Tuesday 29 June 2010

Still Here.

I'm still here, but work really is getting in the way at the moment. I seem to be doing nothing but working late or starting early and it's a horrible place to be just now. Those of you who know me, know that I fall in and out of love with my job periodically, but this time, it really is over, I'm outta there, just as soon as......... Several versions of my CV are with a job agency and tomorrow I'm off for an interview with another agency. One way or another I'll be leaving.
So, aside from working and looking for alternative work, what have I been doing? Knitting, a bit of mindless knitting, plodding up and down, knit a few, purl a few. I've experimented with this current pattern it really wasn't working for me, so I fiddled and came up with Fairy foot Prints.
Really sweet, a couple more days and this should be done.
And the same Dragon Skin pattern I used to knit a scarf for Joe, got another airing and will be renamed Fairy Wings.
These two projects are gifts and I hope to get them in the mail very soon. Though I may have a look about for a very simple and quick mitten pattern first.
I'm doing another (Private) round of the pin cushion swap, my partner Mandy and I have agreed to go round again as we have plenty of time left before the next official round. That should be fun. I have some good ideas, but didn't make a start yet. Maybe Thursday, I have a late shift tomorrow, but, well that's out, so Thursday is the next one, and I'll have time to call into the sewing shop when I'm in Onchan on Wednesday. :-)
Janice, I tried to email you, but they keep bouncing!!
Here's a link to the sewing Companion pattern.
I'm off to catch up with your blogs.

Wednesday 23 June 2010

Swap goodies.

I finally get to show you my secret pincushion project. I took a few pictures along the way.
I made some pretty pins to go into the pin cushion.
I had fun making a pear shaped cushion.
and added lots of beads, not only on the seams, but I also used them to add sparkle to the the paisley fabrics. In case you didn't guess these are some of my precious Fig tree fabrics. I also couldn't resist making a little extra and as Mandy likes brights I just had to use my brightest fabric to make this sewing companion and matching needle keeper.
I also had to add a post card from the island, well I didn't stop there and popped in a tea towel and little calender too.
Today I received my package from Mandy, look, she spoiled me. I got not only a pin cushion and needle keeper, but also some lovely stitchy extras.
Even some row pins for my knitting. Thank you Mandy.Thank you also to Amy for all her organising of the swap.

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Still knitting

and working, knitting and working and working!
A pretty little Aran cardigan. I'm knitting up another scarf now.
I plan to get into the scraps box sometime soon and make up some more doll quilts for my friends grand daughter. I forgot to take pictures of the last couple, I shall try to remember this time.
Time to go.

Saturday 19 June 2010

A finish!

I finished knitting the little fur collared jacket last night. Hmm the collar has an odd colour here, trust me, it does look better in real life, but try as I might I can't get a good picture of it.
It still needs to be rinsed and blocked, then I'll add some buttons and put it away while we wait for mummy to pop.
Earlier in the day I had pulled out another abandoned knitting project, when I looked closely I spied more than one or two mistakes, so it got the ole' rip, rip, rip treatment and I cast on for a new born cardigan. This one has an easier cable.
I've knitted this one up several times in all the sizes provided on the pattern and always enjoy making it. The colour is off on this one too, everything is washed out this morning, but at least you can see the cable.
I'm off to work today, boooooring.

Friday 18 June 2010

Ready for the post man.

I have not one but two parcels ready for the post office today. Last night I finished knitting up the third ball of yarn, and Maxine's scarf is about 53 inches long. Just a good size to go once around her neck and tuck into her coat. Hopefully that will keep her warm.
I've found a pattern for mittens and a hat too, maybe I'll make some of those at a later date. LOL She said in her last letter that she is still wearing the hat I made for her about six years ago! I think it's time that was replaced.
I've also finished the secret pin cushion project, made a cute extra and added a little look at the Isle of Man. That too is all parcelled up and ready to go.
So what am I doing? Well, it's still too warm to be playing about trying to quilt Kay's roses, so I'm back to knitting that baby sized jacket. I'm almost done with the second sleeve. Once I get my chores done today I'll get on with that. It really shouldn't take long to complete.
I need to make time for some reading too, The Red Issue of Homespun finally made it to my door, along with The Applique Special from Australian patchwork and quilting. I've had a quick flicker through them, but want to have a proper look.
That's it from me, I'm off to do chores.

Tuesday 15 June 2010

A finish and a start.

For those of you hoping to see a quilt, sorry, I'm still knitting. I'll just have to keep on going until this is out of my system. I predict that won't be too much longer now. Next best thing to a quilt has to be a blanket. Here it is all finished. A quick and easy knit. Six balls of yarn yeilded a 35 x 29 inch blanket and I saved some of the yarn to knit a couple of little flowers, just in case bump is a girl.
It's been blocked on this towel all night, I'll give it a quick and cool press later then put it away for a while.
My new start is another knitting project. I'm well on the way with a lovely soft cabled scarf for my penpal. I wonder if I should have used larger needles for this one as it is working up rather thick. I'm sure Maxine will appreciate it anyway.
When I go to Onchan tomorrow I'll call in at the shop and get another ball of yarn, I think I'll be needing three, and I only have two.
I'm off to find some beads for my secret pin cushion! ;-)

Tuesday 8 June 2010

A knitting update.

I got some good news yesterday. It seems I wasn't the only person awaiting contact with my Pin cushion pass partner. Our hostess Amy did a little reassigning and I have the lovely Mandy, of Made With Love by Mandy. We've traded Flickr mails and had a peep at each others blog and I feel more confident now going ahead with some of my pin cushion plans.
Speaking of pin cushions, I did consider hopping onto the bus today and going to the crafty shop in Onchan to get some supplies, but I have to go through to work tomorrow anyway and it's lashing down the wet stuff, so instead I think I'll finish my long weekend off work in style. I'm going to sit and knit all day again. It really does pay off you know.
Following a whole day and evening of knitting yesterday I really feel like I made progress on both of my projects. Look at the pretty cable on the front of the baby jacket.
And because it is so small it's very quick to do and fairly painless. (I'm prone to getting confused when cabling) I've now completed the back, a whole front and I made a start on the second front too.
After dinner I switched to the blanket. I've used half of the yarn I bought for the blanket, it's already bigger than my 18 x 24 inch cutting mat.
As promised I had several looks through the knitted bear book and I think with a change of colour for his sweater Oliver is the perfect bear to greet a new baby.
I think I'll dress him in green, or maybe yellow. I'm hoping there will be just enough of the jacket merino left to make him with. Of course to make him baby friendly he'll have embroidered eyes and no button on his sweater or soother round his neck.
I'm off to knit some more. Have fun with your day.

Monday 7 June 2010

NOT what I went shopping for.

I have two possible pin cushions made up, they just need some pretty stitching and embellishing. I went out shopping to get supplies for a couple of other pin cushion ideas and some pretties for the embellishments, only to find that both of the crafty shops here in Ramsey were closed. How frustrating! So I wandered into the book shop and treated myself, well you have to don't you? To get over the disappointment. I found these two books, the baby knits is a must with our friend being in the family way and the bears, well they are just too cute, I couldn't resist. I'll need to sort out some oddments of DK, I'm itching to have a go.
Of course one of the CLOSED ALL WEEK craft shops sells 25g balls of yarn for toy making. I wonder what mum has in her boxes?
The baby knits book has two pretty blankets which are possibilities, as well as hats, mittens and bootees. I may even have a go at the simple but beautiful matinee jacket. I love baby knits, they are so quick and satisfying.
Speaking of knitting, the roads are closed for the TT races, it's my day off, so I'll be sat at home with my feet up, knitting and purling the afternoon away, while I take frequent looks through the knitted bears book trying to decide which costume would be suitably unisex for a brand new baby.
Have fun with your day.

Sunday 6 June 2010

Bits of this and that.

I've done some straight line quilting on Kays Roses, phew, it was hot under that quilt! Next step is to make a plan of attack for the decorative quilting. And wait for a cooler day to make a start on it.
I'm still waiting for my Pincushion swap partner to respond to my emails, so can't really do anything with that. Except look at some of the beautifully decorative pincushions out there and give myself even more ideas! I'll end up not knowing what to do.
I'm also knitting, I don't know how long I'll be able to sit under the blanket while we have this beautiful warm weather. It could end up being like sitting under that quilt. It's quick to knit as I suspected and is growing fast.
If it gets too hot I'll concentrate on the little jacket and get that done. I might have to go and look for a nice panel and some fabric to make a quilt for our friends little baby too.
I'm off, I want to boil and bake a gammon before it gets too hot. Cold meat for dinner tonight.

Friday 4 June 2010

I sewed!

I put the final border onto Kays Roses and after giving the floor a good clean, I'm now pinning the layers.
When Shirley was here she eyed my floor and asked me how I go about layering. The simple answer is, in stages.
I've got my cutting mat under the bottom left corner just now, finishing of the area over the carpet, then I'll gently pull the whole thing to the left, re tape the top edge and right hand corner then pin everything that is left. I really do need to learn and get into the habit of a good quilt as I go method, it would save a lot of this crawling about on the floor and worrying about layers slipping while I move things.
This top still looks big and bare, Shilrley, come back I need your positive voice right now! I do hope my quilting turns out ok and looks good.
Have fun.

Thursday 3 June 2010

Two Knitting Starts.

I played about with two knitting projects last night. First off, I dug out the project I started last year, I had made the back of a jacket and started on the left front, but try as I might, I couldn't figure out where I had stopped, and my row counter was no help at all! As it was a 12 month size I decided to call it quits there and start all over again. I pulled out what I had done of the front and cast on a new back for a 0-3 month size. I managed to get this far before bed time.
You may not remember it, I did blog it, but just in case, here's the pattern picture again.
I have some funky fir for the collar too. I'm just hoping it's not too furry for such a little person.
I also cast on the stitches for the blanket. This morning I've sat and done the first three rows of the border.
I found this pattern here following a link from Tipnut. I thought it looked quick and easy, as well as cosy enough for winter.
My long weekend off work has been mucked about a bit this month, so I have today off in lieu of Saturday. I had thought I would try to do something to Kays Roses, or maybe I'll just knit. I have a late shift tomorrow so more time to play. We'll see what happens. I'm in danger of being swallowed up by WIPs, I really need to get on and complete something.
Time to go play.
Enjoy your day.

Well at least I made plans!

I've made plans and a small start on a new project. Kay's roses remains incomplete, glaring at me from the back of the chair where I left it. My new project is all secret squirrel. Having completed three rounds of the Pot Holder Pass, I'm now taking part in the Pin Cushion Pass. The same old group, with a few more new friends collected along the way. This time the rules are a little different and we have a direct swap rather than receiving from a mystery benefactor. Should be lots of fun too, I imagine we could get more creative with pin cushions than we could with pot holders. So, I can't show you my tiny start on that.
I can show you this however, a colleague of Tony's is expecting, in the autumn. I was looking for a crochet blanket pattern, but came across a knitted one I couldn't resist, nice and quick and easy. My kind of pattern. As we don't know what we're getting I'm hoping this is neutral enough.
Hmm, looks a bit blue, this close up is a much better colour match.
I'm hoping that if it is a boy that hint of lilac won't make it too girly and if it's a girl, well, that hint of lilac should make it girly enough. That's my theory and I'll stick with it. :-)
So I'll be knitting a lovely blanket. I may also, (if my knitting juices keep on calling) dig out the cardigan I started about this time last year and abandoned! Never give up on a WIP, you never know when you may have need of it!
I'm off to knit till my Hunney gets home.
Take care.

Tuesday 1 June 2010

Still no sewing done.

Most of my aches and pains have gone and my bruises are also fading. Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes and felt my pain with me following my slither, I really do appreciate them.
My only excuse for not doing any sewing is procrastination. I'm really not looking forward to quilting this one, I'm nervous about the design I have planned for it. I keep on promising that I will get more adventurous with my quilting but I never seem to. This time I have forced my own hand, by producing a top with lots of blank areas, just calling out for pretty quilting and I'm nervous that I'll make a mess of it. (All whip cracking, encouraging words and stroking of ego welcomed! )
Another reason for the lack of sewing may be the mess that used to be my sewing space. Does this table look ready to work on?
How about underneath?
Perhaps I'll use my morning off (Yay! I finally got one) to tidy up a little, then when I get a day off I'll feel more like sewing.
But before I do any of that I'll have to hang washing.
Thanks again for all your good wishes.