Tuesday 23 July 2019

Will I ever learn?

Well, maybe one day, but not just yet.
My sore wrist was slowly improving as you know. I had discovered that I could do a little crochet and that was ok. But you know how it is, when you want to do something, you just do it and crochet is very addictive and hard to put down.......
My wrist got sore again and screamed at me to stop. So I put it away, in another room. Out of sight out of mind, I hoped.
But I'm no good at sitting and doing nothing.
So I thought, I would give knitting a try.....
 I have this lovely grey yarn that I bought, to knit myself a sweater.
You can't really see it, but there is a very subtle variegation in the yarn. It's ever so soft and lovely to knit with. I could do a couple of rows without my wrist complaining.
I got this far before it screamed at me to stop....
So I've put that away too.
But I'm no good at sitting doing nothing.
 So, I've pulled out my cross stitch. It's not so easy to do in the evenings while watching TV. I have to concentrate a little more on what I'm doing.
Wish me luck, because if this doesn't work I'm not sure what I'll do.
I'm not very good at sitting and doing nothing......
Lets end things on a higher and happier note. 
In an effort to cheer me up, Tony bought me these beautiful flowers at the weekend.
Isn't he a love?

Wednesday 10 July 2019

Progress is slow.....

Following on from my single bowl cosy last week, my hand permitted me to make three more on Sunday. Sewing was not an issue, but cutting was! The pressure required of my left hand, to hold the cutting ruler in place was uncomfortable after a few cuts. 
I think though if I am careful I might be able to get back to making up the blocks for my down in the garden quilt. LOL No promises, you know how the mood can change, for no apparent reason. LOL
Once I had given up in my wee room I returned to the sitting room and decided to try a little crochet. I didn't want to push my wrist and thumb, so only worked two very slow rows, but progress was made and I have done a little more each day since. Although I'm taking it very slowly, I am enjoying my crochet again.
 While I was sewing and crocheting on Sunday, Tony was fishing with his dad and brother. They stayed out longer than usual as the fishing was slow, but did eventually come home with a good catch. 
They had their usual haul of Blue cod
 and sea perch or Jock Stewart as the skipper calls them.
Tony caught a tarakihi 
and a species new to him known as a leather jacket.
(All these pictures were taken off the WWW and are not mine!)
That's all my news for today. Later, after a few chores I may crochet, or I may continue with my blue stitchery.
First a trip into town to purchase felt for the back of my stitched owl. 

Sunday 7 July 2019

Home Alone.

Tony has gone off fishing today, with his dad and brother.
It was a very frosty start and the fishermen sent me a photo of the sunrise over the ocean, which was calm and still. A great fishing day.
The house is very quiet and now that the sun is up and the heater is on, it's warming up too. I have one or two chores that need attending to, then I get to play.
Over my days off work this week I finished stitching the cute wee owl I had just started in my last blog post.
Now I just need to finish him. I think I will leave him in the hoop and just add a pretty backing fabric.
While I was pottering in my room looking for the next project I was inspired by a recent finish by Janice and had a go at a bowl cosy.
Now I want to make more. In different sizes.
As I have a head cold and really couldn't be bothered trying to figure out the changes necessary for different sizes I stopped at just one and prepped another stitching project, which I started right away.
I still have the head cold, but have to say I'm feeling much better than I was. My wrist and thumb are also still strapped up, which does tend to get in the way somewhat. 
Sew I'm not sure what I'll be doing today, with my peace and quiet.
I'll let you know.
What will you do with your Sunday?