Monday 19 October 2015

I sewed!!

As I mentioned in previous posts, I have been making a little time to work on Sleeping Beauty.
Progress is slow, but satisfying. I think I'm almost at the half way point now. :-)
 Lots and lots of time is spent out in the garden. We have been working hard out there.
Like my cross stitch, it is slow progress, with a looooong way to go.
I have harvested my first crop of broccoli and have more planted, along with loads of other things.
The second veg bed is built and I have half of that planted and more seedlings are coming along.
I've harvested beets grown over winter in the green house and twice have taken lettuce leaves.
There will be more of those tonight.
Back to the sewing.
Saturday was a wet and stormy day.
We don't seem to get many of those, so I made the most of it and spent some time in my play room.
I cut and added the thin inner border to my Christmas Story quilt.
 Next I cut and sewed together the pieced outer border, before fusing the applique pieces into place.
I cheated a little when it came to the medallions, by fussy cutting them from a piece of Christmas fabric.
 I even found time to make a start of the blanket stitch.
Maybe I'll have time to do more of that today.
With the Christmas Story being so close to a finish, I have started to dream about what might be next.
I pulled out a beautiful batik kit that Tony bought for me, lots of tiny pieces waiting to be appliqued into place, that would be fun to do. But I think something quick and easy first. 

Monday 12 October 2015

Men at work.....

Need close attention!
Belle has been watching very closely as the guys are re-glazing house.
She has followed their every move.

Monday 5 October 2015

Changing of the guard.

It really was only a short time ago that I made this blog post about my long awaited quilt hanger.
But, as spring has most definitely sprung here.
I decided it was time for a change.

This quilt was made from a kit many years ago.
There are things I would do differently now and indeed since hanging it, I have started to plan some maintenance for it.
But for now, it is a beautiful summery greeting for anyone coming through my front door. 
I have been finding/making time to do a little cross stitch, but most of my spare time at the moment has been spent out in the garden.
Remember the cherry tree I showed in my last post?
For the last few days working under that has been wonderful. It keeps me shaded from the hot sun and, it is a great attraction for honey bees.
There are so many of them, and so much busy buzzing you could be mistaken for believing you were very close to a hive.