Sunday, 23 April 2017

I'm quilting again!

It's been a while and I never really became comfortable using the frame, but I got stuck in today, with help and support from a new friend.
I met my neighbour Claire at a sewing shop here in town ages ago, she was working/ helping out in there, we knew we were neighbours and had said we should get together on more than one occasion. I offered to let her use the frame for some charity quilts.
Last week we finally did it, we got together and loaded one of her quilts onto the frame and she happily and excitedly quilted a whole lap quilt in an afternoon. (Bad blogger!! Sorry, I forgot to get a picture.) OK, so there was a bit of evening too!
We enjoyed a good chat about all sorts of things, sewing and crafty related, and some not so crafty stuff too. She came back today and helped me to load my much larger quilt onto the frame and set off quilting. It was great to have her here.
 I had dreamed of some amazing and wonderful quilt designs. 
Then settled for a simple meander. LOL
After Claire left I continued to quilt away for the remainder of the afternoon and ran out of pre wound bobbins at just about time to stop and cook dinner! I'm about two thirds of the way through quilting the top. Once dinner was done with I popped back into my room and wound a load of bobbins ready for tomorrow but I have decided to call time now and relax for the evening. I'll do some more tomorrow. After a wee shopping spree with Claire. I'm off into town for fabrics for a new top.
Once I'm done on the frame I have promised Claire she can load up another of her many finished tops. I think she might end up buying one of her own!

Saturday, 15 April 2017

A Finish.

Oh My Goodness! It was so good to be patching away and creating.
I loved it, even all those triangles!
This is the largest quilt top I have ever created. 
The batting on my frame will just about peep out either side of it!
It's so huge I had nowhere at home where I could capture the whole thing.
I had to take it to work and spread it on the floor before opening, and catch a photo from the mezzanine. Then put it away quickly before opening.
I used these patterns for the square pennants
But the triangular ones I made up myself. Only one was consigned to the scrap bin and remade!
It was the very first and it needed to be bigger!
I tried it out on my bed and it fits rather nicely.
I still need to get on and quilt it, but I promised a friend she could pop a quilt onto the frame this week, so I can wait.
Meanwhile I have other things I could get on with.
Including making a label for this one. But to do that I need to come up with a name for it.
I'm tempted to call it ............

'Somfing Boaty'

Which is what Joe asked for! LOL
Or do I go a little more serious?
Any suggestions?
Right toward the end of the last seam my poor silver sewing machine had issues again.
I had to stop and start several times to overcome them.
She is currently in bits on his office floor. 😞
The bobbin holder keeps catching the thread, which then pulls said holder out of position!
Tony took it to see the local sewing machine service man who gave him a few hints to help overcome that for a while, but he said we would need to find a new bobbin holder and install it.
He said he had not seen a silver machine before and didn't stock parts for it. None of the parts he does have would fit. 
Hopefully the temporary fix will work until a new one is found. 

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


I almost feel guilty for having sick time from work. I got so much done!
As Monday progressed my sore throat became an incredibly runny nose, but I've had none of the usual aches and pains and don't feel particularly ill, on the contrary, aside from little bundles of paper handkerchiefs in every room of the house and the constant sniffing, you wouldn't know that I'm ill!
I've had so much fun putting together a quilt for DS Joe.
On Monday I finished making the flag blocks, if you remember I only had a few left to do. Then I got them all joined into rows with their sashing before calling it quits in time to cook dinner.
I didn't get quite as much done yesterday as I had a visitor, but I had a goal in mind  and was determined to achieve it, so I was still sewing when Tony got home, he organised dinner.
I am thrilled with the progress I've made. And so is Tony. He says if Joe doesn't like his quilt, that's ok, we can keep it, cause he loves it and wants me to make one for him too!!
(Sorry about the poor photo yet again, we took this last night, after dark with the lights on in the hall way of the house)
One more round to go. I plan to put the numeric pennants into a border of pale grey, then it will be complete.
Thing is, they are triangular flags and I don't have any triangle rulers, so I'll be relying on the cutting lines on my mat.  Oh! And there are two different kinds of triangle!!
Right, stuff to do today before I can play and I'll have another visitor!
Better get to it.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Shhh, it's oh so quiet!

Because Loulee has a very sore throat.
Tony had the end of last week off work with a sore throat and saw fit to share it with me!
There is no way I could be polite and talk to customers all day, so I guess I'll have a couple of days off work too!!
I guess that means I'll be able to continue with my latest project. The big tidy up last week yielded stitchy results. I set to and made a third start on a quilt for DS Joe. If you recall, quite some time ago he asked for a nautical quilt. I've had a couple of tries at it, but they failed.
This time, I'm on my way. I found patterns for nautical signal flags, they are so quick and easy to make. I have nearly the whole alphabet done! Just W, X, Y and Z to go!
I'll need to make some extra blocks too, just to pad things out a bit, but I feel that at last I have made real progress and can see where this one is going.
The overseer kept an eye on proceedings yesterday.
She has a perfectly cosy kitty bed there on the quilt frame, but chose to park her backside on my pressing mat. She was not happy when I shooed her off and took it over to the work table. 
I'm also still going with my crochet. My new project is far more colourful than these photos would have you believe. In fact, they look better here than they do in real life!!
The pattern I'm following is the 'as we go stripey blanket'.
And I have to say, the colours on the model blanket are far prettier than my own.
But I am enjoying the process, learning new stitches and techniques.
And I'm happy to say that it's a lot easier than I thought it would be.
I've kept it quite small, only 145 stitches across, more in keeping with my recent projects.
I may have to revisit this one or something similar in the future, perhaps making a monster version, with a little more thought applied to colour of course.
I'll take close pictures of some of the fancier stitches when we get a sunny day! It's a bit early in the morning and still quite dark here today.
Right, another cuppa then I'm off to play.