'll spend the afternoon with sleepy.
Sounds like a plan?

Friday 12 September 2014

I sewed!

But only a little.
The other day I sat here, with this lovely view and played with my recent Kiwiana fabric purchase.
The black birds and starlings kept me company, hopping about patrolling the lawn.
I must get back to that project, it should be a quick finish, but this beautiful weather we're having is getting me out and about enjoying the sunshine.
 I had to take photos as evidence for those back on the Isle of Man.
Look! 38 degrees yesterday afternoon!
Today is shaping up to be a good one too. 9.30 am and it was over 21 degrees outside.
I'm off to work a late shift today, so won't be spending much time out enjoying the sun.

Sunday 7 September 2014

A busy and productive Sunday.

 Today has been a great day. Warm and sunny. Tony and I spent a few hours doing jobs around the house and Tony got on with a couple of repair jobs for me, while I mowed the lawns. 
Something I haven't done for may years.
It wasn't all work though, I put new padding and a new cover onto Mums bedroom stool.
It looks much better now.
I'm not the greatest at upholstering and those corners really looked odd, so I sat out in the sun to tidy them up a little with a needle and thread.
How's this for a work space?
I think we need to invest in some more outdoor furniture. 
For those of you in the Northern hemisphere, here is a look at early spring temperatures here in NZ.
3rd of September is about the same time of year as 3rd of March.
Hot enough to toast me nicely. I didn't take the thermometer out there today, but it's about the same.
I'm sure I'm going to enjoy living in NZ.
I've been stitching away on Sleepy, she has changed a little, but will save her portrait for another day.
As well as work out in the garden I had a good tidy up in my work room and actually sat at my sewing machine to repair a swim bag. Our little niece will be happy. 
And I pulled out a couple of quilting magazines looking for inspiration.
 Dinner is on the rotisserie in the BBQ.
With a lovely fresh salad.
So time now for us to relax.
Shall I stitch or sun bathe?

Wednesday 3 September 2014

It's not all about Cross stitch!

Yes Diane, I did bake a cake. A stewed apple cake.
Here is how it looked at 9 o'clock this morning
 And by 10! I think someone had some for breakfast!
It's even smaller now, he gave a piece away!
(Only to make his friend jealous, cause his mum doesn't bake). 
 So I made more.
White chocolate and cranberry muffins.
Hmm, I'm sure I made 18 of those.
It's good that they enjoy my baking. 

Monday 1 September 2014

I got bored!

What was I bored with?
The bells of course.
I know it is only a small project and I'm over the halfway mark, but I got bored with them.
 So, what could be more interesting than the bells?
Well something huge of course.
Here you see the result of 3 days work on the design I showed in my last post.
Mirabilia's Sleeping Beauty.
I have to say I am enjoying stitching her. 
I should have plenty of time to spend with her this week as it is my short week at work.
In other news, Tony and I spent ages in the garden yesterday and had a good tidy up. 
We did tell the landlady that we're not gardeners but agreed to do our best to keep things tidy.
I'll try to get out there with the camera soon, everything is coming back to life. :-)
We've been getting out and about looking at properties and also consulted a mortgage broker. 
We're not in a hurry, but we are looking to buy our own place. 
I need to do some baking today, before I can play.
I'm not sure what to make though, so I'm off to browse my books.
Hope you had a great weekend and have a good day, what ever you have planned.