Friday 25 April 2014

Anzac Day

I may be in a different country, with different traditions and even a different date.
But I will remember them.

Thursday 24 April 2014

The great outdoors!

I was busy outside in the garden the other day and realised that I hadn't yet had the camera out there. We have a small lawn area at the back. On the left beyond the end of the garage is a veggie garden. The property owners have cleared it all out and laid a good thick mulch on most of it, but I noticed spuds and peas trying to get through! There is also a very young lemon tree and a few herbs.  I'm not sure what that tree is in the foreground, but beyond it is a feijoa bush. The building on the right is the property owners other rental. It's a small place with a separate entrance. Although the windows overlook our garden, they are frosted and in time the bushes and plants will thicken to give even more privacy, to both parties.
 I don't think I have ever seen feijoas before I came to NZ. The fruits on this one are not ready yet. I had a look online and the sites I found seemed to suggest that here on South island they will ripen in May.
I know Lee and our nieces are looking forward to that, they love them.
I am not a fan of them. So I'm happy to know that they won't go to waste.
When I went to get a closer look at the fruits for you, I spotted a nest in the bush. It was all very quiet, so I believe it is currently vacant.
Looking back toward the house you can see our covered deck area. Those big windows obscured by the giant BBQ are my play room, I may have to have words about where that thing is going to live when not in use!
Along side the house is a two car garage with attached man cave! Well if I get a play room I guess he should have one too!
It's currently pretty empty, with only a few garden tools and the mower in residence. I'm sure that will change.
There is a small garden at the front too, I'll show that another day.
The gardens all have a shut down and finished with feel to it at the moment, I can't help but wonder what spring will bring?

Tuesday 22 April 2014

We're back on the air!

The chap from the internet service provider was here this morning and we're back on the air! Hooray!
I was feeling terribly lost without the WWW!
Time now to catch up on some blog reading!
But firstly, I can't blog without a picture!
Here is how my crochet blanket is looking.
If you remember the yarn I'm using is all reclaimed from the Sally Army op shop. I love that as I unravel the balls the yarn is all crinkly and wrinkly from having been knitted or crochet previously.  A friend had a dig about in her stash and gave me some leftovers she found in lovely naturally coloured wool yarns too.
I believe I have enough now to get this one finished.
By the time I do that our container should be here!
It's due into Christchurch in two weeks time, then hopefully we will take delivery very soon after that.
I have enjoyed my crochet project and will need another to keep me going through the winter evenings, but oh boy! I miss my sewing machines. I have a whole new play room with nothing in it! I'm itching to sort out and arrange things in there!
I guess I'll do some sewing too!

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Coming for a walk?

Moving house, means a new place to explore. And a new route to walk.
It didn't take long for me to find somewhere beautiful to get my daily exercise.
It's very close to where I work! I take a right, just before I get there!
Down a gentle hill. I pass some exotic trees along the way.
Under the railway bridge.

Welcome to Caroline bay, or 'The Bay' as the locals call it.
There is more exotic plantlife, mixed with some things that are more familiar to me.
The dunes were not here when I first visited in 2005, and had only just been created when we were here again in 2009.  I guess they are still getting established. I'm not sure how I feel about man made dunes, but it does seem to be a better way of protecting the area than great piles of boulders which some places seem to prefer.
There are board walks among the dunes.
You can't really see them here, but there are volley ball courts, and that's the port of Timaru in the distance.
Hmmm... Food for thought, especially after what just happened in the Solomon Islands. NZ was on Tsunami alert!
After turning inland I came across a war memorial and walked along memorial avenue.
After admiring the face a peace. (See those steps?)
All along memorial avenue there are marker stones.
Each one depicting battles of the first world war where Kiwis fought and died.
There are many, many more.
I walked under the loop road and turned a corner
Before walking under the willow trees.
Back to the Piazza steps. Up, up, up we go.
The views from the top are lovely, even on a grey day.
The rose garden.
The bay area, with willow trees, memorial avenue cross wise and the semi permanent fairground.

As I walked along I saw the sound shell, an out door theatre.
 With plenty of seating.
 There are little surprises along the way.
 I'm not sure which is the front of this sculpture, but I like to think it's the smiley face!
 There is even a little place to rest while you admire the sculpture.
My path took me across the top of the folly!
Past the tennis courts.
And along the back of the aviary. I'll take you in there another day.
 Just to the left in this last picture is the railway bridge where we entered the bay. 
I went on home as it was overcast and trying to rain. 
But on a better day I go up and over the hill across the road. I'll take you that way another day.
We are settling into our half empty new home.
I may even be sad to fill it with furniture!
The phone line will be switched on tomorrow and the WWW next week! 
We all feel rather cut off without the WWW.
Many thanks to Lee for letting us show up and use hers, while we do the laundry.
Time to go xx

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Pictures, but still no internet.

We still have no internet at the new place, but Tony has looked into it, soon he tells me, soon.
Meanwhile, I get to use the internet at Steven and Lees place, while I wait for the washing machine, we don't have one of those either, so we pop back every couple of days with a basket full!
Today I zipped around with the camera, so you can see my still somewhat bare new place.
The most important room first.
This will be my den! Plenty of room for cutting and work tables in here. Not to mention all my sewing machines and other goodies. I will possibly have to invest in a book case, we'll see how things look once our container arrives.
 Next view, my kitchen, my lovely, lovely kitchen. I love it.
I love the light, I love the space.
 So big and airy after the last one!
And from the other end. Tony jokes that I could fit a body in the fridge!
The pantry is huge, we could have a party in there! :-)
The master bedroom, with built in wardrobes. 
And our previously owned, but very beautiful solid Remu bed frame.
We have bedside chests coming, but meanwhile we have bedside chairs! And my smalls drawer is a shoe box in the wardrobe! You can't see it here, but there are two huge picture windows in this room.
Joes room is marginally smaller, but has much more storage, you can only see about half of the cupboards in this image!
Joe also has a previously loved Remu bed head.
The dining and sitting area is open plan off the kitchen, which I like.
For the time being we have the patio table from Tonys parents place, our own big table will be here soon.
We now also have a TV on load from Tonys sister Lisa, along with a DVD player and a pile of movies to keep us busy. :-)
 The laundry, with no washer or dryer, is behind the kitchen, and the littelest room is right at the far end of the laundry!
I could almost swim in that bath, it's long, wide and deep!
I've been into work twice now. On Monday I did three hours of orientation and met some colleagues. Today I went in to meet some more colleagues and have a play with some of the systems.
I start my first shift at 05.15 on Friday.
We got a letter from the Isle of Man tax department. They owe us £2,100. ish!
Mums house is sold, subject to all the legal beagle stuff!
Life is good.

Monday 7 April 2014

No Internet!

We moved into our new place over the weekend and currently have no internet.
I'll post when I can and normal sporadic service will resume once internet is sorted at home.
Oh! And, I started my job today.
My head is all bettered, from taking in so much information!

Tuesday 1 April 2014


Today is a 'meh' day! 
The weather is meh.
I'm feeling meh.
So I'll be here if you need me...
Snuggled under my not meh crochet project.
It's very heavy and very warm.
I'm currently using a soft caramel shade.
I just took a phone call!
I've been offered a job!
I feel kind of meh about that too.
Not something I REALLY want to do, but, it's a job.