Monday, 18 May 2015

I've lost a pattern!!

It was in a magazine. I'm not sure exactly which magazine, but definitely an older one, I recall seeing it at Parliament street, back on the Isle of Man, so pre 2012. In an Aussie mag, not a British or US mag. It was a wall hanging, with pieced poppies. 
I had saved the magazine, knowing that I would one day want to use the pattern.
Yesterday it struck me, with a little adaptation, it would make the perfect table cloth.
Can't find it!
But, in my efforts to find it, I did have a clear out of magazines, I've thinned out about a third of them, which is pretty drastic for us crafty types.
I also managed to find a suitable replacement pattern, in fact, it may even be a better pattern than the one I was seeking.
So I now have a shopping list. I have very little of the required fabrics.
Shame that!
After writing the shopping list this morning, I got on and did a little more to the Christmas Story quilt.
Block 4 is completed.
But there are two weeks of May left, and I won't start the next block until June, besides Debbie is a wee bit behind this month and I don't want to race off without her, This is her first ever sew along.
I'll contemplate what else I could be getting on with, while I cross stitch this afternoon.
 Maybe something Christmassy, or a wee gift project.
It's never too early to get on with those things.
I didn't get to do any sewing over the weekend, (Well I could have, if I hadn't been searching for a pattern!) But something else did happen in my room. On Saturday it was a drear day, very overcast and a few dribbles of rain. Not the weather for working outside, so instead I suggested that Tony might put my shelves up for me.
The Inspectors have finally been installed.
From their lofty perches they can oversee pretty much everything I do here in my room.
Maybe they will even help me finally get to grips with the quilting frame! 
The room is starting to come together. There are still pictures I want to hang and one or two mini quilts also to hang, but all in good time.
We also finally got some more pictures up in the entrance hall.
I have a collection of family photos spread about out there.
Feels good to have loved ones looking down on me as I move about my home.
We also went out and purchased a fancy curtain pole.
There is some debate about where that could be installed, you see it will not be going above a window....
Sunday was a better day for being out of doors, while I searched for quilt patterns, Tony and his dad went to get timber and earth for inside the green house.
It now has a central footpath, awaiting paviers.
We didn't put the earth in yet. One final squirt with weed killer on the base before that goes down.
Then I can fill it with earth and get some plants in there.
I'm off to stitch.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Another block.

Another chapter of the Christmas story quilt is progressing nicely.
Belle left me alone the other day so I was able to get along with it.
Block four is all blanket stitched and ready for the piece work to be done.
In case you're wondering, this is what she found so important.
 She was keeping an eye on my dressing gown, you never know when it might leap up and get in the way.
I've noticed she does like to curl up on this fleecy garment, even when I'm not in it, so left it on the bed on purpose. It doesn't stay vacant for long.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Something different.

Today you get a peep at my cross stitch.
Mirabilias Sleeping Beauty.
I've barely touched it since we got Belle. And to be honest, I wasn't rushing along with it before that either. The first picture below was taken on 16th Feb.
 And this picture was taken today. The progress made hasn't all been in the last week, 
I have had a wee go here and there, but it is fair to say that most of the progress was made in the last week! Some time ago I put it away in the hall cupboard, still on the frame, as Belle was paying too much attention to it. 
On a spur of the moment thing I took her off the frame one day and popped her into the drawer by my chair, with a hoop. That seemed to be the right thing to do. Belle can't get at her when she is tucked away and seems less interested when I work on her, 
I've been enjoying stitching away in the afternoons. Belle watches from her tower rather than chasing my needle and threads!
Sew, I'm off to stitch some more. 

Monday, 11 May 2015

Another block done!

Block three is completed. Yay!
I had a lovely time just pottering in the evenings last week and on a couple of afternoons too.
Here are all three blocks so far.
I am enjoying this project and it's fun to see Debbies blocks and compare with mine. They are so similar, but oh so different too.
As well as getting block three completed I also made time to sit and cross stitch on Friday last week.
I took Sleepy out of the big frame and popped her into a hoop. For some reason Belle finds that less interesting than the frame and left me alone, preferring to watch from the top of her kitty castle. Eventually she got bored and went to sleep.
Over the weekend Tony and I were again busy in the garden. Why is it no matter how many weeds we pull out, there are always more?
The green house construction is finally complete and now we just need to get some earth in there. All ready for a few over winter crops and next spring.
The winter garden I planted a few weeks ago is looking good with everything growing well, it's exciting to see it all growing in my own garden.
I have cleared two more patches in preparation for spring planting. Both still need some more digging over and plenty of good compost digging in. One area will be my pumpkin patch and the other...
I'm not yet sure, maybe some sweet corn and some peas?
Right, I'm off to see if madam will let me get on with block 4.