Wednesday 17 July 2024

A Beautiful Box of Goodies.

 You know I like to keep an eye on the local trading pages on Facebook. I often see great deals and giveaways but miss out because I see them too late.
The other day I got lucky. The lady was giving away a box full of 'Crafting Bits'. When I asked what she said some calico, some hessian and some trims.
Yes please said I.
Look at the lovely box, it's so full the lid won't close.
Under the lid.
There were some pretty broderie trims.
More trims and bias tape.
Look at these pretty roses.
Sadly it's only a small piece.
Next out was two big pieces of calico and another mystery fabric.
A good size piece of polyester batting.
And also some iron on pellon.
Some stabiliser for backing stitchery and embroidery pieces.
And finally in the bottom of the box about 2 meters of hessian!
I hadn't realised there was quite that much. I have a plan for a small amount of it.
More about that when/if we use it for the wedding table dressings.
And just look at the box.
Isn't it beautiful?
Not just on the outside, the inside is pretty too.
The lady told me she had a few Trelise Cooper boxes, they like to use pretty boxes when they mail out your purchases.
All the goodies have been put away and the beautiful box has become a project box.
It's right at home with all of my other lovely boxes.
Yes, I have done some sewing and some crochet, I'll tell you about that another day.
I also have some great recipes to share.

Friday 12 July 2024

Remember that squirrel?

It's now a completed top. 
It looks much prettier in real life.
We are having dark winter days here and getting good photos is not easy.
So anyway about this quilt top.
It was a 20 piece layer cake that I found in spotlight, the outer green border was on the shelf right next to it. The red border came from my stash.
No cutting or fancy blocks required, I just put the squares together after a quick shuffle on the design floor, consulted with my pals Chooky and Janice on the borders and Voila!
This pretty will be going to an ex colleague who will be having her first baby very soon.
So I need to find backing fabric and get it on to the frame. 
In other news I have made a start on my Scrub Stitchin' bag. Yesterday before going in to work an extra shift I completed all of the applique and stitching on the front. Hopefully today I can make more progress.
I'm also progressing nicely on my latest scrappy crochet project.
And that is all of my news.  
Now I'm off to find a new recipe.
Something sweet. For me. 

Sunday 7 July 2024

New Recipe....

 It's a carnivore recipe but very tasty.

Last night we were invited to a friends place for a pot luck tea.  Our friend knows that Tony is on his carnivore diet and was happy for us to bring along something for him to eat but also let everyone else have a taste.
We opted for the Carnivore Bacon Cheeseburger Pie.
This is not my photo, we forgot to get images and the small amount that came home with us may taste good but it no longer looks pretty. LOL
So I took an image from the website where I found the recipe. 
This was a very tasty dish and something that we would both do again. Our hostess and the other guests all had a taste and I saw people going back for a little more. By omitting the sprinkle of chopped chives or parsley this one is a strict Carnivore meal.
Charmaine's birthday lunch today.
Roast chicken, boiled potatoes and veg with yummy gravy, followed by Chocolate Birthday Cake (I cheated and bought one) and ice cream.
Grandad gets dry chicken. LOL

Saturday 6 July 2024

Progress....And another squirrel.

After setting off with a hiss and a roar on the first day of the month, I have slowed down a lot!
I've managed to have a look at my Friendship bag pattern and even pulled out vliesofix paper ready to trace the applique elements. But that is as far as that got.
While I was hunting for the pattern I found a wee layer cake and a squirrel was born....
More about that soon.
I did complete the crochet ripple blanket, and have even taken it to work.
It's not the prettiest but it will keep someone warm.
I've since begun another scrappy crochet project.
So that will satisfy the 'work on a scrappy project' goal for the month and also keep up my 15 mins of hand work per day.
Now, about that squirrel....
After writing the last blog post on Tuesday I went in to my room to have a play and wait for the rest of the world to wake up and get moving. I pulled out a 20 slice layer cake that I had purchased from Spotlight earlier this year. I got busy sewing it together. Nothing fancy I simply laid out the fabric pieces in a 4x5 layout and started sewing. Then following consultation with Chooky we agreed on this red for the inner border, but I wasn't sold on the grey the Chooky liked so I went off out to do my chores in town.
Once I got home Janice and I had a good catch up chat and a consultation, we agreed that the green fabric should be the outer border.
And that is as far as that particular project has gotten. It's still lying on the floor of my room awaiting my attention.
I've made a few more of my Windswept blocks, it's exciting to see the little pile of four patches that make the centers of the blocks growing smaller and smaller. 
On a very exciting note we have booked our flights to Sydney for next years Scrub Stitchin' retreat. 
Now I'll need to work out my make it or fake it gift and figure out when to make it.
Plenty of time for that I hope. 
Time to go and put a pot luck meal together, we're off out for tea at a friends place. 

Tuesday 2 July 2024

New month, new challenge, same old goals.

And sew we are now in July!
Time for a new Chookshed challenge. This month Deanna has drawn number one.
For me that means I must make a start on and hopefully complete the beautiful friendship bag we were gifted at Scrub Stitchin' last year.  Yes I know many of the ladies ensured that they were all working on this at the same time. Not me.
I pulled the kit out of it's hiding place yesterday but didn't get to do any more than that as I had an extra shift at work. Today hopefully I will be able to at least have a read of the instructions and maybe even make a start.
While we are here, let's take a look at my other goals for this month.
Yesterday morning while I was waiting for Deanna to draw out this months number I got myself busy and have already completed my two RSC Kiwi for this month.
I still have that unfinished Christmas ornament to cross stitch.
Maybe this month......?
I plan to continue with my early morning sewing and making Windswept blocks before work.
I also hope to continue with my 15 minutes of hand work each day. That could be working on the Friendship bag, my cross stitch or my crochet.
If I really am pushed for time or too tired to think it will probably end up being my crochet.
My crochet will also fit in to the work on a scrappy project goal as I am using up all manner of bits and pieces in this one.
And my final goal.
Try a new recipe.
So there you have it my goals for the month of July.
Now I'm off to complete some chores, then I'll play in my room while I wait for the shops to open. I need to go find a birthday gift for Miss Charmaine, who will be 8 on Friday.