Saturday, 25 June 2016

Spot the difference?

Aside from the obvious improved lighting, can anyone spot the difference between the picture I showed last time, and the one below?
You could be forgiven for missing it, it almost isn't in the picture.
What's my excuse?
Look at the border on the right side.
I was happily pinning away this afternoon when I noticed that I had sewn it on the wrong way round!
I even pointed out to Tony that the words on one of the applique pieces were upside down and I was Pi55ed off about it.
He didn't notice either!
So, as you can see, I have been busy in my wee room again.
I worked on two secret projects and prepped some Christmas ornaments.
They, like the above Christmas Story quilt, now need some hand sewing before I can move onto the next part.
Guess what I'll be hopefully doing over the next week?

Monday, 20 June 2016

I sewed!

I went into my sewing room to find a crochet pattern book, and ended up sewing! 
On my sewing machine.
Sorry about the poor quality picture, the light is dropping fast here
I finally finished the applique on the borders of my Christmas story quilt, then I stitched the last panels onto the quilt top.
Now I need to complete some hand stitched details, before layering and quilting.
I may get that done by December. 
Not necessarily December 2016 though!

Monday, 13 June 2016

A little crafting and a day at sea.

Well once again it has been a while.
But I'm slowly crafting on!
My supposedly quick to stitch dragonfly is coming along slowly! LOL
I'm enjoying the process.
 This crochet project is taking it's time too.
I got bored with flowers, too much starting and stopping!
So now it's become a sort of sampler, as I try out various stitches.
I'm currently working a few rows of V stitch on the right side edge as you see it here.
Not sure where it will go next!
We recently took some leave from work and had some time together at home.
We worked a little in the garden and a little in the house.
 We also took some time out to do nothing but rest for a couple of days.
That was nice. We watched a couple of movies and allowed ourselves to sleep in!
Then we took a road trip.
 We headed north for a few hours and stopped in Kaikoura.
Tony has taken me there before, we wanted to go out on a boat trip, but on the previous visit the weather was bad and no boats were venturing out.
This time things were different and the seas were calm.
So the following day we boarded ship and sailed out into the pacific.
To visit with the Sperm whales.
 It was wonderful.
 One of them even gave the iconic goodbye wave and he dived beneath the waves.
On the way home we stopped in Christchurch for the night and a quick look about, then hit the road again, not stopping until we hit Ashburton, where we stopped once more to visit Annies Country Quilt store.
Of course I treated myself.
I'm going to enjoy my last day off. Back to work tomorrow.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Not such a quick stitch then!

I mentioned in my last post that this would be a quick stitch.
I'm still not stitching as much as I used to.
And I spotted a mistake and had to rip, rip, rip it out!
Not all of it, just most of the middle section of wing.
The ripping took almost as long as the stitching.
Oh dear, never mind, it's the journey that counts, not getting there fast.
Lindsay was spot on with her suggestion that it may be the dragonfly, by Sparklies.
You can't really see it in my pictures, but the fabric I'm stitching on has the prettiest sparkles all through it.
I think I have resolved to do another letter in the alphabet after I finish this piece, then I have another larger project lined up. It's chart is spread over several pages, so maybe if I'm disciplined with myself I can alternate between the two for a while.
Ha! as all crafters know, plans can and do often change!
Work in the garden has slowed considerably.
Though I do seem to be spending quite a bit of time with a rake in my hands.
Leaves on the lawn is not good, especially if we get a bit of rain.
And there seems to be a plentiful supply of both at the moment.
I think I need to build a compost area.
Tony disagrees!
A day off work today, but I'm trapped at home awaiting a delivery.
I saved a few jobs knowing this was due to happen.
Then I'll stitch.