Monday, 21 May 2018

A quick update post.

My return to work has slowed things down a little, but I have still been working on Spring Queen, and finally managed to complete the bottom half of the chart.
I opted to leave the beading for now and add it later, once all of the cross stitches are complete.
The top half of the chart doesn't have quite so many stitches, but there are some very pretty colours to come as she is holding a bouquet of spring flowers. I'm looking forward to those.
Although I am now able to return to work, I still ended up going back to my doctor as after a couple of hours I started to sound like Scooby Doo again. I have a different antibiotic to take and he also took some swabs from my throat, to make sure nothing else is going on. After a week on the new meds, I do feel much better and the weird voice has almost gone, it didn't set in until the end of my shift on Friday, which is a huge improvement. Many of the regular customers commented on my return and were happy to see me back. That was nice. :-)
My chores for today are done, and now it's play time.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Weekend progress

I didn't do as much stitching over the weekend as I would have liked, but progress was made.
I decided I was fed up with the yellows and mustard shades and made a start on the hem of her dress, where some pretty pinks and purples make an appearance. Soon I'll have to make a decision about beading. Do I add the beads on this half now, beading my way back up to the middle, or do I wait and add all the beads later?
Sometimes it can feel a little like starting all over again if you leave all the bead work to the end.
But by adding them now I also risk damaging some of the beads.....
I shall continue to ponder...
This morning I unrolled her from the bars. I'm finally working very close to the bottom of the design, but I still have all of the top half to do. But I can't help plotting and wondering about my next project. What to stitch? There are so many to chose from. LOL
Thank you for all the get well wishes. I'm still not 100%, but definitely improved, hopefully enough to stick it out at work for a whole shift. 
Much as I have enjoyed the extra me time, I really do have to make another effort to get back to work, and I suppose I'd better catch up with the housework too, so I'm not sure how much stitching time I'll get today, or indeed how things will go this week.
I'll keep you posted.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Spring Queen Update

I was feeling better on Wednesday, and was busy in the kitchen for most of the day. I enjoyed myself, making samosas and naan to go with the beef madras I made for dinner. I thought seeing as I was feeling so good, I ought to go back to work.
So I tried it yesterday, the boss took one look and sent me home. I phoned the Doc and and I'm signed off work again. If I don't improve over the weekend I've to go in and see him again.
It would seem that getting up at 7 ish and pottering around doing things in my own time, is somewhat different to getting up at 4.15 am and being at work an hour later! LOL
The frustrating thing is, in myself, I feel ok, I can get on a do stuff, I'm not snotty or coughing and spluttering, I just sound weird, like Scooby Doo! There is something sitting in my sinus and my ears, I can feel it! I wish it would go away!
So I'm still making the most of the extra stitching time and getting on with Spring Queen.
This first image is how I left her on 30th April, I put her away for a few days as the threads for the elephants had arrived and I wanted to finish them.
And here you can see what I've stitched over the last few days, since finishing the elephants.
You know you're nearly half way when you see the clips that hold the fabric onto the frame.
I plan to spend some time with her again today.
And just because I can...
An updated pic of my gorgeous Grandson Floki.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

A Finish.

In spite of my viral infection keeping me off work, I haven't been lazy, even though the doc told me to rest, I've been keeping busy. Granted the housework has been even more minimal than usual and I've sat with my cross stitch in a warm sunny room.
All the extra stitching time means I've been able to finish the elephants.
And here they are, on their 'Serengeti Stroll'
The chart was designed by Karen Bowdish back in 1990 and the stitching was started by Debbie in about 1996. For what ever reason, she put it away, and over Christmas 2017 she asked me if I would like to complete it for her. 
Well of course I would.
The image below is how the project came to me. With only one of the six elephants stitched and about a third of the skyline stitched too. Love the sunset.
And in the next image, you see the part that I stitched.
As you know I ran out of one of the grey brown threads, with three elephants still to stitch, and in the over 20 years since Debbie started it, that particular colour had become a grey green!!  EEK!
With the help of some wonderful people on the NZ cross stitchers page on facebook, I was able to finish it off. Two of the threads I received came out of stashes that had been inherited, so must be very precious, I am especially grateful to those ladies.
These next two pictures are not the greatest, sorry, but you should be able to make out that I signed and dated each end of the design.
The left end for me in 2018.
And on the far right..
Debbie in 1996, which is her guestimate of the starting date.
Debbie has seen a photo of the piece, which I sent on messenger and  I know she is happy to see it completed.
I enjoyed stitching it, it offered some relief from the acres of yellow in my Spring Queen.
Speaking of her, I made some great progress while waiting for the elephant threads to arrive and have her all set up ready to go again this afternoon.
The virus is progressing. (sniff)
Hopefully I'll be back at work on Thursday, meanwhile, it's on with the stitching.