Thursday, 23 October 2008

Don't let the kids see this.

As predicted I sat up in the study with Hunney last night. I didn't get loads of stitching done, we ended up surfing the net looking to book a short break. Very short, two nights mid week in Dublin! Week after next. Any lurkers out there who know of any good stitchy shops, now is the time to pipe in!
It's almost ten years since I was in Dublin, and that was only for an afternoon. For Hunney it's much longer and he too was passing through but he had been partaking in the local brew and remembers virtually nothing!
Now for the part the kids mustn't see! Poor Santa, he's headless!
He needs only his head, the gold metallic thread to finish off his robe and skates, and then his back stitching, a couple more nights in the study should see this fellow finished.
He's gotten so squished and crushed I had to bring him downstairs to press him before I could take his photo today.
I was thinking out loud as I was sewing away at Santa last night and I think Hunney agrees that it would be best if I put the Endangered Babies away for a while, I really have no urge to work on them. So this morning I'll have some time away from my needle and play about in my cross stitch stash, I'm sure there will be something that talks to me, and if there isn't.....I've got more quick little Christmas kits to stitch, and I must see about Hunneys Christmas card. I'll take a picture of the babies before they go away.

1) Hot morning tea! Always!!
2) Choices
3) A late shift at work.


Janet said...

Santa looks great Lou, and enjoy your time away, sounds like fun.

Stephanie said...

Great progress on Santa. Oh Dublin...I love it. I don't know of any stitchery shops. If you haven't been to Christchurch Cathedral it's amazing. Not only the stained glass but the tile floors look exactly like quilt patterns.

Miss 376 said...

I'm sure you will both have a wonderful time away and in the meantime I hope you find something that you will enjoy stitching.

Gaynor said...

Hi, I am in Ireland and I think you will struggle to find a good craft shop. You could try Swords or there are Celtic Craft shops scattered about...very few have anything to do with cross stitch, it is a new, upcoming thing here. Dubln is however, a fantastic place to visit with a lovely atmosphere. Enjoy!