Friday, 20 July 2018

Not Saying Much

It's still pretty quiet in my world at the moment. 
My Doc signed me off work and said to rest. Well, home alone all day I have no one to talk with but the cat, so resting my voice is easy.  But I can't sit and do nothing, so I've gotten on with some crafty pursuits. Jiffys blanket is growing. I laid it over my bed yesterday to ensure it was wide enough. And it is. I just need to make it a lot longer now.
 I am toying with the idea of setting in some more squares, not just yet, but nearer the top. I'll keep you posted on that, meanwhile, I shall keep going with the zigs and zags.
Yesterday I got on and put the other half of the carpenters wheel together. I was planning a coloured border, but now that I see it like this, I'm happy to stop. Just a narrow cream border then a scrappy binding I think.
Yes, I see the mistake and no, I'm not fixing it. It happened back in June, if you look here you can clearly see the same mistake.  I figure that if I didn't see it until the top was finished, then it is meant to be there.
(Belle thinks we can't see her) 
Remember the viking hat? 
I was worried that it was rather small.
LOL I was right. 
I'll have to play about with the pattern and see if I can make it bigger.
And because I have two grand children, here's the the other one.
Floki and Faith. Such beautiful people. 
The loves of my life. 
I'm off to have another quiet day.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Slow Progress

As I'm sure you have noticed, progress on my crafting pursuits has been somewhat slow of late.
I showed progress on my Carpenters Wheel quilt top a month ago, almost to the day! It hasn't progressed much. I have half of the rows put together, the other half are hanging around awaiting their turn. I did however find inspiration for a border this morning, so maybe that will speed things along a little.
 I finally found direction for Jiffys blanket too. I came across an image on pinterest. No pattern or tutorial, just an image...
So I've been playing about and experimenting, trying to incorporate the squares I had already made.
It doesn't look like much yet, (not helped by the fact that it blends into the carpet! LOL) but I finally feel like I have decided what to do.
I'm not sure how much progress will be made in the near future. We finally had a weekend off, no commitments and I come down with another throat infection. I'm supposed to be at work this morning, for an extra shift, but had to call my boss yesterday. I guess I'm off to the docs again today. 
I'm off to find something to help my throat.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Christmas in July

Life has continued to be incredibly busy in the Manxgirl household. With extra shifts and social events getting in the way of crafting time. Recent highlights being a Feelers concert, they played right here in town. That was a good night. And last weekend, Tony and I hosted a Christmas in July evening. Ironically the day turned out to be a very warm and sunny day, rather then the cold frosty day we were hoping for!
Never mind, we didn't let that slow us down.
 I made a start early and fished the last jar of fruit mince filling out of the pantry and made mince pies.
 Two dozen of them.
Then I set about creating a Beef Wellington. I couldn't find a leaf shaped cutter and settled for cherry blossom instead.
 It is only the second time I have made this. There is a whole kilo of beef fillet steak in that pastry case. Yes, I did it properly with the mushrooms and the Parma ham.
Tony helped me to decorate the tree.
He hunted through every single box of decorations, just to find Mums fairy.
 It's not Christmas without Mums fairy.
Next I turned my attention to the table. Out came my Christmas table cloth, which I made earlier this year.
You see just the beginnings here, by the time everyone had arrived the table was smothered with food, there was barely room for plates. And that was just the starting selection. We had three more courses to go!!.
One of our guests made this beautiful silver wreath for me. 
Love it.
 Following our starters there was a shrimp cocktail provided by another guest.
Then it was time for the main event.
The Beef Wellington kept us waiting for about 15 mins, I wanted to be sure it wasn't too rare in the middle. It turned out perfect and lucky you, Tony insisted on a photo.
Everybody contributed to the main course, I made Yorkshire puds and roasties.
I'm rather proud of the yorkies too!!
There was also a stuffed chicken roll that was amazing, pigs in blankets and loads of lovely veg dishes.
I'm amazed that we had room left for a Baileys trifle, a Kiwi fruit pavlova and my mince pies, all accompanied by cream and ice cream.
Sorry no pics of the desserts, but it all looked amazing.
That was my first ever Christmas in July. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and vowed to do it again.
I do have some crafty news and images to share, I'll save those for another day.

Monday, 25 June 2018

A busy weekend.

As I mentioned in my last post, Tony and I had a full on weekend.
On Saturday we set off with other family members for the long dive to Dunedin, stopping on the way at Moeraki to check into our hotel and to drop bags and boots. We then carried on South and grabbed dinner in Dunedin before watching the All Blacks play France. We were pretty much first into the stadium and took photos before it filled up, later we were too busy watching to think about pictures.
It was a bitterly cold evening, even under the covered stadium. But worth the cold to see a great game. We won, of course!
After the game it was back into the car for another hour back to Moeraki. There were a few celebratory drinks, but not too many as we had to get up early the next morning to be at the wharf by just after 7am. The sun rose as we steamed out to sea.
There was a pretty dense cloud cover which made for a greyish day.
But that was ok, as we had plenty to keep us busy.
 Here you see a species of Perch, also known a Jock Stewart to local Kiwis.
There were twelve of us aboard and between us we caught four big boxes of Jocks, a whole box of blue cod and assorted other species.
 If you turn your head sideways for the next photo, you will see that Tony caught a parrot fish or scarlet wrasse, it went straight back in as they are too bony to keep. Pretty fish though.
 That wasn't the only fish he caught. LOL I did contribute to all those boxes.
His brother Stephen, also seen sideways here, their dad and I all caught our share too.
As the morning drew on things brightened up and by the time we returned to the wharf at 1.30 pm the sun was shining.
 We were followed throughout the morning by numerous seabirds, all waiting for their share of the catch.
 I couldn't count the number of albatross who followed us home.
There were dozens. It was wonderful to see them.
 After the long drive home there was only one thing to have for supper!
We brought home between two us almost 10 kilos of fish fillets. Which is all bagged and tucked into the freezer.
I did take my crochet with me, thinking I would maybe do a little as we were driving, but alas, not a stitch was made. I was too busy looking at the scenery and joining in with the conversation.
So instead, I'll show you another small finish. I made this wee hat on my day off last week.
For some reason blogger insists on turning pictures from my phone onto their sides!
Anyway, Grandson Floki, (him with the viking name) needs a viking hat doesn't he?
I know his mum and dad will love it.
Modelled beautifully by teddy of course.
In spite of an early night last night, I was exhausted at work today, so I think another early night is in store again tonight.
Edited to add....
Whats with blogger? It used to forward your comments to me, but that's not happening any more...