Monday, 20 February 2017

Kitchen Endeavors.

Well, it's been quite a busy week. I really didn't do any crafting. I didn't even lift my hook.
I did manage to start a couple of skirts for myself yesterday, but they stalled when I found I had no elastic!
Of course I have been busy in the kitchen.
I emptied the tomato bowl.
By making a BIG pan of pasta sauce for the freezer. 
When I'm ready to use it, all I need do is defrost it and add to meat.
Then I visited the green house!!
I've made a few batches! And need to make more today.
I must have made just the right amount last year, as we only just used the very last tub from the freezer just after Christmas, just as the tomatoes were starting to ripen in the green house. 
We still have many jars of pickles and chutneys left over from last year, so I don't want to make too many of those this year. However, one particular kind I have already made a start on is Quickles.
Pickled cucumber and red onion.
I only made one batch last year and they were soooooo good, I plan to make more this year.
I just love the bright jewel tones as they go into the jars. As they await their turn in the pantry that lovely colour fades, but the flavours all mix and mingle making the most beautiful condiment.
And lastly, I made these lovely carrot cake balls from one of my Revive Cafe recipe books. All raw nutritious ingredients. A little less cinnamon next time I think, but another
Maybe today I'll get a chance to do something crafty?

Monday, 13 February 2017

A bit 'o' this and a bit 'o' that.

It's been a busy week, lots has happened, and some of it was even notable!!
A package sent from my son Jiffy Jonathan turned up. My Christmas gift was enclosed! LOL
Two large cuts of Manx tartans.
I shall have a long think about what to make with those.
I mentioned previously about the local supermarkets recent gardening promotion. Each time I shopped I was handed a few of these wee boxes, according to how big my grocery bill was.
A lot of what is growing in my garden this summer is thanks to New World Little Garden.
Well the other day I planted some more lettuce and some more broccoli.
I was amazed at how quickly they germinated and yesterday I took a photo, to show you what comes in the wee box. 
What a difference a day makes! 
The picture below was taken today, probably less than 24 hours later!
They are growing fast. It will be time to pot them on in a few days!
On a crafty note, my mission to use up scraps and left overs is progressing.
If I keep going the way I am, this wee blanket will end up long and thin.
Might have a rethink.
Mr Heron is feeling somewhat under the weather today, so decided to take a day off work.
We decided that it would be nice to celebrate Valentines today as we are together, rather than tomorrow when one or both of us will be back at work.
I had a word with cupid and mentioned that rather than flowers, he might like to get me that latest book in a series I have discovered here in NZ.
The author is the owner of two very successful healthy, clean eating establishments in Auckland.
While Tony and I don't subscribe 100% to his dietary principles, I do enjoy his recipe books and use many of the recipes.
his one has more sweet treats than previous books. That one at the top of the front cover looks particularly yummy.
For him, I was equally romantic and purchased a few little items he wanted for in his crafty den. And a pair of good sharp scissors, to stop him pinching er borrowing mine!
Speaking of my Hunney.
It's not just stitchy crafting that is creatively messy!!
Would you look at his table.
All that mess to create this tiny wee aircraft!!
Here is is, all finished!
A Focke Wulf
Of course you all know, a finish means a start.
He may be too ill to go to work, but as I type he is perched in his den, reading the instructions for the next one. a MkIX Spitfire!!
I'm off to drool over my new book and see if I need to add anything to the grocery list.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Using things up!

Well us crafters, we're not wasteful are we?
So I've been using things up.
Way back in 2013 I made a king size crochet blanket using blue and cream yarns. It started out with a bunch of granny squares. But I changed my mind and found that I had made too many and stashed them away, for another time/project. The yarn was a wool/acrylic blend. Something I haven't seen here in NZ. Mind you, I didn't look very hard! (Why would I with all of this 100% wool yarn available?)
Anyway, there was just enough of it left to make up this wee blanket. It's a good size to snuggle on the sofa, or maybe pop onto a toddler bed. I slightly misjudged how much yarn was left and ended up with one cream panel wider than the other! 
Which seriously messes with my OCD!
Even more than the tippy squares!
But I will live with it.
I have no particular use in mind for this one yet, so it will go in the 'someday' pile and find a new home, when ever that day is.
Of course a finish means a start.
The next little collection of yarn is from another huge project, which I finished back in September 2012.  It was my first major crochet project and I loved it. I still do, in fact, it's on our bed right now.
Of course there were left overs and they were saved up for later use.
This yarn is recycled denim cotton.
There is only a small amount left, but again, hopefully enough to make a wee baby sized blanket, just enough to pop over some small person in a pram or bassinet.
We'll see.
It too will go into the 'some day' pile!
I made a start over the weekend.
Just a simple granny ripple.
Loving it.
And from left overs, to a glut!
Our tomatoes have gone mad.
We're not exactly having salad weather every day and the super cheesy crust on my tomato tart isn't good for our waistlines, so I better find another way to get through all of this fruit!
What you see below is just one days worth! There will be the same again later today!
Time to start making and freezing tomato sauces.
I made so much last year, we only just used up the last pot!
I have used it up in spag bol, lasagna, chicken and pasta bakes! You name it, we cooked and ate it.
I even thickened some up a lot more, and used it on pizzas. 
If anybody wants me today, I'll be somewhere between the stove and my crochet? Cross stitch? Sewing room? 
Hmmm, I wonder where my muse will take me?
What ever you're doing, have fun today.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

It's the little things.

So, I mentioned previously that I had made myself a hot baggie to sit under my sore ankle.
I had filled it with rice, but it didn't seem to hold the heat very well.
I decided to try again using barley.
I had this wee lamb case that came holding a old style hot water bottle and made my barley bag so that it would fit in place of the water bottle. Much safer.
And yes, the barley holds heat better than rice.
Earlier that same day my colleague was telling about her sore back, she had pulled a muscle while busy in the garden. I could see by the way she was moving that she was still pretty uncomfortable.
So I decided to make one for her too.
I gave it to her the next day, she was very touched that I should think of her and make something to help.  I do hope she found a way to get it to sit against her poor back once she got home. Sometimes it's the little things that can make a big difference.

I have one or two other small items I plan to make in the near future. It's been so long since I spent any time in my wee room, I have enjoyed making these little items.
I'm nearing another crochet finish, just the border to go, so maybe pictures of that next time.
And finally last nights tea.
Home grown coleslaw.
I finally pulled one of my cabbages.
There are/were only two.
After I had pulled it I discovered that cabbage, like the fennel would have re-sprouted had I left the roots in the ground! I wish I had known. I'll try it with the second one when I am ready for it.
I have to say, I'm really enjoying having a garden, growing my own food and all of this wonderful stuff I'm learning.