Saturday, 15 October 2011

We're back.

Gozo was amazing. What a beautiful island. Not at all like my island, and much smaller too. We could have explored the whole of Gozo in one day! Instead we took our time and did exactly as we planned to do. Lots of lazy starts, not leaving the villa until after 11am most days.
The island has a very dry interior, but we were never far from the sea.

There were many coastal footpaths to explore, some leading to hidden secrets, like this cave at Xlendi. Thats pronounced Shhlendi!!
 Everywhere we went, there were prickly pears growing wild and rampant along the road sides. They are edible. I didn't fancy dealing with the prickles, so didn't pick any, but we did purchase some from the market. They were very sweet, the flesh was like a pomegranate, but without all that nasty white pith. We also saw lots of pomegranate trees, but they were in gardens and orchards.

We visited Dwerja, the J is silent. The sea has broken through the cliff face to form a cave, right through the rock creating a small sheltered cove. We took a boat ride through the cave out to sea.

 The water was amazingly blue, so beautiful. Our guide took us into other caves and natural features along the coast.
 Our villa has it's own private pool, and I swam almost every day. :-) It was so nice to get into the pool and escape the heat in the afternoon.

 Here's a view of the Citadel, around which the City of Victoria has grown.
 We had some regular visitors to our Villa.
 These little lizards popped up almost everywhere we went.
So now we're home, all R'd and R'd. Time to get on with some sewing. I need to get my SSCS items completed and ready to mail.


Ali Honey said...

That looks like a really lovely place to rest and relax. Love the lizard.

Janice said...

Gozo sounds delightful, although, as you say quite different from your own island. It sounds like the ideal place to get away from it all. Thanks for sharing.

AnnieO said...

Sounds like the best kind of leisurely getaway: sun, sea, swimming, and spectacular scenery!

QuiltSue said...

Gozo's a great escape place to go. I'm glad you had a good time and hope you have come back all rested and raring to go.

Justflo said...

What lovely pics you've posted. Glad you had a good time.

Lynda said...

How lovely to get some sun at this time of year!