Sunday 29 April 2012

Can't sleep!

 I woke at 4.30 am and that was that, there was no going back to sleep.
You know me, I just got up and and got busy with my crochet. It's cosy under here.
We're off on our travels later today, and my blanket is going with me, I thought I'd do a quick measure before I go. 25 inches, not bad. It's grown seven inches in six days.
I wonder how much I'll get done while I'm travelling? 
See you in two weeks.

Monday 23 April 2012

They've broken it!!

 What have they done to it? I really don't like this new interface. I loved the old blogger. Why must they mess with things? Sigh......

And now I fixed it!! Thank you Lynn
Here is what she suggested I do.
go to your dashboard--select the little gear thing on the upper left side--it will give you a drop menu where you can select the old style.
Getting on with the reason I came here, my crochet blanket is growing. It looked so big in my lap yesterday I vowed to post a picture. Then when I spread it out on the floor this morning.......
LOL It's just barely 18 inches long. No where near bed size yet.
I'll keep on hooking away at it. In fact I'm off on a two week coach tour in a few days. I'm not very good at sitting doing nothing, so I'll be taking this along with me. Hopefully it will grow considerably.
   I have mixed feelings about this trip. It's not a relaxation holiday. This was something that has been at the top of Tony's wishlist for a long time.

Friday 20 April 2012

An unhappy ending.

 I'm really not altogether happy with this one. I've quilted and unquilted it more than once. On Tuesday I finally gave up and threw some very basic straight line in the ditch quilting onto it and a pieced binding. But even that wasn't simple or easy. Remember I showed you THIS piece of batting? Well I blame the batting. It was awful to work with. I'll use up what I have, but I'll never buy it again. Lesson learned.
Aaaanyhooo! Enough moaning. This is my Charming Hearts, inspired by Moda, using Fig Tree charm packs from various collections.
I pieced the back with some slices of Fig tree layer cake. Even the binding is made up from Figgy Jelly Roll slices.
 Following it's inaugural wash to get rid of my blue guide lines the raw edge appliqué has started to ruffle it's edges. Yum yum. Love that.
I closed the binding and washed it this morning. It's a finish!!
This afternoon I've worked away at my crochet blanket while watching wildlife.DVDs. Maybe I'll show that next time.

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Just when you think it's over......

Winter puts in another appearance! Just a few hours before the top got dusted we were walking about in short sleeves enjoying the sunshine.
I'm just glad it stayed up there. 
Look! I finally have a finish for you. My knitted cardigan. 
I do have a day off today, but can't make any promises, I'm totally un inspired.

Friday 13 April 2012

Still working

Technically it should say.....back at work! 
I did have my five days off but don't feel particularly R&Rd. We had a busy weekend, with lots of visitors and  consequentially lots of meals to prepare! I did find some crafty time though.
 After working my way through the repairs pile I got on with my cardigan. It needs only some sleeves and some tidying up and it's done. I had to leave in that patch of very bright sunshine, just as a reminder that we do have some very nice days occasionally!
 The final picture is a warning. This is what happens when you give your teenagers too much chocolate!!

Thursday 5 April 2012

Work, work, work.

I really do need a few days off! My shift pattern at the moment is crap!! 'Scuse my language but it is. Nor is it helped by the fact that I swapped a few shifts, supposedly for my own benefit as well as for others. Never mind, after todays late shift I have 5 days off over the holiday weekend. 5 Whole days of R&R with my Hunney.
My crafting didn't totally stop. I've still been beavering away with my yarn crafts. My crochet has grown a little. I might do an hour on that later if I get all my chores done.
 I've finished the back of my cardigan and now I'm on my way up the left front.
 And in case you didn't guess from my last post, I've un quilted some of the quilting in my charming hearts quilt.
All of these images were brought to you by my new phone. My old phone had developed issues, so Hunney talked me out of my usual trusty Nokia and into a Sony Experia Ray. I had to try out the camera and catch up with the rest of the world, before getting on with less than fun stuff today.