Friday, 14 March 2008

A field of sunflowers.

I've ground to a halt on my Trailing Hearts Two quilt, I ran out of red for the binding, so while I wait for that to arrive I'm getting on with something else. I'll show off my project another day! Yesterday my dear sister Moya was here...........

Some of you may remember she has a passion for sunflowers, and had collected just about every sunflower fabric in the known quilt world. She turned all of those fabrics into a Turning Twenty quilt. There is a pic of the top here. Note hers is full size, but I chickened out and only turned nine! LOL

She decided to back it with fleece rather than have a wadding and a backing. We shopped about all over the place and eventually she settled on half in dark bottle green and half in bright sunflower yellow. His and hers! LOL Then she started to quilt it, she was using a sunflower template, but was having such difficulties she gave up and threw it in the cupboard for a while. Now it's been unpicked and is once again on the go. She has a new template and is working in hand with one of my old loose embroidery hoops!


In some places she plans to tie the two layers together with sunflower buttons. She has hundreds!

Here's the new template, the yellow thread shows up well on this black fabric, but she has had problems finding pens and pencils which show up on ALL the fabrics, she has quite an assortment of those now.

So rather than pens and pencils she has switched to this stuff! She did say what it's called, I even looked at the packet and read the instructions! But can I remember what it's called! LOL It's a soluble stabilizer which she draws on then after stitching, she can tear or wash away. The template she is using is going all around the outside edge of the quilt. (P.S. By the power of the www I found and name and a link! )
Here is just half of the quilt, there is not enough room to spread it all out and still have room to work around it. How she managed to plan the placing of her blocks is beyond me, her place is small compared to here!
You can just see the dark green of 'his' half of the quilt peeking out here at the bottom.
A rare pic of Moya, she thought I was after close ups of buttons! Shhh, don't tell her.

Well, thats our news! Happy stitching.


Fiona said...

What a great quilt - and lovely to see all those different sunflower fabrics.

Teresa said...

I have used that new plastic wrap - press and seal - to mark quilting patterns. You can put it on your pattern, trace on the plastic wrap and then put it on your quilt. Sew right through and tear it off when the quilting is finished.

Love the sunflowers - ah, summer!

blackbearcabin said...

sounds like a wonderful visit with your sister! that quilt is going to be very cute...and thanks for sharing the link to "that stuff". i might have to check it out!
p.s. happy national quilting day!

Sarah Nopp said...

I thought I had a fair collection of sunny flowers. But I see a few in there that I don't own.