Thursday, 6 March 2008

A finished article.

Finally!! Boy have I had the run around today.

First off I couldn't get my picture manager to play! Had to Ctrl, Alt,Del several times as it was freezing up the puter, then I had to crash my puter cause nothing was working, it wouldn't even shut down! Hmm, I'll have to set Hunney onto this thing.

Then to add insult to injury, when I finally get things running smoothly my service provider has a go slow!

Well, I'm here now, I've managed to upload pictures of my completed quilt. If you remember I was using some fabrics I recieved from a scrappy club. I turned them into a hit and miss top, with an old towel for wadding. I haven't quilted this one, I simply sewed all the layers together along with the binding. I'm going to 'tie' it when I find the right buttons, I know I have them, somewhere, problem is a lot of my stash is still lurking in boxes.

I remember seeing a pattern that stuffed the binding, so I thought I'd give that a try this time.

I don't think I'll be doing it again, but it is nice to experiment, and well, you don't know until you try do you?

Here is the almost finished thing, (still not tied,) on the back of one of the sofas.

This photo really doesn't do it justice, it fits very nicely into the room, I think todays beautiful sunshine is rather spoiling this picture.

On to other things, you know me, I don't hang around.

I have a stitchery on the go, I'll show that once there is a bit more than a green stem!
I also have a hankering to do a little of my cross stitch, maybe I'll get to that today or tomorrow. I love working shifts and weekends, it means I have so much time at home alone. Peace and quiet to just get on a do my thing.

I ordered some fabric for the second lap quilt, It's going to be a bit different, I feel some more applique coming on, though it will also be layered with an old towel.

Hmm, who is shouting the loudest?


Marilyn R said...

I love your new lap quilt! Great way to recycle - the quiltintg way!

Rebel said...

Wow! that was fast! I think it looks great.

Finn said...

Hi, I wanted to pop over and see where you thread your needles *VBS*
Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment.
I love the colors of you new-to-be couch quilt. And tied with buttons? That sounds like a lot of fun but also additional work to get each one in just the right place. Can't wait to see what you do next. Hugs, Finn

Teresa said...

Looks like a great quilt to curl up under with a good book. Nice work!

Lynda said...

The stuffed border is intriguing. It makes a really nice finish on a sofa quilt - like upholstery. was it a lot of trouble?