Tuesday 25 September 2018

A quick project.

So on Wednesday after my last blog notes I went into my room and decided it was time for a tidy up.
My box of floral fabrics hadn't diminished by much, as I had only used a few of them for the Carpenters Wheel quilt top, so I decided it was a good idea to use more of them.
All thoughts of tidiness went out the window and I started to play with pretty fabrics.
In no time at all I had made a great start.
 A quick break for lunch with Claire and then I sewed some more.....
By the time Mr H arrived home, I was ready to add the final border.
But I didn't do that, I went to cook dinner instead.
I didn't get back to it until the weekend, when I added the final border.
This pretty and quick to sew little design is a laundry baskets design, called Flower Box.
Now I have two small tops awaiting their turn on the frame.
My box of floral fabrics is still over flowing!

Wednesday 19 September 2018

From the outside.

You've seen a few images now of quilts on the frame in my studio, many of you have commented on the views I have while working.
I thought it might be nice to see things from a different perspective.
This is the big flowering cherry that stands outside my room, and is currently in full flower.
On warm days being under, or even close to this tree, is like being close to bee hives, there are so many of them all you hear is a buzzzzzzzzzzz.
Hmm, time to get the arbourist in to give him a tidy up.
Our property drops away toward the back, so standing in rooms at the back of the house it feels like you have gone up a storey. From the garden you must look up to see in.  Look up from under the cherry tree and you can see my studio window.
 Pop around the corner and you can even see the very end of the quilting frame. It really does only just fit in that room.
 It's a lovely room to work in on a sunny day. I see birds and butterflies and of course, I can even hear the bees if I open the windows.
Sadly there is nothing on the frame at the moment, but I do have another top ready to go....
I just need to find something to back it with.
Maybe that's a job for today.
My big winter crochet project is coming to an end. 
Jiffy's blanket is just about done.
Since I took this photo at the weekend I have stopped working from side to side and started to add rounds to the edge. Then I'll have to save like mad to send it all the way to the Isle of Man. 
I think I'll want to send this one in a tracked mail package and insure it. I know people send handmade quilts and blankets safely all the time, but you do hear stories of the ones that get 'lost' on the way.
Right, my day off work.
I have some chores to do, then it's play time.

Sunday 16 September 2018

Big day yesterday.

I spent the entire day quilting...
But first.
Remember the bunting fabric I showed in my last post?. It didn't have to wait long.
I had fun putting it together. It's all ready to be sent to the Isle of Man.
I want to make more now, maybe a pretty girly version.
I have plenty of rose fabrics left over from my Carpenters Wheel quilt top, perhaps I could use some of those.
Speaking of the carpenters Wheel. I quilted it at last.
Not a very good picture, sorry. I took it last night using the flash.
I spent about 5 hours on Wednesday and 7 hours yesterday doing some custom quilting.
I have worked in only the white areas of the quilt and learned a lot as I was doing it.
Custom quilting creates lots of thread ends to bury!
Pebbles are a great filler but they take a long time and use loads of thread.
They don't all have to be the same size, nor do they need to be perfect circles. And it's perfectly acceptable to go back over a line of stitching in order break out of a corner you quilted yourself into. LOL
Flowers are much faster and easier and they were much more fun.
 I had fun quilting this one and I'm itching to load another top onto the frame so that I can have more fun.
And while I was busy inside, the bees were even busier at the cherry tree outside
Look what is right outside the studio window. 
The final thing I learned yesterday is that installing outdoor speakers takes a lot longer than the men say it will!!
It will be nice to have music while we work in the garden though.

Monday 10 September 2018

A Very Busy Weekend.

In spite of the two social engagements and two late nights over the weekend, not to mention gardening weather, I managed to achieve quite a lot in my crafting room.
You had better grab a cuppa!
First up I layered and pinned my frivol from last week.
 I then set about doing some free motion quilting. Just a bit of a meander with some stars thrown in.
Some are better than others! 
I was struggling to get a nice motion going and my meander is not what I would have liked it to be, but never mind, it's done.
I discovered after I had finished that I had not lowered the feed dogs!!
That might explain a thing or two. LOL
Any ways, here it is with the binding all closed up.
Having enjoyed that, I moved on and started making up some wee zippered pouches.
Claire runs a craft stall and is asking for help to stock it.
Sew, I got busy. 
And made a whole bunch.
While I was busy inside, he was busy outside.
DS Joe bought me this lovely butterfly as a gift some time ago.
 I decided that it would brighten up the boring fence.
Back indoors... 
A larger piece of fabric called for a slight variation. to the plan.
Then all bagged out I was casting about, looking for something else to keep me busy and came across this kit that Claire and Debbie found at a yard sale and purchased for me.
I swapped out the 'green' fabric that was supplied and found a replacement in my stash.
I used my machine to applique the pieces into place.
 I've done very little quilting on it. 
Only the pattern on the flower and the leaves. 
And a little bit in the ditch between the red and grey.
I rather like how it came out.
No I didn't lower the feed dogs, I just put the walking foot on this time! LOL
I have a small collection of poppy pins. Some are British Legion Poppies, some are from the Isle of Man, some NZ RSA and even a few Australian RSA poppies. 
I've pinned them all to the bottom of the quilt.
Then put the whole thing onto a hanger and onto the wall it went.
Huge thank yous to everyone who has supplied me with pretty poppy pins.
Our girls day out on Wednesday was fun.
It's been a while since we did that.
Claire had a bit of a list and managed to get everything on it.
Debbie had no list, but definitely had bags of shopping.
I had one item on my list, and it wasn't pirate bunting.
When I saw this stuff I just knew I had to have it though. LOL
I think Floki might need it for his bedroom.
I also purchased  the red fabric which I used to bind the frivol, some dishcloth yarn, fabric pencils and new roller blades for my cutter.
It was a great day out.
I wonder when the next one will be?

Monday 3 September 2018

A Frivolous Day.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a Frivol is a verb.
Other dictionaries define Frivol as trifling things, little bits, or an idle diversion.
You get the picture?
Today and over the weekend I spent some time frivoling with the contents of a Moda fabrics Frivols tin.
On Saturday I pressed and sorted the fabrics.
Then made the required cuts.
 After some open heart surgery.....
 Naomi Janome was defluffed and ready for action.
On Sunday I made the first round of blocks.
And today after getting the chores done, I got stuck in and sewed lots of frivolous little seams and  finished this wee top.
This little frivol is called faithful.
I just need a shopping trip now, to buy some fabric for binding it.
Good thing we have a girls day out planned for Wednesday.
We're off to the big city.
It feels like an age since we all got together and even longer since we had a day out.
My back is getting better all the time. I'm almost able to bend and stretch as normal.
I'm hoping I have bought the final two hanks of yarn for Jiffys blanket. 
It's exciting to have it almost done. It was a great winter project though and kept me very warm while I was working on it.