Sunday 18 June 2023

Eye Spy for Charmaine.

As I mentioned a couple of posts back, our GD Charmaine asked me to make her a quilt for her birthday, which just happens to be in about two weeks. On the day she asked I showed her a collection of fabrics I've had for some time, with her in mind. We looked through them and she had lots of favourites in the bundle. Wanting to achieve something fairly speedily I opted for large HSTs
I had that done in no time and began to audition sashing and corner stones.
But nothing was really working for me, so in desperation I pushed all the blocks together and rather liked the effect.
But still not quite right, so a quick shuffle about and ....
That's much better.
They sat like that for a day or two before being sewn together, then it was time for borders.
After some input from my pal Janice I finally have a completed top.
Thank you Janice, I wasn't thinking of two borders, but that works beautifully.
Charmaine told me she wants a lovely fluffy back, like the back of her brothers quilt. I made one for Torstein with a fleece back and we looked at the backs of some of the quilts I have here and yes, that is exactly what she wants, please.  
Hopefully I can get it quilted this week.
I've also had my cross stitch needle busy over the weekend, plugging away at St Nick.
There really is not much left to do before I begin the back stitching, couching on some sparkles and adding beads. It all got put on hold today as Charmaine and Torstein were here for their tea. Little Torstein loves to sit up beside his Grandad at the table. He ate a big plate of chicken casserole I think he showed Grandad every single kernel of corn and green bean before popping them into his mouth. LOL  He followed all of that with a bowl of ice cream with extra sprinkles, Grandad lets him add his own sprinkles.
His hair is getting quite long and Mummy had to tie it up before he sat at the table. 
Well, that's my news, I'm off to crochet until bedtime.
Hope you had a good weekend.
Mine was great.

Tuesday 13 June 2023

A day out with Debbie.

 It's been a long time since Debbie and I had a bit of a day out together, we kept saying we must do it, but never found the right time. 
Until today. 
I picked Debbie up bright and early at 9am and we were off!
We had an appointment booked with Cathy at the quilting shed. She opens by appointment only at the moment and is the final weeks of business. So sad that she is closing, such a loss to the quilting community here in NZ. Cathy is a lovely lady, very knowledgeable and helpful With only three weeks of business left her sales are getting bigger and better almost by the day. The shop once packed full almost to bursting is still well stocked I have to say, but pretty bare by Cathy's standards. I didn't have a shopping list and arrived with an open mind. Though if I saw some quilting threads......
There was a whole table full of large off cuts and smaller end of bolts. I grabbed this extra wide batik from there and I'm sure Debbie found one or two pieces of Kaffe.
I did find some quilting thread, though there wasn't much left to choose from.
And finally for me, two rulers.
No books to go with them, but I'm sure the internet will provide lots of inspiration.
Debbie found more Kaffe fabrics to add to her small collection, she thinks she has enough for a queen quilt now.
Next stop was in Oamaru in a new to us shop. A stitch on Tyne has only been open for a few months. We had a look but there really wasn't much for us in there. I did find this fishy looking one for an eye spy quilt though.
Our last stop on the way home is a store that we often forget about, like Cathy it is a little out of the way, but a nice store. We both found some pretty fabrics and as an added bonus they were having a 20% sale I got a cute charm pack and some coordinating fabric to add borders and binding.
And I also found this bundle of spots.
No plan for them, they were just too cute to leave behind.
W also had lunch and visited one or two other stores while we were out, which was nice. I bought a rhubarb plant for Tony. Don't like the stuff myself, but Tony will enjoy anything I bake with it. LOL
It was a great day, we chatted and nattered all day long about work, husbands and life in general, I think we each managed to let off some steam and we promised that we will do it again soon. We also discussed getting together for a wee sew along day. Hopefully we can do that soon. 
Maybe after my little excursion I can rediscover my sewjo. I have time to sew again, but sadly the sewjo is missing....
Maybe if I find it again I'll get back to posting more often. 

Sunday 4 June 2023

All the goings on.

So what has been keeping me away from my sewing and blogging?
Well for a start we had this young man all day yesterday.  Torstein is nearly 3 now and very much interested in the world around him. Sitting here with the sun streaming in through our big windows he discovered reflections yesterday and was fascinated watching them move and dance on the ceiling and walls, once I had shown him how to do it by moving his toys.
It was wonderful to see the awe and amazement on his face. 
He also spent some time with Grandad who was taking apart a game console that had stopped working. Torstein was happy to watch and make several trips to the tool cupboard to fetch screwdrivers and other important items. Grandad also spent some time reading and looking at the pictures in the Fire engine book. He loves to sit up beside Grandad at the table when it is time to eat. For his tea he demolished a big plate of butter chicken, rice and naan bread. 
Yesterday was a good day.
Today and over the last couple of weeks I have been spending a lot of time out in the garden. This image is the third pile of pea straw bales delivered to our place. A total of six dozen bales.
I have been busy laying it onto our gardens to keep the weeds down. It's taken a long time (As in years) to convince him, but Tony has finally allowed me to do this.
It was a lot of work to get it all done.
Not just on the garden beds, but also along the dirt path at the very back of the property.
We have quite a long fence line which could do with one or two repairs.
There is still one garden bed to tidy up before I put more straw down. It's good to get it done.
The feijoa trees have dropped almost all of their fruit now, I've done lots of baking and even made some feijoa jam. Here it is in the cauldron.
Maybe now that most of the garden jobs are completed and things are all tidy for the winter, I just might get a little more sewing time in. I have made time for sewing, taking myself in to my little room each day, even if I only had time to sew one block.
One is better than none right?
I have a few of Jude's ready set sew blocks made now, but have put them aside today, in order to make a start on a new quilt. Miss Charmaine has her birthday in a months time and has requested one of Nanny's quilts please. I fished about in the stash after tea last night and found a bundle of scrappy 10 inch squares. It was a bundle I bought quite a while ago especially to make a girly quilt for Charmaine. We looked at the fabrics together and she seemed to approve, well she had lots of favourites. LOL
I did a little work on them before I sat down here to blog. I'll get pictures soon, I hope.
Torstein is also very fond of Nanny's quilts and blankets, each time he visits he asks if he can take a blanket home. LOL  He has taken some, but we have managed to convince him that he must leave some here to snuggle in too.  I must get my grans old airer out and show him how to make a blanket den/playhouse. 
Well that's my news. All my chores are done, I might go read a few blogs, then pull out my cross stitch. 
I hope you're having a great weekend.