Thursday, 17 December 2009

So, you've heard of the Chippendales right?

Now meet the 'Ginger-dales' LOL I've been going to make a gingerbread wall hanger for a couple of years and now I've gone and made four.
Three of these will be gifts for the colleagues with whom I'll be working on Christmas day.
I think maybe I should have used a different colour ribbon for their bows, but I love em anyway.
This afternoon I plan to sit and make a cover for my diary. Each year the organisation provides me with a boring diary and I've taken to covering them, no arguments about whose is whose that way.
Yesterday I finished Hunneys Christmas card, I'll have a picture of that tomorrow.
I'm off to play, byeeeeee.
1) Still no rain.
2) No snow here either.
3) Dinner is already cooked.


Miss 376 said...

I think these are fabulous, will make it worth going to work

Cardygirl said...

Really cute!