Tuesday 25 February 2014

Beginning a new life.

After the misery of the Northern winter and all of those storms, it's wonderful to be here in New Zealand beginning our new life.Yes I know, Autumn is on the way and soon enough I'll be in another winter.
Meanwhile.... Blue skies!
 We're staying with Tony's brother and sister in law and their family. The house is beautiful.
 With a lovely secluded garden to the rear.
It would seem that we have Manx neighbours, just a few doors up the road! I know you can't really see it here, but that red smear is my national flag!
We didn't meet them yet.
Tony and Joe both have job interviews in the next couple of days.
I'm still looking.
Getting here was a very long journey, but we arrived remarkably well adjusted and with very little jet lag. 
We've been busy catching up with family and friends, and I've had my first crafty encounter! A family friend was here over the weekend, she spotted my crochet and we spent the next couple of hours talking craft and going back through my blog looking at my creations. She was inspired and went off to find her crochet hook and some yarn, in order to create her own chop suey style blanket.
Time to go play with my own hook!

Sunday 16 February 2014

Only two more sleeps and........

A new start. 
I just can't sit and do nothing! I get edgy and bored! I had that problem on Friday and had to go digging in my bag of yarn. I came up with these pretty colours and got stuck right in. 
I do have a cross stitch project handy, but just wanted something mindless. I can granny away and still relax and follow something on TV. I might even manage to take this on the plane and do a little as we travel.
Speaking of travel......
As you see from the title of my post, we have only two more sleeps in this house.
Today we plan to pack our suitcases and our carry on luggage, the cases will be stashed in an out of the way corner, so that tomorrow when the removals guys come we know that they won't be packing the wrong thing and they can get on with their job and not have us hovering just in case.
They will finish packing us up on Tuesday, once that is done we will have one last tidy up before heading to my brothers house where we will stay awake all night, before catching the very early bird flight off the island. The plan is that we will sleep all day in a hotel in Manchester before flying out in the evening. That way hopefully we will already be on NZ time!
Like I said, that's the plan. I've tried it twice before with limited success.
See you on the other side. :-)

Monday 10 February 2014

I think he likes it.

Chop Suey is finished and has had a snoozy snuggle test!
He had a big night out last night...
The countdown to my emigration continues. Slowly, too slowly!
10 days until we board that big plane. Only 8 days until the removals guys arrive to start packing us up.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

More Storms.....

What is with Mother Nature at the moment? We are being battered by storm after storm. There are areas of England that have been under water since before Christmas! 
My current corner of the world is shrinking! There have been land slips caused by the storms around many coastal areas of the island. The prom here in town was undermined and is falling away! Other coastal towns have similar damage and one small housing estate found itself VERY close to the cliff overnight!
 The Department of Idiots Infrastructure seems to have no time for anything other that flood control and storm damage control!
And we are not the only ones with weather issues. The USA is having a very cold winter with the Polar blasts. The Aussies seem to be stewing in their own juices!  How I wish I could tow one of these low pressure storms on the back of our big plane in TWO WEEKS!!
The house is feeling strange as more and more items are packed away ready to transport.
On a much prettier note....
Faith, enjoying toast.
My beautiful little grand daughter.