Monday 25 August 2014

Can you tell what it is yet?

A quick Christmas project.
 Before my next biggie!
Sleeping Beauty finishes at 15 x 16 inches.
She has about 50 shades of thread and three shades of blue beads.
She may take a while!
I shall try not to bore you with her.

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Men at Work

 And here they are!
Right outside my house.
They are chasing a leak in the water main.
A couple of months ago it was away down the road, they repaired that and another one sprang a little higher up the road, so they came back and fixed that, then there was another one...... I think we are up to the fifth one now.
maybe they should just replace the whole lot!!? LOL
While I was taking their picture, I remembered that I had wanted to get a pic of the big magnolia tree over the road. I have always loved magnolias and love to see them here around my new home.
They are all so much bigger than any I saw on the Isle of Man.
Still with me?
Your reward is to see my new stash.
Yesterday we had to go up to Christchurch.
Tony had to visit a certain store to be fitted for a best man suit.
I had to find a posh frock too.
Getting there and back means driving passed Annie's Country Quilt Store, not once but twice!
Well you know I had to call in!
I have visited the store before, (last picture in this post), way back in 2009. It hasn't changed. Oh, there are new patterns and new items on display, but it is still an Aladdin's cave of quilty goodness. :-)
As you can see I treated myself to some kiwiana charms and jelly slices and a sweet kit.
The washing machine is all finished, so I'm off to the washing line.
I have to say after years of apartment living, it's wonderful to have a washing line again. :-)

Tuesday 12 August 2014

A Finish!!

Yesterdays progress is todays finish! 
I don't usually sit down to stitch until after lunch, but today my Geisha was shouting very loudly, so I bent my own rules.
"Oriental Lady, Beauty" by Joan Elliott. Featured in the book A Cross Stitcher's Oriental Odyssey. Kit produced by Design Works Crafts Inc.
(The website I purchased the kit from also called her Spring Geisha, but I have found no other reference to that title.) She is a little untidy as I didn't rinse and press her yet. Forgive me, I'm eager to share.
I'm off to dance happily, while I do a few chores before stash diving for my next project.

Monday 11 August 2014

A weekend away.

My beloved and I took off for the weekend. A two hour drive from home, takes us into the mountains.
Although snow storms had been predicted, there really wasn't that much snow about, most of it seemed to fall further south.
 And higher up!
 Meanwhile, we were able to explore in the sun. We came across a hydro-electric damn that Tony hadn't visited before. Just look at the size of those penstocks!! 
 I will never tire of seeing the lakes, their colours and the stunning views.
 Tekapo was bathed in sunshine. Not quite warm enough to do without the woolly layer though!
 Here's a peep at the bach we stayed in. (Pronounced batch)
 Of course I was delighted by the locals.
 And put out bread crusts to encourage them.
 Before driving home on Sunday we visited Mount Cook. The tallest peak.
There was a little cloud around, but the sun shone for us.
 We watched some movies in the theatre. Hows this for a screen?
 The dome was lowered over the seats. Made movie going a different experience.
There is also a small museum dedicated to the early explorers and settlers to the Mount Cook area.
It was a bit of a challenge to get to, until quite recently.
We had a lovely weekend.
But it was nice to be back home last night and curl up on our own sofa, before climbing into our own bed.

Thursday 7 August 2014


But first,
Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.
I had a lovely day and our meal out in the evening was delicious and very filling.
I brought dessert home with me.
 I received loads of goodies in the mail today. 
All cross stitch related. :-)
This book has some wonderful Santa charts.
I really do like an olde worlde Santa.
It is a nice book to have around, just to look at the original artwork and maybe to stitch a Santa or two.
Next up a chart I've been searching for, for quite some time now.
 I was delighted to come across this fellow on Amazon.
I have a chart for his brother, a red clad Santa named Wind swept St Nick
And many years ago I stitched a set of six windswept St Nick ornaments.
Staying with the theme.
Yes, really I am!
Inside this book is yet another Santa.  :-)
There are one or two other patterns I may stitch, but really I bought it for Santa. LOL
I do still have one item outstanding.
It hasn't been mailed yet, but when I went to look into it, I noticed that on the website,  they say it will be mailed in 10 - 14 working days.
It hasn't been that long.
Almost done with the cross stitch.
Just thought I'd show you who kept me company while I stitched yesterday.
They are a flighty and augmentative bunch!
 Every time I got up to see what all the noise was about, they flew off!
I had to sneak over with the camera to catch these few. The other dozen or so saw me coming!
I'm off to stitch till bedtime.
Or maybe I'll just admire my Santas.

Tuesday 5 August 2014

It's that time of year again!

 Though I have to say, it doesn't feel like it!
The temperatures are pretty much the same, except for the morning frosts.
But it really doesn't feel like August.
It can't be my birthday yet, surely.
But it is, and a bit of a milestone too, I'm halfway to Ninety!!
So as you can see, Tony sent beautiful flowers, he always does. :-)
 My gift is still in the mail!
That's predictable too! LOL
And we're off out for tea tonight.
Joe also marked the occasion with not one but two packages.
 A cute wee bunny and would you just look at this guy....
Isn't he a hoot?
They are both lovely, but I particularly fell in love with the owl. :-)
I've been out for a lovely swim this morning and pottered about the house doing just a little of the necessary.
There is a raspberry and coconut slice in the oven, smells wonderful!
And I got to lick the jam spoon. :-p
All of my chores completed I can relax for the afternoon and join my geisha.
 She is almost done, it feels like she has been almost done for weeks now!
But look at the chart, if I leave off the watery bit at the bottom, as previously discussed, then there really is only a tiny bit left!
 Then I'll be forced to make a decision about who or what is next!
I have two new books on their way, a new chart in the mail and a new kit in the mail, not to mention all the stashed goodies. I'm sure I'll find something.
Yesterday I was pottering in the garden, enjoying the sunshine and remembered that I wanted to get pictures of some of the trees and shrubs.
This magnolia is beautiful, I love the delicate pink and white flowers, so dainty compared to it's very ostentatious cousin across the road. Hmm, no pic of that one. It has huge dinner plate sized deep pinky red blooms. Also beautiful.
 Also in our back yard and flowering away is this lovely rhododendron. The flowers are much redder than this, but it was such a bright day, the sun has washed them out. 
That's it from me. Time to go play.