Thursday 27 September 2007

A Box full of goodies.

As I mentioned yesterday my friend Janet has sent me a box of goodies. She promised me some patchwork which had become a UFO and 'a few other bits'. It turned out to be a rather large box!

These three fabrics she went out and bought specifically for me! OMG! There are yards of the stuff, it's beautiful, I'll have to make something very special with this fabric. I love blues and Janet got the blue nail on it's blue head. I think I died and went to blue heaven.

This is the UFO, I'll do my best to do something with these fabrics, it's all here, green, pink, blue, orange, red and white.
In order to make more stars I'll have to make a few practice cuts on some scrap fabric to ensure I get my diamonds the right size. Watch out for this stuff, you will see it again.

I'm gussing these two fabrics were bought to go together. The green is almost as pretty as the blue. ;-) The patterned piece whispered Christmas to me, hmm.............

Also in the box were these crochet pieces along with yards and yards of crochet cotton.

I've never mastered crochet, a colleague of mine can, though I've only ever seen her working with wool style yarns. I wonder if she has the patience to teach me, I'd love to make at least the few more squares it would take to finish this into a baby size blanket.

I've never seen a flower loom before, they look like fun! I'll have to have a go won't I? Then I'll know how they work when my nieces come to see me, I'm sure they will love them. Hmm, I have a pattern for a hand knit doll, her dress would look great with a flower on.

There was also some other bits and pieces in the box, lacy net style fabrics, I tried to get a pic of those but it didn't work. Janet also bought me the latest issue of 'Love of Quilting' from Fons and Porter. I've never seen that magazine here, so it's nice to see something from across the ocean. It's much thicker than the local mag I subscribe to. I keep looking through it, there is so much to see, I'll have to curl up and read it properly some day soon.

Thank you Janet, thank you, thank you, thank you. xx

In yesterdays post, a much smaller package. My sister ordered these applique pieces for me, I plan to use them in a turning twenty quilt.

The first turning twenty book I bought was the 'Around the block' version, I have enough flowers and Sues to make a quilt for my friends little girl.

Aunty Loulee used to do lots of knitting for Eden, but lately I've been bitten by the quilt bug and Eden is feeling neglected. Just a few more girly fat quarters to collect and Eden will have a quilty christmas.

I still didn't close the binding on DS *2 quilt, I'll get it done before I go to work today though.

Have a happy day

Wednesday 26 September 2007

All kinds of busy.

Sorry I've not been around, life kinda got in the way.
DS *1 is in hospital, has been for almost 3 weeks now, every time we thought he was on the mend, there was a setback of some kind. So lots of tooing and froing there. Hopefully he is on the mend now and will be allowed home soon.

In the middle of all that was a weekend away in Manchester, which was OK, but I couldn't settle and wanted to be home.

And while all of that was going on I've also been busy with another of the charm quilts for DS *2

Once again I meandered all over, this time in scarlett red! Hmm, I wonder what he will make of that, I also wrote his name in the meander, as I did for his brother. The meander is not as intense as on the first quilt, more of a drunken stroll up and down the fabric. I wanted to explore what different effects I could achieve.

It just needs me to complete the binding, which I'll hopefully get to do tomorrow.

While in Manchester at the weekend I visited the Trafford centre, did a little shopping. No quilty shops, but I did find this in a book shop.

This was the only quilty book on the shelf, it's great, what a treasure. I've looked throught it a few times and hopefully will get to read it soon and try out a few ideas.

My friend Janet sent me a huge box of goodies from the USA, I'll post pics of it's contents next time. Thank you Janet.

I'm off to hospital now, see you soon.

Thursday 20 September 2007

It's done.

My boys quilt is done. I sat yesterday afternoon and quilted it. :-)
Inspired and urged on by this post, if a 10 year old can do it, so can I.
I set off stitching the outline of leaves on each of the 4 separate parts,then as I put them together I meandered all over the two halves, before fastening them together and meandering over the join.

In places my meanders are close together, in other places they are perhaps a little too far apart, but on the whole I'm rather pleased with myself. I didn't meander into my leaf outlines, they are still there. This morning I put on the binding.

It's darker in real life than it appears here, the white lines you can see are the leaf outlines and their details, I even managed to give them stems and veins! Amid the meander anyone looking closely will see my boys nick name and 'mum' .

You may remember I was thinking of using an old waffle blanket instead of wadding in this one, well someone suggested trying a layer of fleece instead of wadding and a backing. I went with that idea in the end and all afternoon yesterday while I was quilting it I was worried that it wouldn't be cosy enough, (LOL) this morning while I slipped the binding closed my fears were put to rest as I toasted underneath it. Very cosy, but lightweight and a perfect size to snuggle under while watching TV on a cold night. I want to make a second one of these, two boys means making two quilts.

So, what next? I can't get settled at my cross stitch cause my back is still sore. I'll have to keep on with the quilts. I have some Katies choice blocks cut ready to piece, I have my scrap blocks of the month to play with, a second batch of autumn charms has arrived and I want to make a very girly turning twenty. Decisions, decisions..........

See you soon.

Not a lot happening.

I've not done much sewing, my sister has been around doing hers, with my help and encouragement, but I've had little chance to get at the machine myself.

My beginners Scrap bundle and block the month instructions arrived yesterday. I got some lovely bright prints. Once again, they are mostly fabrics I wouldn't choose for myself.

The block pattern is for hourglass blocks. I'll have a play with those some time soon. I have to wonder though if I should change to a different club, I know I have only recieved two packages, but neither of them has really challanged me and inbetween the two I took on pinwheels with my sister and Katies choice for myself. I may have a look and see if I like some of the more challanging clubs. Any suggestions? I must confess to being tempted by this Dear Jane club. I've looked at it several times in the last couple of months. Julia You have a lot to answer for. LOL I've been following Julias progress for some time and really love many of the blocks she has produced.

I was out this morning with my sister, we stopped off at one of the islands few fabric shops, I got a few fat quarters. The christmas one was my sisters choice, I thought she wanted it, but when we got back here she said no, she'd suggested it to inspire me! LOL

I also bought some thread for quilting my boys top. The fleece has arrived and it's time to get on with it.

I have 4 Katies choice blocks made up now and 4 more cut ready to piece. Aside from being slowed down by a bad back, thats all I have to report.

Saturday 15 September 2007

Stash Building

Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned that I was new to quilting and didn't have any stash?
Well things have changed. It's still embryonic compared to some, but here is the beginnings of the future! LOL

Some was purchased as fat quarter sets, others were pot luck. Some I would have choosen for myself and others I wouldn't dream of picking up.

Some inspire me, and some have me floundering.

But I'm sure they will all get used somewhere.

My sister called round again this morning, we made some more of her pinwheels! Oh, and she found some more charms, Lovely! :-\ Anyway, she's gone to work now so I'm cutting more Katies choice pieces. I must say this one has slowed me down. Hunney is happy with that, I was getting through things a little too fast for his liking!
I've changed my mind again and ordered a piece of fleece for backing the boys charm quilt rather than a blanket and backing.
I'll keep you posted.
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday 12 September 2007

Lots to see today.

I've uploaded the pictures in the wrong order, I'm having a hard time coming to terms with the picture I want to talk about first is the one to upload last!

So, in reverse order, cause I'm too lazy to start again.

Ater I'd finished everything else yesterday, I made this little Katies choice block.

I've been looking for something to use up my rose bucket fabrics and I couldn't resist this one, I'll be making more of these.

Dear sons charm top acquired some new charms while my sister was visiting yesterday, I found these red skull charms in her smeggie collection. Sorry it's a poor pic, I snapped it on the fly!

I think they look pretty good in the autumn quilt. I'm sure he will like them. I got it made as far as these 4 squares, I plan to quilt as I go, so it's awaiting some wadding and backing. I may use an old blanket in this one, if I can find one, I'll go trawl the op shops after work tomorrow. Then anything I find has plenty of time to wash and dry before the basket gets filled on Friday evening!

What should have been first but is now last but not least!
These are the awful ebay charms my sister brought with her yesterday. None of them are nicely cut, they are all different sizes so we will have to do some cutting to try to rescue them.

There are twice as many of the blue/grey with small flowers, I may abandon that one for now as it is very thin, a much lighter weight than the other, or any thing I have here. I do have some floral pastels that will blend in nicely with the floral fabrc, it was a quilters cheating fabric, it looks like 2" charm squares and is actually very pretty, but in most cases only one square remains whole!

I was actually here looking for ideas when I found the Katies choice block and got side tracked.
If I add some of my pastels and maybe some of the blues left over from my plates.........?
I do want to try to rescue and use the blue and yellows, as they are very pretty.
Any suggestions anyone?

Tuesday 11 September 2007

Dear Sons quilt.

Thank you for all your comments on yesterdays post. I do apprciate them.
I started the day with all intentions of concentrating on DS's quilt. I spread all the charms back out on the floor, looked a it for a while, as I drank my morning cuppa and checked up on your blogs. Then I decided it was too small! Time to add more to it! LOL So out came the other pack of charms, they were duly added, things shuffled around a little, then I looked at it some more, while I had another cuppa. Worked out a plan of attack, now I have 100 charms, in a 10 x 10 arrangement, nice and easy, I'll stitch 5 x 5 blocks! Cool! Hey Ho, sewing machine here I come!

I got as far as you see here, then my sister arrived!

All the odd charms laying on the floor are hers! She brought her whole and extensive collection of 'smeggie' charms with her and tried to explain how I was going to help her make a nice quilt top out of them! LOL The cakes just on the right there were a bribe I think.

So we sorted the bundle into piles of 2x2 charms, it turns out what she wants is pinwheels. BIG pinwheels, so 4 charms each in matching fabrics. Sister dear ironed, while I cut, I did suggest the sew two lines then cut method, but she was having none of that!

Once she had finished ironing, she started sewing, while big sister was still cutting. :-/
Then she flew out the door to work, leaving me with this.....

And a table full of her pieces, while my own project still graced the floor!

It's not lunchtime yet, I have the whole day off work, I wonder if I'll get peace to get DS's top finished?

Dear sister did leave me with another project though. She had bought some 'charms' off ebay, they were hand cut, and most definately not square. She mooted the idea of squaring them up and using them 'somewhere' but I have other plans.
We also have a piece of silk which our grandfather bought mum from China many years ago, not big enough to make much clothing wise, but as a very special quilt just so happens that it goes quite nicely with the odd shaped ebay charms. I feel a plan forming here, but in true Loulee style, I'm sure that will change! ROFLOL

I'll keep you posted.

Monday 10 September 2007

What do you think?

I had two very pretty autumnal charm packs arrive today. I actually ordered them to help me decide which fabrics to use for my Chevron Quilt, but, over the weekend my oldest son dropped a not so subtle hint that he would like a mum quilt! To be honest I was totally at sea, the boy is 15 and impossible to buy for, but then these charms arrived. I had a play about this morning, cut some fat quarters which came in a lucky dip sale and added one or two charms from another pack. What do you think?

Most of the charms are from Modas Harvest Bouquet collection. I think my boy would like this, He is into brown at the moment, so, I'll get them sewn together and find something to use as a border/ backing fabric.

I had already decided that the other pack was more inspiring for the chevron quilt, it's another Moda collection, 'Autumn Journey' I'll decide on which fabrics I want and make a note of them, then make up a second charm quilt with those too, I have enoughof the fat quarter pieces left to make another the same size and with that in mind they should look kind of like a pair.

Saturday 8 September 2007

Stll here.

Sorry for not posting. I've been busy with life.
I have made a few gifts, but can't post pics here for obvious reasons. ;-)
I'll be getting on with a little cross stitch if life lets me, so will post a pic of that soon.
Take care all, thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday 5 September 2007

4 and 9 patch blocks.

I just spent a very pleasant little while putting together a bunch of 4 and 9 patch blocks.
As I said yesterday, these colours really are not me, and some of the prints in the pack are huge, so not really ideal for the tiny 3" blocks I chose to produce. I've made enough of them to enable me to make them into four 6" blocks in the future.

I'll put them away for now, along with the remainder of the fabrics I've used, then as my beginners collection of Fabric scraps and instructions for scrappy blocks grows, inspiration may strike.

Thank you to those of you who left or sent encouraging words after my sorry attempts at quilting a whole top. I haven't given up and will try again. :-)

Tuesday 4 September 2007

Another finish!

When I had it all laid out on the floor ready for the final round of construction yesterday, it dawned on me that I really don't like this one! Is this normal? Does anyone else suddenly go off a piece at or near to completion?

My efforts at quilting this piece were, well, (Insert expletive!) awful just about sums it up! I wonder how much of that was down to the fact that I had gone off it? And how much was down to trying to use a household size machine? I think in future I'll stick to the quilt as I go method, it's more forgiving. But thank you to those who encouraged me to have a go, I'd still be wondering.......if it wasn't for your faith.
I put the buttons on again, one in the centre of each block, they are not needed to hide any wobbles, I got that bit right! I just like them, they feel good. Hehehehehe, is there an embellisher inside of me pushing to get out? :-D
DD pointed out that the colours are actually perfect for my mothers sitting room. Merry Christmas Mum! I hope she doesn't mind a bit of wobbly quilting and some slightly screwed up corners! I did my best to rescue it.

And for my next trick? The washing machine is whirring round as I type! A few weeks ago I joined a beginners club which, every month sends out a scrap bundle and instrutions for making up a block, my first installment arrived at the same time as the fabric I used for this last piece. It's the really bright roll in the center of the pic here. It sat in it's pretty roll adorning the sideboard for a while as it seemed a shame to break into it. After pressing tomorrow I'll be cutting for some bright nine patches, there are lots of really bright pinks and blues in this bundle, not at all colours I would choose for myself so I'm not sure what will become of them. I'll ponder that while I sew.

New Stash.

Some of my recent purchases arrived today. Two fabric packs which were on special. Floral brights and floral pastels.

The pastels are much nicer in real life, they look a little washed out here. I also bought myself a Turning twenty book. It's number 3 in the series 'Around the block'. I like, how great are the patterns? I'll have to look out for more of these books.
My subscription copy of 'Popular Patchwork' magazine also turned up today, there are some patterns in there I'd like to try too. And it was a good read, with newsand pics from some of the GB quilt shows.
I was spoiled by my postie today.

Back to my current project, it's spread out all over my bedroom floor at the moment, I'd better get back to it.

Sunday 2 September 2007

Future Quilt.

As promised I scanned my book to show you the quilt Hunney and I both like. It called 'Simply Chevrons'.

These scans have come out paler than the original pages, try as i might I couldn't get the colours to come true. It's a much richer warmer looking quilt than it looks here.

I'm having problems finding just the right fabrics for it. Hunney and I both like the colours used in the model so I'd like to get something very similar. To that end I have ordered some charm packs in the hope of finding something we like and agree on. At 108 x 108 it should keep me busy for a while.

As for the current project, the top is in 3 pieces laying on my absent DDs bed at the moment, the backing is also in the same state. Decision time, do I quilt it as 3 pieces? Or fasten the whole lot together and quilt the whole thing? It's 50x50 so won't be massively huge and hopefully won't be too big to manage in my little machine if I decide on the latter option.

What do you think girls?