Saturday, 31 July 2010

Crafty Goodness.

I'm still knitting away slowly here. Well what else are you supposed to do with wet miserable summer days?
I came across a pattern for a knitted ripple blanket and just had to have a play. I made the rainbow dolly version first, using some acrylic yarns that were on Sale. That also gave me the ability to tweak the pattern a little.
Before investing in some yarn that has a much better pedigree!
The brown one on the right is a local yarn made from the wool of a local breed, the Manx Loughtan. The other two I'm not so familiar with, but it's pure new wool, from a british breed, so I know our pregnant friends will appreciate it. Yep, you guessed, another baby gift.
Gotta go, I want to get more of this larger version done so I can show a picture tomorrow.


Cath said...

Wow , love that blanket , it's really cheerful .

Miss 376 said...

I love that blanket, it has a wonderful effect to it.

Janice said...

The natural colours will look wonderful in the ripple pattern.

QuiltSue said...

I love the ripple effect and it's going to look wonderful in the brown and cream colours.

Justflo said...

your blanket is great.