Tuesday, 4 September 2012

How did this happen?

I went upstairs yesterday with the intention of getting all Christmassy and doing something secret. So how come I ended up playing in my Figgy scrap box and making a half dozen of nine patch blocks?
I finished putting them together this morning, before finding the setting squares, now I just need to find something to make setting triangles. I'm sure I have some more buttery yellow somewhere.This little bunch of scraps is on it's way to being a crib size quilt I think.


Janice said...

Sometimes things are just meant to be. They look great. I'm sure you will secretive and Christmassy soon.

AnnieO said...

9 patches are fast, fun, friendly, and oh so adaptable, that's why!

Kris said...

Go with the flow, whatever it is I say!