Tuesday 31 May 2011

They're here.....

Janice and Mick have finally made it to the island. They got in touch on Saturday and were here for a home cooked meal on Sunday.  It's great to see them again, I loved having them here and getting to see 'Olga' in person. :-)
Janice brought me a beautiful home made gift, once again she caught me out! I've had  her gift here since Christmas! LOL But I still hadn't found a little something for Mick. I sorted that on the way to the gym this morning though, so next time they come for a feed.......
Anyway, enough of that. look at the runner Janice made, it's perfect on my dresser.

 Here's a closer look at the beautiful summery colours she used. Yum.

Thank you to everyone for all the comments on my last post. The gym is going well. I pushed myself a little harder this morning and now my legs are telling me about it. LOL The scales say the same old thing, but I have had two favourable comments, so I must be doing something. :-)

Tuesday 24 May 2011


Anybody there?  LOL
Just checking in to say I'm still here, keeping busy, though not much crafty happening.
My one offering is the back of a little knitted cardigan in a pretty variegated yarn. It's for baby Freya of course. The colours are a little washed out here, it's much prettier in real life.
Let me see, what else do I have to report?
I've been away from the island on a three day course for work. I passed my exam and I'm now qualified at level 3 CIEH Health and Safety. Following another short course I'm also allowed to present Disability Equality Training, promoting and advocating equality for people with disabilities.
I'm working away at some e-learning courses set up through work, I can take those at my own pace.
Tony and I have joined a Torture chamber gym!! So we're in there three times a week. The first few sessions were torture, but I'm starting to enjoy it, maybe it will be even more fun once the results become more obvious. We've been told to increase our calorie intake at lunch time. So I've been busy making little pies and cookies for our lunch boxes. And of course I've had to amend our evening meals too, they got a little smaller. LOL
Otherwise, I'm just enjoying relaxing, I've read a few books and watched some movies and done just a little knitting of course.
Take care all. Thanks for stopping to read.