Tuesday 23 April 2024

Crumbs again.

Do you recall the crumbs I was playing with last month?
I came across an idea on facebook yesterday and was inspired to have another play with them today. 
This is the results so far.
It is not at all like the idea I found on facebook except that it is crumbs. LOL
Somewhere between inspiration and execution the stars I had seen became these blocks.
Going forward I see a very scrappy sash between the blocks and a less busy border.
Well thats's the plan, but we all know how plans can change right?
While I was busy with all of that, Miss Belle was basking in the sun.
Oh for the life of a spoiled rotten cat!
I'm on leave for the rest of the week, so hopefully I'll have a finished top to show off in a day or two. 

Sunday 21 April 2024

My weekend offerings.

I've been to work both days this weekend. Yes, that means I missed out on the Zoom session. I did join briefly during my break, I only stayed long enough to say Hi. 
Before work my little mini kits came in very handy and I made up a few of my scrappy triangles.
These first three are Saturday mornings.
And this next image shows Sundays offerings, two for the morning and three for the evening while I wait for the chicken to roast.
I had a little play and began to lay them out on the floor.
I do like this layout, so this may be how they end up. We shall see.
I have a whole bunch more mini kits to sew and I have printed more foundation papers. I had thought to stop at lap size. LOL Maybe there will be two quilts? Or one much larger quilt. I'm enjoying the journey so will keep on sewing. 
I have some days off now. I'm not sure what I will be doing.
I'll keep you posted.
I hope you had a good weekend.

Friday 19 April 2024

Three days off

My three days off are nearly over. They have been good though.
Day one, Wednesday I spent enough time in my room to complete a pair of Scrappy triangle blocks.
(Hmm, but for some reason I didn't get a photo).
 Then I got on and completed lots of chores before spending the afternoon with my cross stitch.
On Thursday I spent some time preparing more kits ready for my 15 minutes in the mornings before work.
I also had a good tidy up of the drawer that contains the smaller scraps I'm using for these blocks. It was an awful mess, hopefully next time I'm making up kits I will find it a little easier to source the fabric sizes I need. 
Then I spent the afternoon stitching again.
Today, Friday I again spent time in my happy room, this time sewing together some of those mini kits I've been making up.
It was nice to be able to just pull everything out of the bag and start sewing.
These two were very quick and easy to put together.
This block was challenging to prepare for. All those tiny little pieces.
But the two completed blocks look sew cute.
And once I'm done here I'll be picking up my cross stitch again.
I have the first ornament almost complete. Hopefully I will finish it before Tony gets home looking for food. 

Monday 15 April 2024

I did it!

 My plan worked. This morning before heading out of the door to go to work I spent a little more than 15 minutes in my room. I pulled out one of the scrappy triangle kits and made up a block.
I'm delighted to have it done and hopefully I can do the same again tomorrow.
I need to take the time on my days off to prepare a few more mini kits.
It would be great if I can keep this going.
After work I got changed right away and went back out of the door for a ride on my new to me bicycle.
This model is called Apollo, but I just call her Polly.
And best of all, she is blue.
Tony found her on a local trade page. She has been very well looked after by one previous lady owner.
We picked her up yesterday morning before the grandies arrived. 
I may be able to jump around doing aerobics for an hour and I often go out walking for miles and miles and still feel fine, but I am not cycle fit! I was out of puff in no time. I think this will be good for me. 
Right, I'm off to play with EPP diamonds. 

Saturday 13 April 2024


As you know I have swapped shifts at work. This has been my first week of 7am starts after three years of starting work at 3pm. It's been a bit of a struggle I have to say. Not the getting up and being lively in the early hours, I was doing that anyway, no the struggle is when I get home, I have very little left in the tank and need most of that for chores and food prep. I thought I might get in to my room before work each day, but with no active projects calling out for attention, that didn't happen. I have managed to do some mindless tasks in the evenings. I spent quite a bit of time preparing more 3/4 inch hexies.
And covering them with pretty batiks.
I need to have a tidy up in the batik drawer to see if there are anymore smaller pieces that could be used up here. I still didn't decide what to do with these pieces yet but I'm sure inspiration will strike one day, meanwhile I'll keep adding to the tin.
While I'm on the topic of EPP, I did also manage to get another row of blocks added to my spots and stripes project.
My pile of premade blocks is getting low so I need to join a few more diamonds. I've also pulled some papers from the middle of this section so I could get more cut and prepared too.  
All of the above makes for good evening jobs if only I could motivate myself to do a little more. 
Finally I have my days off. Yay! A whole weekend. I have left a note on the roster that I am not available for call in so hopefully I can get on and do something creative.
This morning started with a quick zoom with Chooky and some of the Scrub Stitchers. As you can imagine there is lots going on and lots to see as Janice and Chooky went around the room looking at all the different projects. 
And it inspired me, I wanted to sew along with them. 
I pulled out my scrappy triangles project. I started these back in 2022, and dabbled a little more with them last year. Somehow I have ended up with three different sized blocks. Today I sorted them out and after a little trimming I have a bundle all the same size, (And a few smaller blocks, I'll use them somewhere).
It felt good to be playing with these again.
I printed some more paper foundations and measured twice to make sure they were the correct size. LOL
Then prepared my fabric pieces and sat down to sew.
Tada!  Two more blocks for the collection.
Then a brainwave struck. Why not cut and prepare blocks in to mini kits, all ready for 15 minutes in the  mornings? Or even for after work?
So that is what I did, each of these wee bags has precut fabrics for two more blocks. That's six in total. Hopefully that will keep me going until my next couple of days off.
While it is not a scrappy kit to take along to club, they are still scrappy kits, so I'll count them as one of my monthly goals.
I plan to spend this afternoon cross stitching on one of the two ornaments I'm supposed to be making this month. I feel like I'm under pressure and may not finish!
Tomorrow morning we are heading about an hour up the road to collect a new toy for me.
No, not a sewing toy.
A push bike.
It might be nice to ride too and from work instead of taking the car every day.
That's the thinking.......
I'm not sure what I'll do when we get back, maybe prep some more scrappy triangles?
Maybe sit and do some EPP.
I should do some cross stitch tomorrow, to try and catch up to my own ambitions. LOL
I'll keep you posted.
What ever I do, I'll have to stop and put it away when the children arrive. 
I had better have a tidy up and put some projects away before they get here too.
I'm off to sew.