Wednesday 29 May 2019

A finish, a start and a continuation!

I'll be making a trip to the post office later today, this gorgeous wee poncho will be on its way to my dear grandson Floki on the Isle of Man. I very much enjoyed making it for him. And I hope he wears it a lot.
 I love the way the variegated yarn made wonderful and fun stripes as I worked, so much so in fact that I went out and purchased more, in a different colourway.
These balls of yarn have dye lot and colour numbers, but sadly not names. But I call the one above, watermelon.
The new one is knitting up like blueberry ripple ice cream.
Another poncho! Baby size this time, for my colleague who is due later this year.
And in between those two projects, this one gained a few more colourful stripes.
I had a day with the girls yesterday, it's been such a long time since all three of us got together. We met a Debbies and had a gossip while we crafted. Of course we went out for lunch and visited the local crafty stores, I bought more yarn!!  I'll save that for another day though.
So a day out yesterday, means domestics today.
I hope to find time for more knitting later. I hope you find time for crafting too. 

Friday 24 May 2019

Sorry I'm so quiet.

Life has been rather busy.
But I'm still finding time to relax and play with yarn.
My blanket was growing beautifully.
 Until I found this fun yarn and a knitting pattern to go with it.
But I'm almost done with the knitting now.

Wednesday 8 May 2019

Another finish

Which of course means a new start too!!
But first the finish. The cute wee pink number I showed off last time is all done and wrapped up ready to be gifted. It really didn't take long at all.
It is the third time I have used the Neat Ripple pattern shared by Lucy on her Attic 24 blog. It's a nice easy pattern to follow. You can see another version of it in the photo below, done in a variegated pink yarn. It was pulled out a few nights ago, on a cooler evening, I'm really missing the warmth of that BIG woolly blanket LOL And on the back of the sofa, you can see just a hint of my Great British Granny blanket. So named as I used yarns made from British  heritage sheep breeds.  
Also in this photo you can see my latest project. I started it on Friday morning before work. This is my Cosy Cottage blanket. So called as I am using Lucy's Cosy Stripe pattern and her cottage colour selection. I have to say, after working with pure wool for my last three or four projects it is nice to be working with the lighter weight of the acrylic yarn, but I do miss the warmth of the wool. (Did I mention that already? LOL)  Lucy not only shares her patterns and tutorials and colour choices, she even shares her colour order and I'm following the colour chart she provided here, when she made a Cottage Ripple. The above picture was taken on Sunday when in a change to my usual Sunday morning kitchen routine I opted instead to join Tony in the sitting room. While he and my brother played war games on PlayStation, Belle found a cosy spot for a snooze and I added a few cosy stripes to my blanket.
Of course, less chores on Sunday means more chores on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I still found time yesterday to add more colours and, before I put it down at bed time last night  I had officially reached the quarter done point. My post it note marker has made it to the bottom of the first of four columns of listed colours.
  I have made one stripe in each of the fifteen colours and Grape has been used twice!
Sadly the flash photography does it no justice at all. In real life the colours are much prettier, but it is still early on a very grey and overcast morning so not enough natural light for a good picture. I'll make it my mission to get a much better picture of it some time very soon.
I didn't do all of my chores yesterday, opting to spend some time with my crochet, so today before playing I'll be making chicken pie (or maybe soup, I didn't decide yet.) and a bacon and egg pie, by special request, the menfolk are fishing at the weekend and I'm told, pie is required. I also need to do some laundry, some ironing, and have a general tidy up and make a trip to the post office. 
But all I really want to do is sit right here and crochet. 
Time to move.